Best Places to Study Architecture

Von John Griffith / April 22 2021

Architecture is the art and science of buildings and massive structures. An architect must design human-friendly structures and thus make sure that buildings are safe and secure. That is why students undergo a long period of study before becoming a licensed architect. It normally requires five years of bachelor’s and master’s and two years of practical experience to become an architect with full experience. When studying architecture, if you find any difficulty, you can also get architecture homework help from assignment writing services.

You can select from a wide range of schools. And regardless of where you choose to study in the world, many universities are there to let you choose from. The Master’s programs in architecture are best established in the USA, the UK, Germany, Singapore, Australia, and Canada. If you want to be truly one of the brightest, then you should attend these universities.

MIT is one of the best universities in the USA

photo of massachusetts institute of technology main building best places to study architecture mit university

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), United States:

The world’s best universities in architecture have consistently ranked MIT first.

The first of its kind in the US was its school of architecture. It was created four years after the founding of the Institute in 1865. It is noted for promoting modernism in the United States and commissioning gradual buildings.

MIT is renowned for offering a wonderful atmosphere to its students, with just 25 students in its M. Arch program classes. Small classes ensure that students’ and teachers’ discussions are enriched.

Berkeley is a nice place to be all year long

the university of california in berkeley study architecture students sitting on the grass

The University of California, Berkeley (UCB), United States:

University of California, Berkeley is noted for its groundbreaking and the promotion of independent design. The graduates of architecture concentrate on the aesthetic, cultural, and technological aspects. Understandably, the UCB is one of the world’s best universities with priced faculties and professors who are creative thinkers and designers.

If you want to live in Australia, choose the University of Melbourne

sign of the university of melbourne in australia best places to study architecture

University of Melbourne, Australia:

As a student at the University of Melbourne, you can also study architecture through a Bachelor of Design program and study subjects from other disciplines. The course is structured to draw on a range of skills and knowledge areas, but they are essential. Focus areas include the engineering, visual and performing arts, and the created world. Moreover, if you want to study two subjects and build a comprehensive set of competencies that make your degree very usable, you will have the freedom to study them.

Choose the University College London if you are based in the UK

university college london main building study architecture photographed at sunset

University College London (UCL):

Since 2001, UCL has held a top position among UK architectural universities. It is a steady innovator in the professions’ teaching and research methods. The B-MADE facilities are enviable for many organizations and hosted by a prestigious annual exhibition to contribute to the Bartleton Manufacturing and Design Exchange (B-MADE). Before an interview, all applicants must apply an evaluation task with much focus on their portfolio’s quality. It is, therefore, necessary to plan it thoroughly in advance.

MIT is popular for its architecturally innovative Stata Center, designed by Frank Gehry

mit university in cambridge study architecture massachusetts instiute of technology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Cambridge, US:

The faculty wishes to stress the importance of interdisciplinary cooperation, particularly when it comes to environmental solutions. This emphasis on and study supporting sustainable architecture is a crucial factor in the elevated ranking of MIT. In the meantime, prospective applicants follow a standardized application process and submit several short essays covering several questions focused on personality and motivation. They have a place in the best architecture course on the market if they have been good.

TU Delft is the oldest and largest university in the Netherlands

best places to study architecture delft university of technology in the netherlands

The Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands:

The Delft Technology University bachelor program investigates urban planning, construction studies, and conventional architecture studies, based several kilometers north of Rotterdam. The university has consistently retained its position as one of the most important technical institutions in Europe and the world, following this broader approach. The BSc is only taught in Dutch, though its renowned Master’s degree in English.

Switzerland is one of the best countries in the world to live in

eth university in zurich switzerland best places to study architecture photo from above

ETH Zurich, Switzerland:

Founded in 1855, ETH Zurich offers many undergraduate and postgraduate courses, widely recognized as one of the world’s finest STEM institutions (Albert Einstein is one of his alumni). Though you must speak German, many are taught in English or French. While the former must speak German. The ETH Zurich is more theoretical than implementation characterized by its emphasis, which is one of the characteristics of its course in architecture. The conditions for admission, meanwhile, depend on your country of origin.

Harvard University is part of the Ivy League

photo of the front entrance of harvard university best places to study architecture students standing outside

Harvard University, Cambridge US:

The architecture program of Harvard University, jointly managed by the Faculty of Science and the Graduate School of Design, offers revolutionary practices in the field of teaching and an innovative structure of teaching that one of the leading world institutions might expect, with students being able to focus on one of two major paths: Design Studies or History and please note that the acceptance rates of Harvard are notoriously poor. You will need to consider perfect grades, a set of good references, and an attractive entry test.

Bet on your future and choose one of the best places to study architecture

study architecture seven university students graduating throwing their hats in the air


Countries best known for in Architecture programs include the United States of America, United Kingdom, Germany, Singapore, Australia and Canada. In this article, we have tried to provide you with the best information about the best places to study architecture.

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