Social distancing at home? Here’s some outdoor kitchen ideas to help you enjoy summer 2021

by John Griffith

Can you believe that June is almost over. Throughout all this chaos somehow time went by and all of a sudden we are right in the smack middle of summer. It is already very hot outside, the days are super long and here we are.. social distancing at home! Don’t let the blues get you, though! If you are one of the lucky people who have a beautiful backyard, you should get inspired and start making it your little oasis. Although landscaping is important, having a pool or a lounge area is even better. And, trust us, there is nothing better than being able to cook and eat outside. Which is why, today we have gathered more than 60 outdoor kitchen ideas. So, get inspiration from our extensive photo gallery, get your tools and start building!

Having an outdoor kitchen is great for the hot summer evenings

backyard kitchen bar made of stones with marble countertops tall bar stools kitchen cabinets and sink with marble countertop

Outdoor kitchen ideas for every yard

Lots of people think that in order to have an outdoor kitchen you need lots of space. That isn’t necessarily always the case, though. Even if you have a small backyard, a cooking station and grill on wheels can turn it into the best place for dining. Add a foldable table and a few foldable chairs and you are all set.

On the other hand, if you are one of those lucky people and have a huge back yard, you are full of options. You can decide to designate a specific area and build an entire lounge area. Another option is to go for the small kitchen under a pergola. Either way you will still have so much space to spend your free time.

Even if you don’t have lots of space, you can still create a special little haven for your family

barbecue grill with wooden open shelves and stone countertops outdoor kitchen ideas wooden table and chairs tiled floor

How to build an outdoor kitchen?

The first thing you need to consider is, of course, the space. It will be more helpful if your outdoor kitchen is located close to the actual house. That way you won’t have to walk a mile every time you need something from inside the house. Naturally, if you have enough space, make sure that you also have enough dining furniture outside to accommodate everyone.

Secondly, you need a sink and a grill. These two commodities are probably the biggest must-haves in any outdoor kitchen. If you are looking to have a full-blown kitchen, a mini fridge is also a good idea.

When it comes to materials if the kitchen is covered you can use wood. Wood is, of course, the most used material in any contemporary home. Another good material to use is stone. Especially, if your kitchen doesn’t have any cover. Stone floor, stone kitchen island, or even just the countertops – it is one of the strongest, long-lasting materials out there. Bricks are another super modern option.

Wood is one of the most preferred materials in modern interiors

black cabinets and chairs how to build an outdoor kitchen wooden table ceiling and floor black countertops

Stone and stainless steel are great for outdoors, because of their longevity

black chairs around table made of stone modern outdoor kitchen made of stone with grill fridge and cabinets wooden ceiling

This floor is so creative and interesting

black countertop metal sink cabinets fridge grill covered outdoor kitchen stone tiles on the floor surrounded by small stones

White is the color of summer, therefore is perfect for your outdoor kitchen

black metal table on brick floor outdoor grill ideas kitchen cabinets and grill grey stone countertops

You can add some color with nice chair cushions

blue chairs around black dining table outdoor grill station barbecue and fridge stone countertops tiled floor

This stone and wood combination brings such a medieval feeling

blue cushions on chairs around wooden dining table covered outdoor kitchen stole columns and floor wooden ceiling

Here’s a practical idea if you don’t have enough space

blue metal bar stools l shaped outdoor kitchen wooden kitchen island with sink metal grill reclaimed setts on the floor

If you have a balcony with a view like this one, you should definitely utilize the space accordingly

blue plates on large wooden table with chairs patio overlooking the sea modern outdoor kitchen wooden cabinets under the grill

built in grill open shelves with wood logs under white countertops l shaped outdoor kitchen wooden floor

Who says an all-white modern decor can be just for the inside

dining table and stools in white next to the pool outdoor grill station barbecue grill beige cabinets white countertops

grey chairs around wooden table on grey carpet outdoor cooking station made of stone with grill cabinets sink

If you want to turn your lounge area into a space that can be used year-round, then this is a perfect idea

grey sofa and ottoman wooden table and chairs outdoor kitchen ideas barbecue grill fridge and cabinets black countertop

grill on wooden cabinets with black countertop backyard kitchen ideas large corner sofa with white cushions wooden walls ceiling

grill with metal cabinets kitchen island with marble countertop modern outdoor kitchen long dining table with white chairs

Add an outdoor kitchen next to the pool for the perfect summer experience

modern outdoor kitchen next to large pool wooden cabinets and kitchen island with metal bar stools

Don’t despair if you live in an apartment, the rooftop, or your balcony can still be turned into a little oasis

outdoor bbq ideas sofas and armchairs with grey cushions wooden kitchen cabinets with white countertop and grill

backyard kitchen ideas outdoor lounge area with fireplace large white corner sofa kitchen island with fridge

Outdoor kitchen ideas

black floor with wooden cabinets and metal countertop covered outdoor kitchen long dining table and black chairs

black metal chairs with orange cushions outdoor bbq ideas kitchen island made of stones with metal fridge and grill outdoor bbq ideas next to the pool

cooking station with grill fridge cabinets white countertop under large umbrellas outdoor grill ideas next to a pool

covered outdoor kitchen kitchen island with black granite countertop made of stone tall bar stoold tiled floor

You can even add an outdoor fireplace, just in case you get chilly

dinig table made of wood with black chairs next to fireplace outdoor bbq ideas metal kitchen cabinets with grill strings of lights hanging above

drinks fridge and wooden cabinets with marble countertop backyard kitchen ideas wooden caulted ceiling kitchen next to the pool

exposed wooden beams above lounge area with fireplace rustic outdoor kitchen metal cabinets and grill dining table with chairs on stone tiled floor

exposed wooden beams on white wooden ceiling outdoor bbq ideas lounge area with fireplace kitchen wooden dining table with eight chairs

Strings of lights can turn your space into a romantic and luxurious one

fireplace and grill with sink on marble countertops with wooden cabinets backyard kitchen stone floor wooden dining table chairs and loungers

fireplace at the center large wooden dining room with chairs backyard kitchen ideas grill with cabinets

fireplace with barbecue grill outdoor kitchen ideas stone columns and floor marble countertop with three bar stools

Backyard kitchen ideas

fireplace with lounge are rustic outdoor kitchen kitchen island made of stone with granite countertops and grill

fridge and two grills with wooden cabinets how to build an outdoor kitchen granite countertops with small sink

Outdoor cooking station

glass dining table with chairs next to a pool outdoor grill ideas white kitchen island with cabinets on stone tiled floor

grey cushions on wooden sofa and armchairs rustic outdoor kitchen placed next to kirchen island with grill wooden cabinets

grill on wooden cabinets covered outdoor kitchen with stone tiled floor dining table surrounded by eight chairs

how to build an outdoor kitchen long dining table with wooden chairs kitchen cabinets with sink and grill tiled floor

kitchen cooking station with grill fridge sink made of stone outdoor grill ideas black bar stools reclaimed setts on the floor

You can even connect your indoor and outdoor kitchens

kitchen island with bar stools around it outdoor grill station barbecue grill and sink on white countertops and cabinets

kitchen island with fridge cabinets biult in grill backyard kitchen white corner sofa tiled floor

Outdoor kitchen ideas

l shaped outdoor kitchen metal cabinets fridge and grill granite countertops lounge area with wooden ceiling

large dining room with lots of chairs outdoor grill station grey stone countertops strings of light hanging from wooden beams

lounge area with fireplace sofas and large dining table with wooden chairs outdoor cooking station

Stainless steel is often preferred because of its longevity and easy upkeep

metal chairs and dining table outdoor cooking station with grill fridge sink on stone tiled floor

outdoor cooking station brick kitchen island with grill and stone countertops wooden dininig table and chairs

outdoor grill ideas vaulted wooden ceiling with fans stone fireplace lounge are with sofas and armchairs grill with cabinets

outdoor grill station fireplace and cabinets tiled floor large dining table with eight chairs strings of lights wrapped around wooden beams

outdoor kitchen ideas wooden table with fridge and barbecue grill three potted plants on top stone tiles on the floor

outdoor lounge are with stone countertops large sofas outdoor kitchen ideas dining table chairs fireplace

Covered outdoor kitchen, which you can close once the weather starts getting colder

outdoor lounge area with wooden sofa and armchairs backyard kitchen grill and sink dining table with wooden chairs

red bar stools next to kitchen island made of stone with granite countertops outdoor bbq ideas built in grill

rustic outdoor kitchen next to the pool vaulted ceiling wooden floor cabinets and kitchen island with marble countertops long dining table

stone tiled floor and columns l shaped outdoor kitchen kitchen area with grill sink metal cabinets

tiled floor in white l shaped outdoor kitchen wooden cabinets backsplash granite countertops wooden chairs

Kitchen islands, made of stone, can look outdated but they are actually super modern and trendy

two armchairs next to kitchen island made of stone with grill pine trees around it tiled floor rustic outdoor kitchen

white kitchen island with sink on white tiled floor outdoor cooking station white dining table with chairs

wooden beams with strings of light modern outdoor kitchen grill and metal cabinets kitchen island made of stone black metal bar stools

Outdoor grill station

wooden cabiners under the grill grey countertop wooden floor backyard kitchen ideas surrounded by trees and bushes

wooden ceiling backyard kitchen kitchen island made of stones outside lounge are with fireplace and sofas

wooden dining table and chairs how to build an outdoor kitchen kitchen island with bar stools stone tiled floor

wooden floor and cabinets how to build an outdoor kitchen stone tiled countertops dining table with dark grey metal chairs

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