The Kiltro House by Supersudaka

by Maria Konou

The Kiltro house is located in Talca, Chile and has a very controversial design.

From Supersudaka:

This project is almost a statement of how to accomplish architecture in Latin-america.

The process was so unsteady, that all possible architectural design resources available where exercised to cope with the challenge of this house in the Chilean Central Valley.

Everything was in constant change: the program, the surface, building permits, the contractors, even the view !
The modus operandi is rather based on mistakes than certainties.

The result: a mix, a bastardized design, a fusion, like a crossbreed dog, in Chilean:
A Kiltro.

Name: Kiltro House
Year: 2006 – 2008
Location: Talca, Chile
Surface: 104 m2
Budget: 80 000 U$ aprox.
Structure: Metallic
Materiality: Wood, Glass
Architect: Juan Pablo Corvalán / Supersudaka
Team: Gabriel Vergara, Pablo Sepúlveda,
Miguel Angel Reyes
Engineer: Cesar Moreira / Sigma Ingenieros

Maria Konou

Maria Konou is a specialist in the field of digital marketing and fashion. However, she has always had a way with words. That’s what led her to her dream job here at Archzine. She has worked in many different fields over the years, but according to her, being an author has been the most rewarding. Maria is a huge plant enthusiast, loves everything fashion-related, is very sustainably aware, and is always open to learning about new things.