Bathrooms Without Tiles – 50 Alternative Design Ideas

by John Griffith

When it comes to bathroom interiors, tiles are usually the norm. If you, like us, are starting to find this a little bit boring and would like to go for a more original look – worry not! We have collected 50 unique bathroom remodel ideas to help you get inspired. There are so many tile alternatives to choose from. Laminate, for example, is a very popular flooring option at the moment. Using wood surfaces in the bathroom might have sounded like an outlandish suggestion in the past, but nowadays you can get beautiful water resistant designs. Moreover, they are easier to clean and bring a cosy atmosphere to any living space. If you are looking for ideas for your walls, why not try waterproof wallpapers? You can get them in all kinds of colors and they will really add character to your washroom. Paint is also an option, of course. Cool colors such as blue and grey are always popular, but homeowners who want to stand apart from the crowd should opt for green or yellow.

Of course if you don’t feel like completely ditching the tiles, you don’t have to. Infant, you can combine them with other materials for a truly unique result. Try putting tiles on one wall and paint the rest in contrasting colors, or simply limit tiling to bath and shower areas. Whatever you decide to do, just remember to be creative and don’t be afraid to challenge bathroom stereotypes!

One of our favorite bathroom remodel ideas – painted walls combined with pebble flooring

bathroom remodel ideas, room with mink-colored walls, cream colored pebble flooring, white ceramic bath

A vivid splash of color can add life to your washroom

bathroom remodel ideas, room with grey walls and floor, glass shower cabin, and green towel rail

We love this bright, minimalist design

bathroom remodel ideas, bright room with window and white walls, light brown floor tiles, white jacuzzi with glass inserts

Simple and bright bathroom without tiles

bathroom remodel ideas, white wall and window, white ceramic bath with metal tap, yellow flowers in metallic vase

Natural stone adds unique character 

bathroom remodel ideas, solid wooden floor, cream and white walls, one wall has natural stone insert, white bath near sink and mirror

Beautiful combination of tiles and glass

bathroom remodel ideas, khaki colored wall tiles and white floor, large white sink, glass divider with door

Chandeliers are a great way of creating cozy ambience

bathroom remodel, white ceramic tub, big white sink, mirrored cupboards and chandelier

Green tones add a natural feel to your bathroom

bathroom remodel, pale green walls, white ceramic sink and toilet, mirror and two wall lamps, white and grey open plan shower area with green curtain

Panels are also a great choice, as they are both practical and effective

bathroom remodel, rectangular inbuilt bath, light wood flooring, white sink and toilet, glass shower cabin

A creative bathroom solution with stone details

bathroom remodel, grayish-brown stone tiles, pebble flooring in shower area, orange floor tiles, natural stone inserts

bathroom remodel, dark grey walls, inbuilt sit-down shower area in white, ceramic toilet and sink

bathroom remodel, pale yellow and dark khaki walls with white detail, dark wooden floor, white ceramic toilet and sink, mirror in wooden frame

bathroom designs, walls with tiny green tiles in different shades, white ceramic tub and sink, shower cabin with green matte opaque glass

Refreshingly different idea for your sink

bathroom designs, two asymmetric sinks, over very dark brown cupboard with drawers and white handles, big mirror with black frame

bathroom designs, close up of pale blue sink with marble top surface, yellow metallic taps, mirror and a vase with tulips

bathroom designs, room with wooden floor, mural made from tiny blue stones in different shades on walls, white and dark blue tub

bathroom designs, grey floor tiles, white sink over large wooden cupboard, shower area with partial glass divide

Mix different shades of blue for a cool, sea-inspired look

bathroom designs, inbuilt tub near a blue-green-shining wall-panel, white walls and a mirror

bathroom design ideas, pale wooden floor, one wall painted grey, opposite wall decorated with grayish-white wooden planks, white ceramic tub and sink

bathroom design ideas, black flooring and white walls with pale blue detail, white sink and cupboard, wooden door and details

bathroom design ideas, pale grey wall, small wooden cupboard with white sink, mirrored cupboard above

Modern bathroom with a vintage twist

bathroom design ideas, close up of ornate metal sink with fish detail and marble top, vintage looking tap, mirror with old metal frame

bathroom design ideas, white cupboard with drawers and sink, big mirror with wall light, walls covered in a cream and brown wallpaper

bathroom makeovers, sienna yellow wall, mirror in green frame, two wall lights, magnifying mirror near toothbrushes and flowers

Unique and eye-catching concrete sink

bathroom makeovers, massive grey concrete sink, metal taps on light grey-wash wall

bathroom makeovers, light wooden floor, one wall decorated with dark wallpaper and two ornate mirrors, other walls painted white, two white ceramic tubs and sinks

bathroom makeovers, bathroom with cream walls, white ceramic tub with glass top, white rectangular sink, shower behind glass wall

bathroom makeovers, brown and orange laminate floor, glass shower cabin with pelican mural, white tub and sink

Wood panels are great for absorbing moisture

bathroom makeovers, shower cabin with wooden panels, metal shower and round water tap,

bathroom renovations, grey wash wall, white tub and sink, with black metal frames, metal towel rail

bathroom renovations, pale gray walls, glass shower cabin, white toilet and cupboards

bathroom renovations, yellow wall and big mirror, large white cupboard with two sinks

bathroom renovations, white ceramic tub, white cupboard with two ceramic sinks, brown tiled floor

Here are some more unusual and incredibly stylish examples

bathroom renovations, white textured wall, pale cream floor tiles, mirrored cupboards and ceiling lights

bathroom renovations, room with brown walls with mirror details, large brown cupboard with round metal sink, wall mirror and two hanging lights

bathroom ideas photo gallery, dark uneven grey walls, smooth white floor, white ceramic tub and white cupboards with large metal sink

bathroom ideas photo gallery, grayish-brown wooden floor, white tub behind glass wall

Refreshing minimalist style in green

bathroom ideas photo gallery, pale green wall, floor with tiny black and white mosaic tiles, cream colored open cupboard, filled with toiletries

bathroom ideas photo gallery, minimalist style with light walls and floor, oval wall mirror, white ceramic toilet and sink, large window with black frames

bathroom ideas photo gallery, pale purple walls, dark wooden floor, fluffy purple rug, black and white toilet, black cupboard with white sink

Gorgeous rustic style bathroom, inspired by times gone by

bathroom ideas photo gallery, rustic vintage bathroom, stone sink and ornate mirror, inbuilt stone bath, stone tile flooring

remodeling ideas, grey wooden floor, white textured walls, black mounted cupboard, large white sink with black tap, big wall mirror and two hanging lights

remodeling ideas, bathroom with cream walls, open window with white frames and blinds, white and black tub

remodeling ideas, bathroom with uneven grey walls, white ceiling with wooden beams, white and grey inbuilt tub

Our team wishes you a lot of fun remodeling!

remodeling ideas, black floor tiles, white wall-mounted cupboard with sink, large wall mirror and hanging lamp

remodeling ideas, cream-colored wall with mirror in a dark frame, black cupboard with white sink, white and cream shower and bath area

remodeling ideas, white ceiling and light cream walls and floor tiles, white bath and large sink with two water taps, big wall mirror and glass divide

dark grey floor tiles, large wall mirror, two white sinks, inbuilt bath with dark grey mosaic, more mosaic tiles on wall, in different shades of grey


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