What To Plant In June: 5+ Best Vegetables and Flowers

Von John Griffith / May 30 2022

There is a common misconception when it comes to gardening. Many people believe that spring is their only chance to sow whatever they want to plant. However, that isn’t quite true. Even with summer finally here, there are still plenty of delicious veggies to plant, as well as beautiful flowers. June is actually a great time for gardening. This is because the temperatures are nice and high for both the air and the soil. This helps to give the  plants a perfect start. All you really need to look out for in June is to make sure you keep the plants watered evenly. So, let’s take a look at what to plant in June.

June is actually a great time for gardening

beautiful garden with greenhouse and wheel barrel

What To Plant In June

June is a warm, charming month. Alongside making sure your plants are well watered, it’s also a good idea you keep a keep eye out for pests. During warm weather, all kinds of pesky creatures love to come out. From mosquitoes to aphids. But there are plenty of pest control options you can do. Now that you know you can still have some fun in the garden even during summer time, it’s time to check out what you can add to your space.

Make sure to water your plants regularly during summer 

watering the garden with a watering can


Yes, that’s right. There are still plenty of delicious veggies you can plant and enjoy later on in the season. However, for some it might be to plant transplants rather than seeds.

What a beautiful veggie garden

vegetable garden filled with greens


This veggie is the perfect add to a nice, fresh summer salad.  June is the perfect month to start planting your radishes. This is because they are quick-maturing. When the summer heat reaches its peak, this veggies flavor can get a bit too pungent, so keep it in mind.

Add radishes to your salad 

pink and white radishes in bunches


Beets are a super yummy veggie. It’s great raw, boiled or cooked. You can also use it’s color to paint! While they do tend to be cold tolerant and most people plant them in cooler weather, you can actually plant them in June as well. They will do more than fine in soil that is between 50 degrees F to 78 degrees F.

Beets are really good for you

hand holding red beets by the leaves


This may not be a standard vegetable in most garden’s, but it’s definitely worth planting it. Okra has a lot of minerals and antioxidants you can enjoy. Many cultures use its juice in their national cuisines.

Sliced okra looks like little flowers

sliced okra looks like flowers


June is great for planting all kinds of peppers. From red peppers, to green peppers. From sweet peppers to hot peppers. The varieties are endless. It really all depends on what you want in your garden. So, if you love your peppers, now’s the time to put them in the ground.

Peppers come in many colors, shapes, and sizes

red yellow and orange peppers together


Scallions are the perfect garnish to nearly any dish. That’s why having plenty of them in your own garden will come in handy in your cooking. The great thing about scallions is that you can sow them anytime from March to August. You can sow them every few weeks to make sure you have the crop continuously. Make sure to water them regularly.

Scallions are also called spring onion 

planting in june spring onion scallions green and white in bunches


Who doesn’t enjoy having beautiful flowers in their garden to adorn it with colors and aroma? Here are some great choices you can add to your garden space this year.

A beautiful flower garden 

what to grow in june flower garden with pink flowers


Sunflowers are the symbol of summer. These beautiful yellow flowers are a treat to grow. Not only do they look stunning, but they are also edible. Win-win. Keep in mind that sunflowers need a lot of space to grow and can get up yo 15 feet tall if watered a lot.

Sunflowers are a staple summer flower

yellow and brown sunflower in sunflower fireld


These little, delicate annual flowers are a must-have for a colorful garden. They bloom all the way up until the first frost, and they look great. Keep in mind that some varieties of this flower prefer shade while overs don’t mind some sun. It’s best to read the plant tag beforehand.

Pretty in pink 

what floweers to plant in june pink begonia flowers


This plant is a beauty. It’s huge, pink and green, heart-shaped leaves make it a showstopper. This plant will bring color to your garden. However, they are annual plants. But you can dig it up before the first frost and then plant it next season.

Caladiums have a beautiful pink and green color 

caladium leaves up close pink and green with water on them

Poached Egg Plant

If enjoy a splash of yellow in the garden, then these are the flowers for you! The poached egg plant, as you can guess by its name has pretty, white and yellow flowers. This plant is a hardy annual. However, it self-seeds freely and naturalizes into the garden. So, once you plant it, you don’t have to worry about sowing anymore.

This plant gets its name from its likeness to poached eggs 

poached egg flower white and yellow


This wildflower is a summer-hardy annual. It’s a great choice if you want to enjoy beautiful summer colors and flowers into the fall. A great thing about Cosmos is that they are also pollinators. This means that they attract bees, as well as butterflies and birds, such as hummingbirds.

Cosmos is a wildflower 

cosmos pink wild flower in a field

Now that you know what to plant in June, you can roll up your sleeves and head straight to the garden. Keep in mind there are plenty more things you can sow in June, just make sure to research what you want to plant beforehand. We hope you found this article helpful and that you will enjoy a bountiful harvest.

Enjoy a bountiful harvest

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