Beginner’s Guide: How to take care of a fruit orchard like a pro

by Maria Konou

A fruit orchard is extremely beneficial in a variety of ways. For starters, they add personality to your yard while also producing delicious, natural food for you to enjoy. They bloom is beautiful colors before producing a juicy, GMO-free fruit for you to consume every year! Nevertheless, you need to know how to care for fruit trees in order for them to thrive and produce fruits. So, do you want to try your luck at growing fruit trees for the first time? In this article, we will show you how to encourage fruit trees to grow tall and produce luscious, nutritious fruits. We will cover all the basics, from the type of soil you need to pruning:

Let’s learn the secrets for taking care of a fruit orchard like a pro

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Fruit Tree Care for Beginners

In order to enjoy healthy trees and abundant production from your fruit orchard, you need to take some care of them. If you are a beginner gardener, take a look at our guide for the most easy-to-grow fruit trees for your orchard. There you will see the best trees for you to grow that do not require that much care!

Fruit trees are not only beautiful to look at, but they also give you food

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Step 1: Soil

Soil is of utmost importance. Professional gardeners advise that we match the plants we intend to plant with the soil, not the other way around. What we need to consider is soil texture, drainage, structure, fertility, and pH (acidity). Changing the acidity of the soil becomes difficult, so we need to choose fruit trees that are suitable for such soil. You can improve the soil quality by adding organic fertilizers, compost, or manure. Most fruit trees prefer a slightly acidic environment but will tolerate neutral or slightly alkaline soil.

Tip: Try making your own organic compost in your yard. You will limit your waste and produce a potent fertilizer for your fruit orchard! Win-win!

Soil is very important when it comes to growing healthy plants 

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Step 2: Planting

You can plant new saplings two times a year. The first is in November – December, at the latest within 15 days of the onset of winter frosts. If planted in this period, the tree has until spring to recover its root system, the soil to come down around the roots, and the growth of the tree to begin in good time in spring. The second opportune time to plant a fruit tree is in March. If you decide to plant your new fruit tree in this period, you should prepare everything from autumn. How do you plant fruit trees? First, you must dig a pit of 80/80/80 cm. In order to help the sapling to take hold, it is a good idea to feed the soil. Then we need to clear the tree of broken, diseased, and injured branches. Once you have planted the sapling, it is a good idea to give it support by driving a support stake 10/15 cm from the tree and tying it loosely enough to avoid hurting the sapling.

The best time to plant new saplings is in November, October, and December 

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Step 3: Mulching

What is mulch? Mulch is a layer of material placed on the soil around the plant. This is done in order to improve the quality of the soil, helping it to retain moisture and heat for longer. In addition, mulching can protect plants from pests, reduce weeds and nourish the soil. Mulch can be made from tree bark, paper, and green waste. In time, it will begin to rot and so will nourish the soil. Mulch is biodegradable, which means it needs to be replaced every year. The best time to lay mulch on your trees is mid to late spring and fall because the soil will be moist and warm.

Tip: Create a garden edging for your backyard and fruit trees by using recycled materials!

Mulching is a layer of material placed around the soil of your tree

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This is how mulching should NOT look like

how to care for a fruit orchard0031

And, here is the correct method 

how far apart to plant fruit trees in an orchard

Step 4: Watering

Proper watering of new saplings is also very important. With a newly planted tree, you should water it regularly, distributing the water evenly so that it soaks into the soil. When watering, pay attention to whether the water is absorbed by the soil or remains on the surface. Young trees need enough water in their first year because they have not yet developed a good root system. After that, especially if you have laid mulch, there is no need to water at all.

New saplings need lots of care and frequent watering

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Watch this video to see how to correctly water trees:

Step 5: Pruning

Pruning is done in order to improve the access of light into the crown of the tree. Removing unnecessary and incorrectly growing branches that prevent light from penetrating further into the tree. Pruning is done to brighten the crown of the tree by removing the strong vertical branches that thicken the inside of the crown. The appropriate time for pruning is either spring pruning in March or winter pruning after the end of winter frosts, with winter pruning being carried out more frequently.

Tip: Protect your fruit orchard with these organic pest control remedies! You can use ingredients from your kitchen for these zero-waste, all-natural recipes! You can also use coffee grounds in your garden. Learn more about the benefits and keep your outdoor and indoor plants healthy.

Pruning a is very important step for growing healthy trees

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Watch this video to learn more about pruning:

Frequently Asked Questions about Fruit Trees

When is the best time to plant fruit trees?

Planting of new trees takes place at two times of the year. Spring planting takes place in March and winter planting in November-December. Check out our spring gardening guide for all the information on how to prep your garden for springtime!

If you have put the proper care, your fruit orchard will reward you

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Which fruit tree is the easiest to grow?

The cherry tree is the easiest fruit tree to grow because it does not require much light and heat, and it is tolerant of drought and overwatering.

A fruit orchard is a beautiful use of outdoor space

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