Stylish And Professional: 6 Summer Work Outfits To Beat The Heat

by John Griffith

While we love the summer, the heat can be brutal. Especially, if you are stuck in the office all day long. Even with the air conditioning on, you still need to be dressed accordingly for the weather conditions outside once you get off work. But summer work outfits can be tricky. How do you stay cool while still being stylish and professional? You can’t simply just wear less, after all, you are still at work, and you don’t want problems with HR. So, it’s time to think outside the box. You need something that is breathable, comfortable, looks good, and is work appropriate. While this may sound like an impossible combination, we are here to help! Today we will share with you some super cute work outfit inspirations that are perfect for the office and dealing with the summer heat.

While we love the summer, the heat can be brutal

woman walking in jeans tank top and black bag

Summer Work Outfits

Summer outfits can be a real head-scratcher. And they become even harder to put together when they need to be work appropriate. Not only that but if your workplace is blasting the AC all day and outside it feels like a desert, you need to find the perfect outfit balance. While all of this may sound super overwhelming, it is actually not impossible. You simply need to make the right choices when putting together your outfit. This includes choosing heat-proof materials, having cohesive color palettes, doing smart layers, and picking beautiful, yet appropriate footwear. Oh, and never forget about accessories! There are a ton of summer accessories that can help you with the heat and complement the outfit. So, let’s check out some of these beautiful ideas for inspiration.

Summer office outfits can be a real head-scratcher

woman in a summer work outfit

#Vest and trousers

Minimalistic, professional, and super chic. This vest and trousers combo is office-appropriate and is perfect for summer. We recommend getting both pieces tailored to fit, so it looks as best as possible. Pair this look with some beautiful sandals and a fun purse or sunglasses, and you are summer ready! It’s also a great option if your office likes to run the AC non-stop.

Minimalistic, professional, and super chic

summer work outfits two piece trousers and vest

@Edward Berthelot

#Shirt dresses

This summer shirt dresses are a must-have. They are super cute, breathable, and don’t restrain you. These types of dresses have a business casual look to them and as long as you choose an appropriate skirt length, make a great look for the office. You can pair it with a heel or a flat, both will look great with this type of dress.

This summer shirt dresses are a must-have

summer work outfits woman in yellow heels and summer dress


#Linen pants and a T-shirt

Linen is a real life-saver during the summer heat. So, grab some beautiful wide-legged linen trousers and a cotton-draped tee. This fit is simple, and causal, yet still looks very put together. The light colors and materials make it great for the summer heat, but you are also covered enough to not freeze in the office from the AC.

Linen is a real life-saver during the summer heat

woman with sandals t shirt and linen pants

@Edward Berthelot

#Midi skirt and top

If you like wearing skirts during summer, this one is for you. While mini skirts may not be the best option for the office, you can’t go wrong with a midi skirt. They are long enough, it’s easy, breezy, and gives you plenty of space to experiment with the top. You can wear a flat or a heel with this fit, depending on how you feel. The skirt can be the centerpiece or choose some accessories as an accent. Oh, and if you have stricter HR policies then it may be best to go for a tank top rather than a crop top.

You can wear a flat or a heel with this fit

woman with linen midi skirt and crop top

#Jeans and a button-down

If you want something that looks good but isn’t too dressed up, then this is a great pick. A classic white button down (oversized preferably) some jeans, and a good shoe are all you need. This outfit is versatile, and you can easily add some interesting accessories on top of this blank canvas.

A classic look perfect for summer

jeans white shirt and red handbag

@Edward Berthelot

#Big blazer and mini skirt

This summer both mini and maxi skirts are trending, and we are here for it. However, maxi skirts have a boho vibe that is more appropriate for the beach rather than the workplace. Pair your favorite mini skirt (just make sure it’s not too mini) with an oversized blazer with broad shoulders. Make sure to choose materials that are lightweight and made from cotton.

Pair your favorite mini skirt with an oversized blazer

summer work outfits mini skirt and blazor

These are some summer work outfits you can use for inspiration. We hope you found this article. Now you can be stylish, professional and beat the heat easily with these amazing outfits.

These are some summer work outfits you can use for inspiration

summer office outfits pink and green suit

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