Is Laminate Flooring Difficult To Install?

by John Griffith

Laminate flooring is appearing more and more in homes and businesses around the UK with this type of flooring now being more popular than carpets.  There are many reasons for this, including cost comparison, longevity of the product, and also the ease of maintenance and cleaning.  There is a misconception that installing laminate wood flooring is difficult to complete, however, this does not need to be the case.  If you have some basic DIY skills, this could be something that could be tackled in the home on your own (or with help from a friend).  Below are some of the main points to consider when installing laminate flooring.

Laminate flooring is not that difficult to install

laminate flooring, wooden floor with different patterns

Measurements and Preparation

If you’re having new flooring installed, it is important that you get all the measurements right.  For a square or rectangular room, this will often be simple, however, for rooms that are more complex shape it may prove more challenging.  In this case, you are better sketching out the room and double checking all the individual measurements before purchasing the materials, and try double checking your thinking with the retailer.  It is usually recommended that you also purchase more flooring than is actually required as if you have made a small mistake in the measurements, or you simply make an installation error, you have some extra material that can help fix the problem.  The retailer will normally support the return of excess material within a defined period so check with them in advance.

Make sure you measure your room before purchasing the laminate flooring

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On top of the purchase of the laminate flooring you will require to purchase underlay.  The quality of the underlay is almost as important as the quality of flooring that you buy.  The thickness of the underlay is generally what is the most important.  If you purchase some thin alternative, then there is a likelihood that you could side effects such as “creaking” when people are walking on it.

Your underlay needs to be of high quality

large living room with large white sofa, laminate flooring, wooden floor and large round window, white coffee table and ottomans


There are specific toolkits available that are designed uniquely for people that are laying laminate flooring.  These toolkits also have some of the preparation equipment contained in it which includes a measuring tape.  Other items you will find in some of these kits include a pencil, saw, leveller and hammer.  These come in all shapes and sizes and start from the basics to the more advanced.  The prices will vary depending on the items contained within.

Make sure you have the necessary tools to install your flooring

living room with white sofa with throw pillows, laminate flooring, grey carpet on wooden floor, wooden desk with black chair


There are many different types of flooring you can go for but the easiest to install is the lift and click ones.  These allow those with basic DIY skills to complete the task.  There are different levels of quality aligned to these which include real oak wood.  In advance of installing the items, it may be worthwhile going online and seeing a video of how others have completed this.  This will give you the reassurance that you don’t need to be a skilful joiner to complete this.

Laminate flooring can be easy to install on your own

wooden floor, grey armchair with throw blanket on it, laminate flooring, blue wall and small vase with flower


As time has moved on, the laminate flooring manufacturers have made it as easy as possible for people to install their items with the lift and click technique but also the dedicated toolboxes that have everything that you need.  If you are not overly confident, you can still always call for a joiner.

John Griffith

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