Master bathroom ideas – over 70 brilliant suggestions for a stylish and comfortable home

by John Griffith

If you are looking for beautiful master bathroom ideas – you have come to the right place. In this article, we will discuss some of the most popular designs at the moment. Whether you are a fan of slick modern styles, indulgent home spas or minimally furnished spaces – we have something for you. Read on to find out how to achieve your favorite master bathroom design at home, and find inspiration in our gallery with over 70 amazing suggestions!

Master bathroom ideas – a gorgeous and bright space, with subtle rustic touches

master bathroom ideas, white toom with an oval white bath, pale cream floor, and rustic wooden details

Amazing video, showing the renovation process of a master bathroom

The slick and edgy modern master bathroom

dark grey panels, on the walls of a modern bathroom, with a wooden lounging chair, and a round tub, master bathroom ideas

How can I decorate my master bathroom?

As its name suggests, the modern master bathroom is a break from tradition. It rejects classical furniture and, instead, offers a refreshingly new perspective, characterized by bold colors and unusual shapes. It’s an ideal choice for urban dwellers, who are bored with ordinary bathrooms and are ready to step into the future! If you would like to try this look at home, we have only one advice for you – don’t be afraid to experiment. Opt for walls in dark hues, quirky decorations, and a few key designer furniture pieces. Additionally, consider investing in a stylish bathtub in an unusual color or shape.

The Oriental spa

round bath surrounded by a wooden surface, master bathroom ideas, beige tiled floor, and large window overlooking a garden

What do you put in a master bathroom?

The Oriental spa master bathroom is one of the most popular choices. After all, who doesn’t dream of a beautiful relaxation zone in their own home? Rather than focusing on edgy design, this option underlines the importance of comfort and tranquility. Yes – the space should be beautiful, of course, but ultimately the most important thing is for you to feel at peace. Nature is a key element in spa bathrooms, so it is essential to choose furniture and decorations made from wood and stone. Another significant aspect is utilizing plants – opt for as many tropical indoor species as you can. Not only will they thrive in the hot and humid climate of the bathroom, but will also add a refreshing and beautiful touch to the interior. In addition, they will purify the air, and some even have soothing properties.

The minimalistic master bathroom

rectangular bathtub in white, inside a room with wooden floors, and an open plan showe area, master bathroom ideas, potted plant and a toilet seat

Minimalistic master bathroom ideas

If you love simple (yet luxurious) designs, the minimalistic master bathroom is the best choice for you. Sophisticated and free from clutter and unnecessary items, it is the perfect space for relaxation and quiet contemplation. The abundance of empty space helps your mind unwind after a stressful day – an effect heightened by the neutral color palette. This look is all about crisp lines and simple furniture. To achieve it at home, choose a rectangular bathtub and an open plan shower area. If possible, avoid shelves and cupboards.

The classic

spacious classic bathroom, in duck's egg blue and white, with a beige rug, master bathroom ideas, tub and shower cabin, several different lamps

Traditional master bathroom ideas

There is nothing wrong with preferring more traditional designs. Modern bathrooms might be slick and edgy, but classical ones have stood the test of time, and have proven that they are highly useful and functional. If you would like your bathroom to have a more traditional feel, choose vintage furniture in neutral shades, and add curtains and a carpet. As for the walls, classical bathrooms usually feature pastel color palettes, with the most popular hues being duck’s egg blue and mint green.

Simple, yet beautiful

oval white bathtub, inside a room with two windows, and white curtains, master bathroom ideas, a wooden dish with rolled up towels, a small chair with toiletries

And now it’s time to enjoy our gallery! We have over 70 gorgeous master bathroom ideas to inspire you. Don’t forget to check out our Bathroom Section for more awesome tips, and have fun redecorating!

A stunning Zen bathroom

image showing the face of buddha, decorating a shower cabin, inside a room with a large mirror, master bathroom ideas, two sinks and three lamps

What is the best color to paint a master bathroom?

Right now the trendiest color is definitely blue in all of its shades. So, if you want to add some color into your bathroom teal, navy or even pastel blue might be a good choice. If you want a more minimalistic feeling, but still want to add some color than baby pink or baby blue pastel might be what you need. On the other hand, you can always keep the natural feeling of a bathroom and go for warm neutral colors – beige, brown, cream, white, etc.

Beautiful skylight windows

skylight windows inside a white room, with a beige laminate floor, master bathroom ideas, containing a white bathtub, and wooden furniture

What is the best flooring for master bathroom?

If you are looking for something natural stone and slate are perfect for you. Furthermore, you can opt for waterproof laminate. After all, wood looks amazing in any room. The most popular type of flooring for a master bathroom, however, will always be tiles. They come in all shapes and colors, so you have the freedom to choose different colors and prints and decorate your bathroom in any way you like.

A rhapsody in black and brown

bathroom remodel pictures, room with wooden floor and ceiling, featuring dark grey mosaic tles on the walls, and a white bathtub

Minimalistic master bathroom with a lovely sea view

sea view visible from an open window, spacious modern bathroom, rectangular marble bathtub, smooth white floor, and wooden details, bathroom remodel pictures

large room with pale cream floor, and wooden details, containing an inbuilt tub, a toilet seat and a bidet, bathroom remodel pictures, glass walls and a large mirror

Don’t you just love this swanky and modern city design?

night view of a city, seen from the windows of a dark room, containing a large white bathtub, bathroom remodel pictures, several lit candles

shower cabin near an elevated bath. surrounded by wooden panels, pale beige tiles, bathroom remodel pictures, window and a framed photo

Nothing can replace the warmth of wood

two images showing a bathroom, with brown wooden furniture, and an elevated oval bath, bathroom remodel pictures, two sinks and a large window

mountain view visible from a large window, modern minimalistic bathroom, with an inbuilt tub, black wooden floor, and a white sink, bathroom remodel pictures, dark grey ceiling

smooth white bathtub, inside a room with several large windows, brown wooden floor, and a pale rug, bathroom remodel pictures, natural pieces of wood used as decorations

A stunning minimalistic bathroom, perfect for relaxation

elevated bathtub with three wooden steps, inside a spacious room, with a large window, and a glass shower cabin, snowy mountain view, bathroom picture ideas

bathroom picture ideas, dark brown wooden shelves, with two modern white sinks, large rectangular mirror, green indoor plants, grey and brown walls

stone tiles in beige, covering the walls, ceiling and floor, of a modern bathroom, bathroom picture ideas, ling dark brown runway carpet, mirror and toiletries

A lovely, pewter grey palette

pewter grey tiles, on the walls of a room, featuring a bathtub, and a shower cabin, bathroom picture ideas, black tiled floor, clear plastic chair

decorative spheres in black and gold, decorating a vintage-style bathtub, near a navy blue wall, decorated with a painting, and two modern lamps, bathroom picture ideas, stone tiled floor

natural stone tiles, on the floor of a bright room, with large windows, bathroom picture ideas, open plan shower area, covered in light brown wood

Your very own spa at home

stool made of wood, with two towels, a body brush, and a rubber ducky, placed on a light grey floor, near a smooth white bathtub, bathroom picture ideas, green potted plant, and white curtains

fluffy dark grey carpet, and grey walls, in a room with laminate floor, containing a round white bathtub, and a window with a woodland view, bathroom picture ideas, modern sink and a mirror

bath remodel ideas, large and bright room, with wooden floor, and a shower cabin and bathtub area, decorated with grey tiles

A modern bathroom, with clean lines and a minimalistic design

four images showing bathroom interiors, grey floor and walls, wooden details and a bathtub, a photo of a sauna, bath remodel ideas

White and brown – a gorgeous combination

hanging decorative lights, inside a bright room, containing a white bathtub, an oval toilet seat, and a wall covered with wooden panels, bath remodel ideas, window with white curtains

navy blue cupboards, inside a symmetrical room, with grey tiles on the floor, bath remodel ideas, white vintage-style bath, in the middle of the room

off-white round bathtub, filled with water, inside a room, with a shower cabin, bath remodel ideas, smooth grey stones under the tub

We adore this huge bathtub

pool-like square bathtub, filled with water, and surrounded by wooden panels, bath remodel ideas, large space with tiled floor, and a dark grey sofa

square window overlooking some greenery, inside a room with dark grey tiles, bath remodel ideas, white oval tub, and two white, boat-shaped sinks

coarse natural stone tiles in pewter grey, decorating the wall of a bright room, with two large windows, bath remodel ideas, inbuilt rectangular tub, smooth pale beige floor

Lovely Asian motifs

master bathroom remodel, stone covered floor, in brown and grey, inside a room with a tall, round brown bath tub, asian decorative motifs

smooth oval bathtub, inside a room in pale cream and light grey, with a modern sink, and decorative wooden elements, master bathroom remodel

roomy glass shower cabin, near an elevated oval bathtub, master bathroom remodel, light beige laminate floor, window and mosaic tiles

A cozy, classic bathroom

cream tiles decorating a room, with khaki green walls, and white paneling, master bathroom remodel, glass shower cabin, and an elevated tub

long dark brown cubpoard, with a grey marble counter top, containing two white sinks, master bathroom remodel, white bathtub near a large window, overlooking a garden

striped beige tiles, covering the floor and walls, of a large room, with a glass shower cabin, and an oval white tub, master bathroom remodel, large rectangular mirror

Modernity meets comfort

toilet seat in white, near a rectangular white sink, placed over a dark brown cupboard, master bathroom remodel, shower cabin with a glass divider

marble floor and wall tiles, inside a bright room, containing a round evevated tub, near a window, master bathroom remodel, two marble counter tops, with glass sinks

master bath remodel, rustic cabin like house, containing a white hot tub, surrounded by several orchids, in light green pots, windows with mountain view

Consider adding a living wall in your bathroom, for a refreshing and unique result

wall covered in green plants, near a bathtub, made from pale beige wood, inside a room with white tiled walls, and a laminate floor, master bath remodel

rectangular bathtub in white, inside a bright room, with a window, and pale beige floor, master bath remodel, two white bathrobes

A beautiful suggestion in white and beige

bouquet of red flowers, inside a vase, placed on a white counter top, near a sink, master bath remodel, oval white bathtub, beige tiles on the floor

heater powered by wood, inside a room, with a light laminate floor, containing a hot tub, lined with white wood, master bath remodel, large window overlooking a garden

brown and dark grey walls and floor, inside a room, containing a dark grey bathtub, master bath remodel, sink made from a piece of stone

What do you think about this combination of beige, navy blue and white?

curtains in white, decorating a large window, inside a room, with pale beige wooden floor and cupboards, master bath remodel, oval white bathtub, navy blue walls

chocolate brown walls, inside a room, with pale beige tiled floor, containing an inbuilt hot tub, master bath remodel, terrace with a lake view

spa like bathrooms, grey mosaic tiles, covering the floor, and part of the walls, open-space shower area, a white tub, and a toilet seat

Potted plants are always a nice touch

three indoor plants, inside rustic wooden pots, decorating a white room, with a bathtub, and a shower cabin, spa like bathrooms

black walls and dark brown floor, inside a bathroom, with a large window, overlooking a city at night, asymmetrical bathtub, toilet and sink

tub with rectangular shape, filled with water, and decorated with scattered rose petals, spa like bathrooms, large window overlooking a city

Classic luxury

classic bathroom with marble floor, vintage white furniture, antique vanity with an off-white chair, round elevated bathtub, and a bouquet of white flowers

egg-shaped bathtub in white, in a room with pale beige walls, white shelf with an orchid, and three small teal pots, spa like bathrooms, large open window, overlooking a terrace

symmetrical room with an elevated bath at the center, two shower cabins, beige tiled floor, spa like bathrooms, wooden cupboards and decorations

Another splendid design

gladiolus bouqet in a clear glass vase, placed near a rectangular white tub, spa like bathrooms, large mirror and a window, overlooking a small private courtyard

light grey walls, in a room with white paneling, and mosaic tiles on the floor, glass shower cabin, and a white, vintage style tub

mirrored surfaces inside a large bathroom, with an oval white bathtub, dark brown cupboards, and ivory-colored sinks

Grey subway tiles and a laminate floor

laminate floor in pale beige, inside a bathroom, with dark grey subway tiles, a glass shower cabin, and a vintage-style white bathtub

corner elevather bathtub, surrounded by dark brown wooden panels, and filled with water, inside a large and modern bathroom

metallic lamps and a square wall mirror, above a dark brown cupboard, with a sink on top, glass shower cabin, and an oval tub nearby

A glamorous and modern design

faux zebra skin carpet, on a white tiled floor, inside a modern bathroom, with a white bathtub, and large windows overlooking a garden

vintage-style bathroom, with creamy grey furniture, white elevated bathtub, brownish-grey floor, and a window with white blinds

eight candles decorating the wall, of a spa-like bathroom, with pale creamy tiled floor, round white elevated bathtub

Lots of windows and mirrors for a brighter, more welcoming space

six windows inside a semi-round bathroom, with a cream, beige and white color palette, vintage style bathtub in white

blue and beige, and dark brown bathroom, containing a large square tub, and a glass shower cabin

open door of a glass shower cabin, inside a bathroom, with blue and grey walls, beige tiled floor, and brown cupboards

A large bathtub and a gorgeous view – what more can you ask for?

fir tree visible from the large windows, of a bright room, containing a large rectangular batthub, in black and white, spa like bathrooms, beige tiled floor, two framed photos

long rectangular mirror, decorating the wall of a btahroom, with a white oval bathtub, a shower area, and dark brown cupboards, with marble counter tops

rose petals floating, in an oval white bathtub, filled with water, inside a room, covered with beige tiles

How to transform your master bathroom into a veritable oasis:

plants of different kinds, decorating a spacious room, with pale cream floor, and dark grey tiled walls, spa like bathrooms, fluffy dark grey rug

green and brown tiles, decorating the walls, of a bathroom, with an elevated bath, filled with water, and containing several floating lit candles

well-lit spacious bathroom, with an elevated bathtub, lined with wooden panels, four display shelves, with various decorations

Create a peaceful relaxation zone in your home

clear glass shower cabin, decorated with engravings of bamboo shoots, inside a bathroom, with a large oval bath, tiled floor and walls

brick walls inside a bathroom, with smooth pale cream tiled floor, containing a bathtub, lamps and several cupboards

We hope you’ve enjoyed our master bathroom ideas!

a set of two mirrors, mounted on a wall, covered with wooden panels, oval bathtub in white, cupboards and two swquare windows

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