How To Build a Fire Pit In 2 Different Ways: 10+ Backyard Fire Pit Ideas

by John Griffith

There are so many different ways to prepare your backyard for the summer. And the summer of 2021 is officially here! After a year spent at home, everyone is excited for the nice weather and spending time outside. That is why it is extremely important to have a nice area at home where you can chill under the sunlights, breathe the fresh air and enjoy the long summer days. So, if you already have a nice seating area outside, we are about to tell you what is the only thing that’s missing – a fire pit. It can keep you warm in the evenings and provide a cozy, romantic spot for you, your significant other and your friends. So, keep reading to find out how to build a fire pit, as well as more than 40 backyard fire pit ideas.

A fire pit with a seating area provides a cozy, romantic spot in your garden

blue and red striped cushions on lounge chairs diy fire pit ideas concrete bowl fire burning inside


Backyard fire pit ideas

If you already have a nice seating area in your backyard, adding a fire pit shouldn’t be a difficult task. But, even if you don’t, you can start by building the fire pit and then adding the lounge area around it. Whatever the case, here are some examples of how to do it:

  • Separate lounge area – select an area in your backyard and designate it with tiles, stone or gravel. Add an in ground fire pit in the middle surround it with lounge chairs.
  • Build your fire pit as a compliment to the lounge area. If you have a full blown lounge area with garden furniture and separate lighting, a small fire pit can be a great addition. Concrete, above ground fire pits are great. First of all, because they can be moved. And, second of  all, because they take up less space.
  • Create a camp style fire pit. This type is probably the easiest one. Select a secluded area in your backyard where you can feel like you are camping. Grab a few rocks, arrange them in a circle and voila! You already have a nice camping area where you can make s’mores and tell ghost stories.

Center your lounge area around the fire pit

bench made of stones lounge chairs with white cushions arranged around homemade fire pit made of metal and rocks

What types of fire pits are there?

  1. In ground fire pits. These fire pits are perfect if you want to burn actual wood. In order to build one, you generally need to dig a hole that’s about 10 inches deep. It also takes some insulation, so that the fire doesn’t spread around. But these types of fire pits definitely allow for a bigger fire and give off camping vibes.
  2. Above ground fire pits. These vary in sizes and shapes. These are the types of fire pits which are also made from stone or bricks but are above the ground. Meaning you don’t have to dig a hole for them. If you want a fire pit that’s attention grabbing and looks modern and stylish, these ones are for you.
  3. Portable fire pit. Portable fire pits are a good idea for anyone who wants to be flexible. They can be bought or they can be handmade. You can make a portable fire pit out of old washing machine drums, tyres, barrells, fire pots, ets. They are not big, but they can definitely get the job done and are especially perfect if you have a small backyard and not enough space.

Choose the type of fire pit you want wisely

black leather ottomans white bench next to round fire pit how to make a fire pit cushion around it


DIY #1

build your own fire pit made of stones white wooden bench with colorful throw pillows around it

How to build a fire pit in 4 steps?


  • concrete landscaping stones
  • metal firepit ring
  • gravel
  • colored spray paint
  • shovel
  • rubber mallet
  • masonry adhesive

DIY fire pit in 4 steps? Yes, it is possible!

photo collage of step by step tutorial build your own fire pit round fire pit with stones



  1. Lay out the first layer of the stones. Use the spray paint to mark the outside of the circle.
  2. Use a shovel to dig a 6-inch deep whole inside your marking.
  3. Pour the gravel into the hole and make sure it is levelled with the ground.
  4. Place the first layer of stones around the gravel circle and use the rubber mallet to tamp the stones flat and even. Place the metal ring in the middle and keep going with the second layer of stones to make sure they fit tightly around it. When placing it use the masonry adhesive on the bottom of each stone to stagger the placement. The middle of the stone sits on the end seams of the bottom row. Repeat with the third row. Use the rubber mallet to even the stones.

Then, it is time to start your fire

white wooden bench with colorful throw pillows build your own fire pit with stones man throwing logs into the fire

Source: A Beautiful Mess

DIY #2

concrete bowl filled with rocks fire burning inside fire pit seating ideas step by step diy tutorial

DIY fire pit ideas


  • 1 extra large bowl for exterior mold
  • 1 large bowl for interior mold (about 3 inches smaller than the exterior one)
  • concrete mix
  • vegetable oil
  • painbrush
  • bucket for mixing
  • medium duty masonry trowel
  • exercise weights or heavy rocks
  • sandpaper
  • gel fireplace fuel canisters
  • replacement grill grate
  • fire safe decorative stones

You might need more supplies, but it is an easy DIY

sanding the concrete bowl step by step diy tutorial backyard fire pit ideas landscaping


  1. Start by covering the molds with vegetable oil. Cover the inside of the exterior mold and the outside of the interior one.
  2. Mix your concrete with water until a thick consistency is formed.
  3. Use a trowel to add the concrete to the outer mold. Place the inner mold inside to see how high the concrete comes up. Add more concrete if needed. Make sure the inner mold is at the center. Place the exercise weights or rocks inside to keep in place. Just make sure they are not too heavy, because the bottom of the inner mold may stick to the bottom of the outer one, leaving the concrete super thin. Also, make sure the bowl is deep enough so that the canisters are a little beyond the lip of the bowl.
  4. Let the concrete set for about 2 days. Then, slowly remove the concrete from the molds.
  5. Sand the concrete bowl and wipe away the debris.
  6. Place the canisters inside and place the grill grate on top. Cover the grate with rocks and light it up!

Sand the bowl to remove any irregularities and place the canisters inside

backyard fire pit ideas landscaping concrete bowl three cans placed inside placed on gravel

Place a grate on top and cover it with rocks

three cans filled with igniting liquid placed under oven rack backyard fire pit ideas landscaping step by step diy tutorial

The fire creates such a nice ambience

concrete bowl filled with rocks step by step diy tutorial backyard fire pit ideas landscaping fire burning inside

Source: Man Made DIY

Now here are so many more backyard fire pit ideas for summer 2021

bench and wooden furniture with white cushions homemade fire pit metal bowl filled with rocks

bench chairs made of wood arranged around square fire pit seating ideas fire burning inside

Minimalistic and stylish

black chairs arranged around large metal bucket wood burning inside in ground fire pit

bowl made of metal fire burning inside diy fire pit ideas two lounge chairs next to it

concrete bowl filled with rocks fire burning inside how to make a fire pit bench next to it made of stone and wood

deck with wooden logs for stools arranged around metal bucket fire burning inside outdoor fire pit ideas

The perfect spot for an at home romantic date night

diy fire pit ideas two lounge chairs with gray cushions next to round fire pit two wine glasses on top

enclosed lounge area with blue throw pillows backyard fire pit ideas rattan furniture

fire burning in round outdoor fire pit ideas made of stone next to bench with throw pillows blanket


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