Create Your Own Oasis With These Backyard Patio Ideas

by John Griffith

Well, summer is here! And so is the hot weather! There is nothing better in the world than going home after a long day and being able to sit in your garden, drink a glass of rose and enjoy the cool evening. What’s more, if you are a lover of the outdoors and have a big backyard, you can basically cook and eat outside with your whole family. Designing the space in your backyard is not easy. There are some tips and tricks that you need to know before you begin this difficult task. Which is why, we want to help you as much as we can. We have gathered 50 backyard patio ideas, which are going to help you transform the garden into your own little oasis.

If you love enjoying the outdoors than your backyard should definitely have a makeover

black wooden pergola backyard patio ideas wooden corner sofa with white cushions wooden swing lots of plants

What are the most popular backyard patio ideas?

Regardless of the amount of space you have, you can turn your garden into your own little paradise. Nowadays, people pay as much attention to their exterior as they do the interior. If you are lucky enough to live somewhere warm, then by all means, go all out and create a garden where you can basically do everything. Just think of everything you can have outside. First of all, pool, of course, outdoor kitchen, grill station, lounge area, to name a few. Furthermore, you can have a fireplace or a fire pit outside, so even if it gets a bit chilly, you can still enjoy the fresh air. Trust us, you need to have a garden where you can relax and enjoy your time with friends and family. So, keep reading to find out what you need to consider before you begin. What’s more, we are going to give you a few ideas about how to turn your backyard into a modern space straight out of an interior design magazine.

Having an outdoor lounge area is especially important if you live some place, where the temperatures are always high

backyard patio ideas wooden furniture set with white cushions throw pillows under wooden pergola with strings of lights

What do you need to consider before you begin your yard renovation? Backyard patio ideas for every taste

As is the case with everything else, there are a few rules to follow when furnishing an outdoor space. So, here are a few things to take into consideration before you begin:

1. Consider your space

Not all of us are gifted with a large backyard. Even if your yard is small, do not despair, however. You can still create a beautiful space you can enjoy. First of all, if you have a large backyard, utilize it. Make sure each space is used. Create a lounge area, plus a dining area. What’s more, having a cooking station, grill station and an outdoor kitchen, in general, is a very good idea. Especially for the hottest summer days. Basically you can create and entire space outside where you can do everything you would normally do inside. Furthermore, you will be the queen of summer parties.

On the other hand, however, if you have limited space, consider what it is that you want to use your garden for. If an outdoor kitchen is your preference, then, naturally, that’s what you need to go with. If, however, you are looking for a space to chill, read books and watch films, then maybe a lounge area with a nice sofa is perfect.

This ultra modern and contemporary design will automatically turn you into the hostess with the mostest

blue purple turquoise led light around pergola next to the pool small backyard landscaping ideas lounge area with otdoor kitchen and tv

2. Choose your furniture wisely

If you live in an area with rain and winter season, consider building a pergola above your lounge area. For example, if your furniture are wooden, it is not wise to keep them out in the cold and under the rain. They might need to be stored away during the colder seasons. That is, if you don’t have anything to cover them with. In that case, metal or plastic furniture are a good idea. However, probably the most preferred material for garden furniture is rattan. Its longevity makes it perfect for any weather, since rain and cold don’t really affect it. Just get yourself some nice cushions, which can easily be kept in the house while it is raining outside and you are all set. Another option, which seems to be very trendy nowadays is having stone benches, which are part of the exterior of the garden. Once again, all you need for them is cushions and a few throw pillows to make the stone feel comfy and cozy.

Swings are a very trendy piece of furniture

concrete patio ideas wooden beams wooden swing and grey puff chairs under them on tiled floor

3. Create some shade

If you don’t have a large tree, which can do the job, then you need artificial shade. After all, the sun during the summer can actually be quite dangerous. That is why you need some shade to protect you from the UV rays. Like we said, a tree would be perfect. Another option is a nice pergola, open on all sides, which is going to keep you away from the sun, but provide enough fresh air. On other hand, if you are looking for a more romantic, boho feel, than a few sheer outdoor curtains can do the job perfectly.

I wouldn’t mind spending my evenings with a view like this

boho style balcony decor overlooking the ocean enclosed patio ideas garden furniture sets with white cushions white tulle curtains tree with light in the middle

4. Have as much greenery as possible

Don’t forget that this is your garden, after all. You need as many plants as possible. Whether you will have grass on the floor or you are planning on vertical planting, greenery brings in so much freshness to any space. What’s more, it is proven that plants help you keep calm and relax more. So, even if you don’t have space for a whole flower bed, a few potted plants will still do the job.

Vertical planting is a good option for small spaces

backyard landscaping ideas wooden sofa with blue cushions colorful throw pillows stone table greenery wall

5. Pay attention to your flooring

When it comes to outdoor space, it is very important what flooring we choose. First of all, even if you want to have green grass everywhere, refrain from using it under furniture. It can keep moisture and ruin your furniture. What’s more, it is not very nice to step on wet, muddy grass after a summer rain. Instead, opt for tiles or stone, surrounded by grass. Stone or concrete are some of the best materials for outdoor flooring. Pavers are also quite trendy in interior design today. You can also add some gravel in between for an extra modern finish. Naturally, if you have an enclosed patio, wooden floors work just as well. Plus, let’s be honest, they are pretty cozy.

You can steal this idea for your outdoor dining area

black sliding doors in front of outdoor kitchen backyard paver ideas wooden dining table with chairs surrounded by trees

Now keep scrolling through our gallery to find even more backyard patio ideas

backyard paver ideas black metal garden sofa with black cushions orange throw pillows next to fire pit surrounded by greenery

Just look at this view and tell me you wouldn’t spend every evening here

balcony with wooden floor small patio ideas black metal garden furniture set two grey lounge chairs

Rattan garden furniture are preferred for the outdoors

beige carpet on wooden floor backyard landscaping ideas garden furniture set with white cushions strings of lights under wooden pergola

If you have lots of covered space, wood is perfect for the outside

big patio with wooden garden furniture set with white cushions wooden table small patio ideas dining table

Strings of lights create such a romantic feeling on your patio

black carpet on wooden floor small backyard landscaping ideas wooden benches small metal coffee table lots of plants

Stone is one of the toughest materials out there

black cushions on wooden garden furniture set with dining table folding chairs small backyard landscaping ideas stones on the walls fireplace

You can even create your very own zen garden

black metal garden furniture backyard paver ideas small backyard lake with fountain wooden bridges

If you don’t have enough space, you can still create a small reading nook outside

black table ottoman next to two orange metal chairs in front of bedroom door wooden floor small backyard landscaping ideas

black wooden lounge chairs arranged around fire pit on wooden floor concrete patio ideas lots of plants

blue coffee table and throw pillows ottoman patio decor ideas garden furniture set strings of lights hanging on brick wall

Kitchen + dining room + lounge area

blue cushions on white garden furniture set on wooden floor stone patio ideas otdoor kitchen and dining area

dining area with wooden table stone patio ideas large backyard with garden furniture set arranged in front of fireplace grill station

dining wooden table surrounded by red metal chairs next to grill station concrete patio ideas under wooden pergola

enclosed patio ideas wooden garden furniture set with white cushions two ottomans for tables wooden floor

farmhouse modern decor patio cover ideas wooden table and chairs on wooden floor under tree with metal chandeliers

Fire pits are another great addition to your outdoor lounge area

fireplace made of bricks surrounded by sofa with beige cushions backyard landscaping ideas stone floor lots of plants

fireplace made of stones backyard patio ideas white round table with white chairs tiled floor

garde furniture set with white cushions under white wooden pergola with strings of lights patio cover ideas black wooden floor

garden furniture set with beige cushions patio decor ideas arranged under curved wooden pergola

garden furniture set with beige cushions under a wooden pergola backyard patio ideas white curtaint strings of lights

garden furniture set with white cushions colorful throw pillows chairs backyard paver ideas colorful carpets

Incorporate some eye-popping color with cool accessories

garden furniture set with white cushions patio cover ideas purple throw pillows lamps lots of plants

garden furniture set with white cushions under wooden pergola with fairy light backyard paver ideas stone tiled floor

grey carpet on stone paved floor patio cover ideas wooden sofa with white cushions black metal coffee table

grey wooden table garden furniture set with white cushions backyard patio ideas green throw pillows grey and white carpet on wooden floor

house made of stone with large garden with dining table and chairs stone patio ideas tall wooden table with bar stools

large backyard with pool stone patio ideas lounge area with firepit garden furniture set with white cushions

metal garden furniture set with beige cushions arranged around fireplace made of stones patio decor ideas balcony design

mini golf course backyard landscaping ideas fire pit made of stones wooden lounge chairs arranged around it

orange cushions on two armchairs wooden coffee table black and white throw pillows and carpet patio decor ideas

Enclosed patio ideas

orange metal table with two chairs on grey carpet small patio ideas wooden floor lots of plants brown wooden blinds

patio cover ideas paved floor large garden furniture set with beige cushions under wooden pergola with strings of lights

patio decor ideas wooden garden furniture set with grey cushions arranged in front of fireplace made of stones under wooden pergola

Small patio ideas

small apartment balcony enclosed patio ideas black bench metal coffee table wooden floor and door white throw pillows

small backyard landscaping ideas grill station with small table stone bench around fire pit stone floor

small patio ideas marble table with fireplace small patio ideas long bench with grey cushions white and blue throw pillows

Backyard landscaping ideas

stone patio ideas white woden pergola black metal sofa with orange cushions and throw pillows in the middle of grass field

strings of lights under white wooden pergola garden furniture set with white cushions backyard landscaping ideas wooden dining table

terrace overlooking the ocean enclosed patio ideas wooden pergola with garden furniture set with white cushions underneath purple and green throw pillows

tiled floor concrete patio ideas garden furniture set with beige cushions next to grill station under wooden pergola with strings of lights

Backyard patio ideas

tiled floor small patio ideas white metal garden furnitire set surrounded by green plants red door

wooden garden furniture set with white cushions arranged around fire pit concrete patio ideas stone tiled floor

wooden pergola with white curtains enclosed patio ideas white sofa underneath with small wooden coffee tables

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