How to properly take care of an Aloe Vera plant: The Basics

by Maria Konou

Aloe vera is a spiky succulent houseplant that is a great addition to every home. What’s more, aloe plants are notorious for their easy nature, so they are perfect for beginner gardeners. The best part? The gel found inside of its leaves has many health and beauty benefits. If you want to know how to properly take care of your new aloe vera plant, then continue reading:

Aloe vera is one of the easiest plant to take care of 

how does an overwatered aloe plant look like are there any bad signs

Aloe vera plants are a great decoration for every room

is the aloe vera plant a succulent and should you take care of it like one

About aloe vera plants

Aloe vera are medicinal plants that are sometimes described as “wonder plants”. This short-stemmed shrub has been used to treat different health conditions for thousands of years. The juice or gel that can be found in their thick fleshy leaves has various uses- from hair masks to a topical pain reliever. Caring for aloe vera plants indoors is quite easy, since these succulent plants do not require that much care. Below, we will mention all the important information you need to know in order to keep your aloe vera plants nice and healthy.

The fleshy aloe vera leaves hold the magical aloe juice

different types of aloe plants what are the differences in appereance

The aloe vera gel is transparent and slippery

how to properly cut an aloe vera plant to extract the gel and use it

Where should I put an aloe vera plant in my house?

Wherever you want! However, keep into account that the aloe vera plant is one of the best bedroom plants. What’s more, it helps purify the air and since it emits a lot of oxygen at night, it will help you sleep better! And because aloe vera does not require frequent watering and extensive care, the bedroom is the perfect place for it.

Aloe vera is one of the best plants to put in your bedroom

succulent care what you need to know about aloe vera plants

How much sunlight do aloe plants need?

Aloe vera plants crave as much light as possible, so placing them in bright, indirect sunlight is ideal. If you place your aloe vera in low light, its leaves will droop downwards, so be careful! Also, make sure you are not placing your plant in front of a hot window since its leaves might burn. The perfect temperature for this plant is between 55 and 80 °F (13 and 27 °C),  which is conveniently the temperature of most homes. During the warmer months, you can take your plant outside but once it gets colder, you should immediately take it inside. Aloe vera does not like cold temperatures at all.

Aloe plants crave as much light as possible but make sure they do not burn in direct sunlight

what are the different types of aloe vera plants you can grow at home

This plant loves the sun, and it cannot thrive in cold climates

is aloe a succulent and should you care for it like other plants

 How often should you water an aloe plant?

Watering is definitely the most difficult and tricky part of keeping an aloe vera plant healthy! Since aloe is a succulent, it is used to a dry environment, so it is very easy to overwater it if you are not careful. Overwatering can lead to root rotting and the plant becoming mushy, which is something no one wants to experience. That is why you should water this plant deeply but less frequently. Moreover, make sure to wait for the soil to completely dry out before watering your aloe vera again. In the summer and spring, make sure to water your aloe vera plant every 2-3 weeks. However, in the colder months, you should water it more sparingly- every month.

Overwatering your aloe vera can lead to root rotting and mushy leaves

do you know how often to water aloe vera plants to not overwater them

Do you water aloe vera from the top or bottom?

Did you know that even though aloe vera plants do not require frequent watering, they still use the water you give them for a very long time? That is why it is important to water your aloe the correct way. So what is the right way-watering from the top or from the roots? Generally, it is better to water your aloe vera plant from the bottom. That way, the water can reach the roots.

Water your aloe plant from the bottom to avoid root rot 

why is my aloe plant turning brown is it due to overwatering

What does an overwatered aloe plant look like?

It is important to know what are the signs of an overwatered aloe vera plant and how to treat it. When something is wrong with your plant, you will start to notice things like wilting and discoloration of the leaves, a soft or mushy stem and leaves, and root rot. If this happens to you, remember that not all is lost! It is possible to revive an overwatered aloe plant by pruning off the affected roots and replanting the healthy plant in new soil. However, if the aloe vera has severe root rotting and damage, you might not be able to revive it.

If your plant has been overwatered, prune off the affected areas and replant the aloe in new soil

how often should you water aloe vera plants that you leave inside

What soil do aloe vera plants need?

It is very important to make sure that the soil mix of your aloe vera plant drains well and is aerated. If not, your aloe vera might be prone to even more root rot and overwatering damage. If the roots remain too wet after watering, they can’t respire. So, make sure you are using a soil mix made specifically for succulents and cactus.

Make sure to choose a soil mix that drains well to avoid any root damage

do you know how to propagate aloe vera plants easily at home

Do you have to fertilize an aloe vera plant?

Once in the spring, you should use a balanced houseplant fertilizer at half strength to fertilize your aloe vera plant. Remember not to over-fertilize and to leave the plant to rest in the colder months- autumn and winter. We told you that this plant doesn’t need that much special attention!

Aloe vera plants should be fertilized once in the spring 

what is the best soil for aloe vera plants should you fertilize them

When and how to repot an aloe vera plant

If your aloe plant has suffered some overwatering damage, has gotten too large, or requires an upgraded container, it is time to learn how to properly repot it! Take your new pot and add some stones at the bottom for good drainage. After that, remove the aloe vera plant from its old pot and remove the excess dirt without damaging the roots. Plant your aloe vera in the new pot and fill it with the well-draining soil mix. Remember to not water the plant for at least a week after repotting it! Keep it in a warm place with bright indirect light.

Make sure not to water your aloe vera plant for a week after repotting it to avoid rot damage

repotting aloe vera plants at home what is the best soil for succulents

Removing & replanting aloe vera pups

Mature aloe vera plants often produce babies also known as aloe pups. These little offsets can be removed, and you can have an entirely new plant! To do so,  separate the pups from the base of the mother plant and let them sit out of the soil for several days. What this will do is allow the pups to form a callous over the cut, which will protect them from rotting. Once some time has passed and the offsets have formed callouses, repot them using the same method we mentioned above. Once again, make sure to wait at least a week before watering them!

A mature aloe vera plant can produce many aloe pups near its base

can you propagate aloe vera pups to have more plants at home

Carefully remove the pups by breaking up the soil

easy method for repotting aloe vera pups for more aloe plants

After a week, plant them the same way you would repot an aloe plant

how to repot an aloe plant at home the best method for repotting

How do you remove pests from an aloe vera plant?

Even if growing as indoor plants, aloe veras can still be susceptible to mealybugs and scale. The solution is easy tho! Just use a cloth and some alcohol diluted with water to wipe away the mealybugs. However, make sure to carefully check the crevices of the leaves for any remaining bugs.

Mealybugs love hanging out on aloe vera leaves

succulent care how to remove pests from your aloe vera plant leaves

How to use the aloe vera gel

To make use of the magical aloe vera gel hidden in the plant’s leaves, just remove a mature leaf from the plant and cut it lengthwise. You can also prune just a part of the leaf off, but generally, it is better to cut off a whole leaf. After that, squeeze the gel out of the leaf and apply it immediately, or store it in a container in your refrigerator for later use. This gel can shorten the healing of burns, and it promotes faster wound healing. What’s more, applying aloe gel topically to your skin can reduce acne and redness. Many people even use aloe juice as a hair treatment, brow gel, and even for DIY hand sanitizers. Never ingest the aloe gel since it can cause nausea and other unpleasant symptoms.

Choose a mature aloe leaf and remove it from the plant 

what are some signs to look for in an overwatered aloe vera plant

You can also cut just a part of the leaf, but the plant won’t look that good at the end

how to cut aloe vera plant safely without damaging the plant

Go and get yourself a cute aloe vera plant to take care of

easy methods for repotting a brand new aloe vera plant at home

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