How to Make a Pallet Couch – Tutorial and 60 Great Ideas

by John Griffith

How do you envision the perfect Sunday? For many of us there is hardly anything better than getting cozy on the couch, with a good book and a mug of hot chocolate. If this sounds good to you, then bear with us – in today’s article we will share some great tips for making a comfy, cheap and cool pallet couch for your home. First of all, we will guide you through the main steps of the construction process. Although it might sound like a lot of work, it is actually pretty straightforward and easy. Not to mention that it will add a truly unique touch to your living room, and will save you lots of money in the process! Once you read the short, comprehensive tutorial, you can look for ideas in our collection of pallet sofas – we have selected 60 amazing styles to inspire you!

A gorgeous creation in grey. Give your living room a chic makeover with an elegant and cozy pallet couch

two wooden bookshelves, hanging on a white brick wall, above a couch made of light wooden pallets, and covered with cushions, in light and dark grey

Pallets are great for making furniture, because they are versatile, sturdy, and easily replaceable. Furthermore they can be used in the making of all kinds of household items – tables, sofas, chairs, beds and book shelves. Although there are numerous tutorials devoted to the creation of various pallet items, our prime focus today will be on the all-important living room couch.

DIY pallet couches are functional as well as beautiful, and make a great addition to your home or garden

light pink mattress, covering a couch made of wooden pallets, decorated with lots of cushions, in pink and grey, black and white, brown and beige

Making a pallet couch from scratch might seem like a daunting and time consuming task, but let us assure you – it will be a quick and fun process! Naturally, the most important materials are the pallets themselves. For this specific tutorial, you will require three identical wooden pallets. First, attach two of the pallets to make a base for your couch. You can fasten them together, by using long nails, industrial screws, or metal brackets (for an extra strong hold). If you like, you can attach four small and flat, identical pieces of wood to the four corners of the bottom pallet, to serve as legs for your sofa.

How to make a pallet couch? First of all, create the base by fastening two identical wooden pallets, like shown bellow

man ing grayish clothing, putting half of a wooden pallet, on top of a whole pallet, how to make pallet furniture

The second step is to dismantle the third pallet, and use its two halves to make the sofa’s sitting surface and the backrest. Bear in mind, that all elements must be sturdy and well fastened.

The backrest is a key feature of your pallet couch

how to make pallet furniture, man in grey clothes, adding a wooden backrest, to a settee made from light wooden pallets

If you prefer not to dismantle the third pallet, you can go for a simple alternative – just affix two pallets for the base, and use the third one as a backrest! You can add armrests too – get an additional pallet, saw it i half, and attach a half on each side of the sofa. Add a layer of paint for a colorful, personalized touch.

A gorgeous result that is definitely worth the effort!

pale duck's egg blue pillows, covering a sofa made of pallets, with several cushions in different patterns, large window nearby

Once the frame of your pallet couch has been completed, you can add finishing touches of your choice. Choose a suitably-sized foam mattress, a cover in your preferred color, and lots of cushions for a soft and cozy atmosphere. Voila! You now have your very own eye-catching DIY sofa, that is sure to make a lasting, positive impression on your guests!

White pallet couch with chic beige and fuchsia pink accents – a gorgeous combination

fairy lights and picture frames, decorating a room with a bed and white curtains, containing a large sofa, made of pallets, and covered with cushions

Inviting sofa in warm tones, complete with a variety of soft, multicolored cushions

pallet couch shaped like a c, covered with beige foam mattresses, and decorated with lots of cushions, in different sizes and colors

Pallet furniture is a very popular choice for terraces and gardens

pallet patio furniture, set of two sofas made from wooden pallets, painted in dark brown, and covered with blue foam pillows, and multicolored cushions

Relax in your very own DIY terrace lounge during the summer months

baroque black and white pattern, on foam pillows, decorating the backrests of two sofas made from pallets, painted in black, pallet patio furniture

black cushions and cover on a foam mattress, decorating a pallet couch, made from several wooden pallets in white, with metal wheels

ornamental rug in red and white, near a corner pallet couch, decorated with blue patterned fabric, and several different cushions

A quirky and colorful suggestion for your garden

corner sofa made from pallets, covered with turquoise foam mattresses, and decorated with a selection of multicolored, patterned cushions in different sizes

Here is a great video tutorial for those who want to make a cool pallet couch set

settee and sofa, made from dark wooden pallets, decorated with orange foam pillows, pallet patio furniture, light green and pink and white cushions

Your pallet couch doesn’t have to be huge. We love this small but effective idea

small settee for two people, made from pallets painted brown, covered in striped grey pillows, and decorated with a small orange cushion, pallet couch

kids's room pallet couch, with a foam mattress, with a beige cover, decorated with several cushions, in turquoise and white, patterned and plain

fuchsia and baby pink painted pallets, used to make a pallet couch, covered with soft light beige mattress, and several cushions

When done right, pallet furniture can be an excellent choice for offices, schools or kindergartens

long bench or pallet couch, made from light wooden pallets, covered in green foam mattress, and decorated with vivid yellow cushions

vivid yellow couch, made from painted pallets, affixed together and with added wheels, how to make pallet furniture, decorated with pillows in denim blue, red and yellow

a set of three white sofas, made from pallets covered in pillows, and a matching white pallet table on wheels, how to make pallet furniture, placed on a porch

Here, the pallet sofa nicely compliments the beautiful and unique blend of industrial and oriental style

several artworks decorating a room with one white wall, and one brick wall, containing a pallet settee, with lots of cushions, how to make pallet furniture, tall lamp and a vintage chair

grey and white couch, made from white painted pallets, and textiles in soft grey tones, how to make pallet furniture, several bookshelves nearby

Create a romantic nook for two on your terrace, and enjoy the sunset in style

mattress in white, covering a settee made from pallets, painted in a turquoise color, and decorated with two sets of cushions, fuchsia pink and striped, pallet patio furniture, bottle of champagne with two glasses

close up of a pallet sofa, made from several wooden pallets, painted in whitewash, how to make pallet furniture, beige mattress and several light grey pillows, with graphic print

potted plants and colorful framed artworks, near a diy pallet couch, decorated with a large turquoise pillow, and several cushions

matching white pallet table, and corner sofa, pallet patio furniture, white cushions in different sizes, decorated with stripes, and colorful patterns

Give your pallet sofa a playful touch, by adding cushions in colorful patterns

diy pallet settee, with two square pillows, in white and turquoise, with multicolored polkadots, small wooden table with a jug of flowers, and a teapot nearby

room with walls, ceiling and floor in different shades of grey, containing a diy pallet sofa, covered in pale grey textiles

wide window near a corner sofa, covered with many white foam pillows, and matching cushions, framed artworks on the wall, diy pallet

Choose a neutral grey palette for relaxing atmosphere

nordic style room, with white floor, walls and ceiling, containing a modern coffee table, a diy pallet sofa, a beige rug, and a hanging lamp

country style diy pallet sofa, covered with grey textile, and a multitude of pillows, in different sizes, coffee table nearby

A fun idea for DIY experts 

open space terrace, with black wooden flooring, and yellow walls, pallet patio furniture, corner sofa made from brown, wooden pallets on wheels, covered with black foam mattresses, and three cushions

This sofa and coffee tables combo will make an excellent addition to industrial style interiors

sitting area with large, corner diy pallet sofa, covered in white foam mattresses, and cushions with graphic prints, in neutral colors, two pallet coffee tables on wheels nearby

diy sofa made from white pallets, and decorated with multicolored cushions, inside a bright room, with several windows and a glass door

flower in a small glass vase, placed on top of a stack of magazines, black pallet diy sofa, with a white mattress, and three cushions

three beige pillows, decorating a diy sofa, made from wooden pallets, with off-white couch cushions, white floor and background

pallet outdoor furniture, terrace or porch bench, made from wooden pallets, painted in white, and covered with black foam pillows

Lush corner sofa with clever storage options

violet and purple covers and pillows, on top of a diy sofa, made from wooden pallets, with storage spaces, several multicolored cushions

folk-inspired dark floral pattern, on the backrest cushions, of a diy sofa, made from dark brown wooden pallets, decorated with two sets of cushions

garden with green grass, and a light wooden bench, made from pallets, with several beige cushions on top, pallet outdoor furniture

retro style diy sofa, made from polished wooden pallets, in a warm brown tone, with wheels and storage spaces, beige sofa cushions, and potted plants

cushions in black and white, and orange and red, decorating a diy sofa, made from wooden pallets, inside a bright room, with a small table and potted plant

This lovely floral couch is an excellent choice for both your living room and garden

porch near a white staircase, with a big corner couch, made from pale wooden pallets, foam mattresses in blue, grey and white floral pattern

pallet sofa, covered in white, beige and brown cushions, inside a room with brown floor, pale beige rug, and a windowsill with many potted plants

windows covering the walls of a spacious room, with a high ceiling, corner pallet sofa, with a matching table, two lamps and a beige rug

Mix different fabrics and colors for a cool, boho-inspired look

boho-style pallet sofa, covered in different textiles and cushions, in various colors and patterns, two potted plants nearby

posters covering a wall, near a pallet sofa, mattress with multicolored cover, and several cushions, with different colors and patterns

A simple, yet chic solution with a hint of industrial aesthetic

brick wall in white, inside a living room with a pallet sofa, made from white wooden pallets, covered in black sofa cushions

coffee table made from dark wooden pallets, near matching sofa, covered in white pillows, and decorated with beige patterned cushions, pallet outdoor furniture, on a tiled terrace

This cute pallet settee on wheels is not only comfy, but also easy to move

two purple cushions, a fuchsia pink cushion, a pink and black patterned cushion, and three striped white and beige pillows, decorating a black pallet sofa

Simple and highly effective terrace solution in white

balcony covered with pale beige tiles, containing pallet outdoor furniture in white, sofa and a bench, coffee table with a flower pot

minimalistic interior in white and pale grey, modern dining table with six chairs, pallet sofa and a matching coffee table, large grayscale photo on the wall, decorative dried branches in a vase

furniture made from pallets, light green wooden couch, covered with a large, beige couch cushion, and decorated with several smaller cushions

Unleash your creative side, allow your imagination to take the wheel, and you will surely end up with a creative and unique result!

various vintage and retro items, inside a room with white floor and walls, containing a wooden bench, furniture made from pallets

nordic style room, with white wooden floor, white walls with many framed images, and white furniture made from pallets

Gorgeous contemporary interior, complete with pallet sofas, beanbag chairs, and a selection of statement furniture pieces

industrial style room, with high ceilings and two large windows, containing furniture made from pallets, a modern red armchair, and other items

dog sleeping on a faded ornamental carpet, inside a room with a large window, and wooden panelling on the walls and ceiling, furniture made from pallets, and a chair with a fluffy white throw

black and white corner sofa, with many cushions in grey, white and black, in different sizes, and featuring different patterns, furniture made from pallets, modern white table nearby

This creative storage space idea goes to proove that pallet furniture is not only comfy but also functional

armchair made of wooden pallets, with storage space, furniture made from pallets, covered with large, soft pale beige pillows, and decorated with three cushions

fairy lights hanging near a corner pallet settee, with soft striped backrests, and cushions with mustard, black and patterns, pallet outdoor furniture, wrought iron table

garden with furniture made from pallets, black painted wooden pallets, covered with fuchsia sofa cushions, and smaller cushions, in different colors and patterns

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