80 + Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas for Every Taste

by John Griffith

Bohemian, classical, modern – there are so many lovely interior decoration styles to choose from. Never before has it been so easy and affordable to make your home stylish and unique. Nowadays, even bathrooms and toilets can bee easily transformed into beautiful and chic spaces, full of character. One of the fastest and most effective ways to do so, is by opting for a refreshing and original wall decoration. But how do you choose one that’s right for your bathroom? Depending on your preferences and budget, you can go for a total off-the-wall makeover, or simply add a few touches here and there, to give the room a more personalized feel. In this article, we will share 80+ amazing bathroom wall decor ideas, as well as some useful tips to help you choose the style right for you.

Bathroom wall decor ideas – we love these amazing, 3D effect copper tiles!

bathroom wall decor ideas, 3D effect copper tiles, a large mirror and two lamps, brown wooden cupboard with an inbuilt sink, white ceramic toilet

Tiles and mosaic

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear the phrase “bathroom wall decor ideas” is probably a setup featuring mosaic or tiles. After all, they have been the standard choice for many years. That doesn’t mean they have to be boring though – far from it! Today you can find many amazing designs that will give your bathroom an unforgettable and stylish appearance. If you’d like to achieve a more breezy, bohemian and exotic look, for example, opt for blue and white Moroccan tiles. They can either have the same pattern, for a cool symmetrical finish, or bear mismatched motifs, for a refreshing patchwork look. 3D effect tiles are also a great choice. And when it comes to mosaic, the possibilities are virtually endless. Why not go for a fun, multicolored look?

We are in love with this opulent, Gaudi-inspired mosaic

mosaic in many different colours, with fish and other sea creatures, bathroom wall decor ideas, antique style sink, pink floor and a wooden door

Mix of textures

Few things can make a room stand out more than a good combination of different textures. Opt for a brickwork or concrete accent wall, if you want to create a modern, industrial-style bathroom, or add some vintage wall tapestries, drapes and curtains, for a relaxing, bohemian space. If your bathroom is small and feels cramped and dingy, consider mirrored walls, and reflective cupboards in bright colors.

Bright bathroom with a contrasting brickwork wall, and a beautiful antique mirror

brickwork wall with a large mirror, in an antique ornate frame, a clawfoot bathtub, and the sink with two antique faucets, bathroom wall decor ideas, large window and potted plants

Transform your bathroom into a tiny spa, with these cool tips:

Unusual color choices

Another way to refresh your bathroom is by choosing a unique color palette, combined with a selection of stylish statement items. In the past, colors like black, bright red, or dark purple, were seen as too gloomy, and were almost never used. Luckily, more and more people are beginning to see their advantages. After all, if you want a bathroom that is unique, classy, and chic, there is nothing quite as stylish as dark walls.

Here, the black matte tiles have been tastefully combined with decorative items, featuring bright and colorful tribal motifs, for a less sombre look

jet black wall tiles, in a room with a black and white tiled floor, containing a white ceramic toilet bowl, and a matching sink, bathroom wall decor ideas, multi-coloured rug with a tribal pattern

If you want to breathe some new life into your bathroom without breaking the bank, why not consider using stencils? It’s one of the cheapest and most effective DIY bathroom wall decor ideas! Learn how to do it in the video bellow:

Murals or decals

Those seeking to be 100% original should opt for hand-painted murals or wall decals. There is hardly anything more unique for your bathroom that a large, customized piece of art! If you are artistically inclined, you can paint something yourself. Alternatively, you can hire a professional artist, or buy special water-resistant vinyl-covered wallpapers. Decal stickers are also a popular choice. They are very easy to apply, can be arranged in a myriad of ways, and are cheap enough that when you get bored of them, you can just replace them with new ones!

Relaxing, stylish and beautiful 

grey wall mural, depicting the face of Buddha, in a room with a glass shower cabin, and an oval white bathtub, bathroom wall decor ideas, of-white walls, and ceiling lights

Small decorative touches

If you’d like to simply refresh your bathroom without making any major changes, consider adding some strategically placed decorative items. A mirror in a beautiful vintage frame, one or several stylish artworks, or a beautiful and unique shower curtain are just a few of the items you can opt for. You’d be surprised how something as small as an art print, a framed poster, or even a potted plant, can give a totally different vibe to a hitherto boring room!

Classic bathroom, decorated with a gorgeous Klimt art print

klimt artwork print, framed on the pale yellow wall, of a sunlit room, with white panelling, beige and white tiles on the floor, and a window, bathroom wall decor ideas, claw-footed antique white bathtub, and the matching toilet bowl

Here are some professional wall decorating tips from an interior designer:

We hope you’ve found our tips useful. For more ideas and inspirations, check out our extensive gallery bellow. You can find some great small toilet decoration ideas, as well as an article on funky bathrooms without tiles, in the bath section of our website. Enjoy!

Isn’t this moroccan tile patchwork just gorgeous?

patchwork of multi-coloured Moroccan tiles, near a large wall mirror, and a modern white stink, with a silver metal faucet, bathroom wall decor ideas, two potted plants in a window

vase with white roses, two lamps and a mirror, and a round white sink, in a room with walls covered in mosaic, in different shades of brown, with tiny mirror details, bathroom wall decor ideas

small bathroom decorating ideas, close-up of a flower drawing, in a white frame, mounted on a white wall, decorated with a pair of vintage scissors, and a small vial, containing a white flower, hanging from a white string, little bucket filled with white flowers

A slick and modern combination of red and cream

modern bathroom ideas, red and cream walls, in a sunlit room, containing a modern oval white bathtub, a potted plant and folded towels, and an off-white tiled floor

pewter grey room, with stone effect walls and floor, containing a shower, with a clear glass divider, a massive stone sink, with a black faucet, near a mirror in a black frame, dark grey toilet, and matching bidet, modern bathroom ideas

Transform your bathroom into an underwater paradise!

tropical fish and water turtles, seaweed and different kinds of corals, painted on the walls of a room, modern bathroom ideas, blue bathtub filled with sand, seashells and starfish

one big and several small fish decal stickers, on the pale yellow wall, of a room containing white cupboards, floral decorations and yellow towels, modern bathroom ideas, open door revealing a toilet in the next room

decal stickers featuring tropical fish, in many different colors, and seaweed and corals, on a white wall, near a teal and white bathtub, and four matching square glossy teal decorations, small bathroom decorating ideas

A pale lavender wall with white subway tiles, and a charming shower curtain with graphic print

graphic print, of an octopus mermaid, on a shower curtain, in a bathroom with pale walls, decorated with white subway tiles, small bathroom decoration ideas, shabby chic cabinets, and two glass containers, filled with seashells

minimalistic white sink, with a shiny metal faucet, on a wooden counter, near a mirror, mounted on a beige wall, small bathroom decoration ideas, pink potted orchid, and a grey towel, on a metal ring

Meet the boho bathroom of your dreams:

nice bathrooms, spacious room with a high ceiling, and a pebbled floor, in pale grey and black, with a white oval bathtub, and multicolored, tall shabby chic cupboards

palm tree and several potted plants, in a bright room, floor partially covered in off-white tiles, and wooden laminate, pale grey and beige walls, decorated with framed images, modern bathroom ideas, led effect glowing ceiling

Classic elegance

rose petals floating, in a half-filled white bathtub, antique style sink, and matching stool, ornate tiles in beige and white on the floor, nice bathrooms

Check out these unbelievably realistic photo wallpapers!

bronze oval bathtub, placed on a surface, covered in grey stones, in a room with a photo wallpaper, picturing a green garden, modern bathroom ideas, cream walls with wooden details

photo wallpaper with a greenish blue lake, and several waterfalls, decorating one of the walls of a room, with a white and brown bathtub, and matching brown sinks, modern bathroom ideas, brown tiled floor, and a yellow accent wall

Colorful decorations and lots of indoor plants – the perfect boho bathroom

two boho style bathrooms, one has a small bathtub, a mirror in a turquoise ornamental frame, a small matching turquoise table, and lots of potted plants, small bathroom decoration ideas, the other one has an antique marble sink, a potted plant, and a white wall, decorated with a patchwork of Moroccan tiles

clothes and a hat, several lit candles, and vases with flowers, in an open plan space, containing a coffee table, and a metal bathtub, nice bathrooms, beige floor with a rug

A bold, unusual, and gorgeous statement sink

counter made from a large piece of untreated wood, with and inbuilt sink, suspended from a wall, using black chains, a large wall mirror, and wood panelling on the walls, modern bathroom ideas, two lantern lamps, and an ornamental wooden door

gold-colored sinks, in a room with a black tiled floor, containing an unusual square bathtub, nice bathrooms, white and gold curtains

wooden panelling in brown, on one of the walls of a room, with a massive wooden table, a toilet and a bathtub, nice bathrooms, potted plants and a wall decorations

We love these azure blue walls and pretty boho decorations

azure blue walls, and a vintage white sink, with rounded edges, in a room with a small mirror, in a detailed ornamental frame, small bathroom decoration ideas, multicolored shower curtain, and potted plants

symmetrical bathroom setup, featuring two sinks, two lit lamps, and two mirrors, nice bathrooms, framed poster with writing in white, and two jars with toiletries

What do you think about this living wall?

ferns and moss, and other green plants, entirely covering a wall, near a white round bathtub, nice bathrooms, the rest of the walls are white, and the floor is beige

large room in cream, containing a big cupboard, with two sinks, a big mirror and a chandelier, nice bathrooms, open door and a clear plastic chair

symmetrical bathroom setup, blue walls with plaster details, a large window with white frames, a bathtub surrounded by two lamps, and an ornamental antique coffee table

Bathroom with a terrace – unusual but really cool!

smooth modern bathtub in white, inside a room with a terrace, and blue and white tiles on the floor

wallpaper in green, depicting trees and birds flowers and fruit, in a small room, with a vintage toilet bowl, a white stink, and several mirrors in wooden frames, small bathroom decoration ideas, floor to ceiling cupboard with white wooden boards

fabrics in colorful patterns, toothbrushes in popping colors, and vibrant towels, in a minimalistic room with beige wash walls, containing a shower, and a white cupboard, with inbuilt sink

Say YES to bold bathroom color palettes!

collage with three images, depicting different diy bathroom décor, flowers and rustic items, patterned fabrics and indoor plants, vintage furniture and decorations

corner bathtub in white and grey, inside a room, containing a shower, two potted plants, a mirror and a red towel

It’s impossible not to like this candy-colored, pop art-inspired setup

pop art inspired room, with a teal blue ceiling, and a hot pink chandelier, white walls partially decorated with white subway tiles, and decorations in hot pink and blue, small bathroom decorating ideas, a clockwork orange poster

circular wall decorations, which ethnic patterns, on the wall of a room, with olive green, subway tiles on the floor, potted plants and a white ceramic toilet bowl, small bathroom décor

light blue tiles, and white panelling, inside a bright bathroom, containing a tub, a wooden counter with a sink, brickwork detail and engraved wooden cupboards

You can never have too many plants in your bathroom!

plants of different shapes and sizes, inside a room, with vintage wooden floor, containing a white bathtub, diy bathroom décor, a big window and vintage furniture

open book and a glass of red wine, reading glasses and a vase, with a green plant, placed on a wooden tray, over a white bathtub, diy bathroom décor, white herringbone subway tiles

three towels with beige, brown and grey patterns, hanging on a white wall, near a mirror in an ornate frame, and a white bathtub, diy bathroom decoration

Bathroom wall decor ideas on a budget – pretty decal stickers, featuring butterflies and plants

towels in white and a red rose, placed on a white oval bathtub, bathroom decorating ideas on a budget, nearby wall is decorated with blue and brown decal stickers, shaped like butterflies and plants

the word bath, spelled in large gold letters, on a dark ocean blue wall, diy bathroom decor, white claw-footed bathtub, and matching white sink

Antique style bathroom, fit for a royal chateau 

roses and trees, painted on the green walls of a bathroom, decorated in antique style, wooden floor and ornate sink, antique chair and a tub

close up of diy bathroom decorations, in boho style, flower-shaped mirror and a potted plant, images in gold ornate frames, on a pale blue wall

Cool and easy DIY decoration idea

shower cabin made of clear glass, and a white toilet seat, diy bathroom decoration, featuring an assortment of colorful images

curtains in white, on a window inside a bathroom, with a marble floor, pale blue walls, partially covered in yellow mosaic, claw-footed bath, and cupboard with sink

cherry red and black, east asian-style cupboard, inside a bathroom with beige walls and floor, containing a white toilet seat, and bright orange sink

Passionate travellers are sure to love this stunning Moroccan style bathroom

unevenly painted turquoise accent wall, inside a moroccan-style bathroom, containing a round bathtub, a small indoor tree, and lots of decorative items

claw-footed antique bathtub in white, inside a room with a baroque-style, floral wallpaper in cream and green, mirror in ornate gold frame

minimalistic bathroom in cream and gold, with a rectangular tub, and a chair, glittering gold mosaic, brown tiled floor

How creative are these wall vases?

clear glass vases, mounted on a wall, covered in white wooden panelling, each containing different green leaves, diy bathroom décor, large vintage metal bathtub, with two small children

small bathroom décor, two examples of boho bathrooms, one with several mirrors on the wall, a beaded curtain, and lots of potted plants, and one with brown walls, and a white bathtub

rug with an aztec red and black pattern, diy bathroom décor, in a bright room, containing a shower area, with a white curtain, a marble sink, a toilet bowl, and a large mirror

Bring the beauty of tropical islands into your home!

exotic beach landscape, with palm trees, and a straw hut, on a tiled wall, inside a bathroom with a round tub

herringbone subway tiles in white, and a large round mirror, in a room with two sinks, and a potted plant, bathroom decorating ideas on a budget, retro wooden cupboard

mismatched patterns and different colors, on patchwork-effect subway tiles, covering one of the walls of a nordic-style bathroom

A dazzling and timeless black and white combination

stone-effect wall in black, white and grey, inside a bathroom with white subway tiles, on the floor and other visible wall, large mirror in black frame, toilet and sink

shabby chic cupboard in pale brown, a large mirror in a wooden frame, and a potted palm tree, bathroom decorating ideas on a budget, round multicolored rug

images of boho bathrooms, dark room with lots of vintage decorations, and a room with pale pink walls, containing a turquoise bath, a large ornate mirror, and diy bathroom décor

This is one of the cutest, most creative bathroom wall decor ideas we’ve ever seen!

star-fish and different seashells, on shelves painted in pale turquoise, lining a wall in the same color, small bathroom décor, white bathtub and chair

stickers in white, shaped like bubbles, on a dark grey wall, near a modern, white oval bathtub, bathroom decorating ideas on a budget, fluffy cream rug, pale blue towel

fluffy rug in purple, on the floor of a luxurious bathroom, with an antique style sink, a toilet bowl and a bidet, and a glass shower cabin

Classic retro bathroom

retro style bathroom, with beige walls, and white panelling, black and white oval bath, and a stained glass window, small bathroom décor, plaster details and a framed image

decorative white ladder, with three small potted plants, in a room wit white subway tiles, pale pastel pink cupboard with an inbuilt sink, and a white toilet, small bathroom décor, oval mirror and framed artwork

And now, on to some really off-the wall, super creative suggestions:

conch shell and starfish, hand painted on the turquoise walls of an unusual, diy bathroom, brown decorative coral and a mirror

broken wall in grey, and a seashore landscape, hand-painted on the walls of a room, diy bathroom decoration, and a large bathtub

tiles in pale blue and turquoise, with images of a beach, with green palm trees, on the walls of a bathroom, containing a white ceramic toilet seat, and a matching sink

A charming solution for small bathroom spaces:

small bathroom décor, patchwork of multicolored moroccan tiles, with different patterns, in a narrow room, with a toilet, and three shelves

black and white tub, in a room with blue walls, containing a window with a brown frame, a potted plant, and a kilim rug in red, with a dark oriental pattern, diy bathroom

candles and a white, coral-shaped decoration, on a white counter with a sink, diy bathroom décor, near a wall covered in blue, and white moroccan tiles

Stark white tiles, coupled with colorful shabby chic furniture, and a framed artwork in warm colors

diy bathroom décor, white subway wall tiles, and colorful blue, yellow and white floor tiles, in a room containing a white tub, a framed painting, and boho chic furniture

ostrich patterned wallpaper, in white and grey, small bathroom décor, black cupboard with an inbuilt white sink, white toilet and various decorations

vintage brass faucet, on a white sink, in a room with white walls, decorated with a framed poster, a round mirror, a gold lamp, and other items, small bathroom décor, gold metal shelves

New meets old in this stunning design

lit crystal chandelier, hanging over a black and white bathtub, in a room with a vintage wooden floor, containing a toilet, a shower cabin, and a fireplace

geometric patterns in black, on a white wallpaper, decorating the walls of a bright room in white, bathroom decorating ideas on a budget, marble counter with an inbuilt sink

diy bathroom decor, lots of framed images, in different sizes, and one mirror, on the walls of a room, with a white ceramic sink

How cute is this kitten toilet decal?!

funny cat decal sticker, on a white toilet bowl, bathroom decorating ideas on a budget, room with pale duck's egg blue walls, and white panelling, containing a round mirror, and framed black and white images

subway tiles in white, on the walls of a bright room, decorated with potted plants, and several shower curtains, rugs and white furniture, bathroom decorating ideas on a budget

orange tiles with a glossy sheen, in a bathroom with a multicolored tiled floor, a red and white claw-footed tub, and a black and white shower curtain

We hope you’ve enjoyed our selection!

bathroom decorating ideas on a budget, white subway tiles on the wall of a room, containing a white modern bathtub, pale blue mosaic floor, and a multicolored striped rug, flowers and white rattan furniture

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