The 15 Best Shoes To Wear With Wide Leg Jeans

by John Griffith

Wide leg jeans, those breezy, statement-making staples of the wardrobe, often find themselves lingering in the shadow of their skinny counterparts. But why? I think it’s time to shift the spotlight back onto this unsung hero of versatility. Picture this: airy linen for the sultry days of summer, refined wool when winter whispers, and the ever-reliable denim for every moment in between. So, why does this fashion-forward silhouette often play second fiddle? It frequently boils down to the dilemma of the shoe pairing. With wide-leg jeans, the style equation gets a bit more intricate. The proportions must align, the styling needs to be on point, and a misstep in footwear can disrupt the entire ensemble. That’s why today I will share with you the best shoes to wear with wide leg jeans.

Let’s put the wide-leg spotlight where it belongs – front, center, and fabulous

Best Shoes To Wear With Wide Leg Jeans

Wide leg jeans are my favorite type of jeans and they are finally gaining the popularity they deserve. I have been wearing them for years, and I remember how hard it was in the beginning to find shoes for them that make the outfit look great.  As an enthusiastic proponent of the wide-leg trend, I’ve sailed these sartorial seas, and, armed with an arsenal of style experiments and expert knowledge, I’ve mapped out the ultimate guide to the best shoes for strutting in wide-leg jeans. Whether your heart beats faster for the audacity of bold platforms or the timeless appeal of cowboy boots, you’ll find your ideal match here.

Embark on a sartorial voyage with me as we navigate the wide-leg jeans sea

Cowboy boots

Cowboy boots have carved out their niche in the trendsetting sphere according to stylists from InStyle, experiencing a renaissance that marries the old with the new. Fashion-forward individuals are breathing new life into these classics, pairing them with everything from sequined mini skirts to leather pants. Embrace the Western allure by coupling cowboy boots with wide-leg jeans, transforming the ensemble from countryside chic to urban sophistication. Add a touch of glamour with sleek sunglasses and statement jewelry, and you’re ready to turn pavements into runways.

Saddle up your style with cowboy boots that turn the sidewalk into your personal runway

Gallop into style sunset with cowboy boots that make wide-leg jeans the new frontier

Pointed pumps

The quest for extra height often leads us to the trusty stiletto boots or pumps. Facing a last-minute fashion crisis with unaltered jeans? Pointed pumps emerge as the sleek, minimalist hero. They’re not just a stopgap but a style statement, perfect for when you need to add a refined touch to your wide-leg denim.

Elevate your denim game with pointed pumps that promise height and high fashion

Elevate your denim days to new heights with pointed pumps that turn heads and corners with ease

Simple sandal

In the vast footwear landscape, the simple black sandal stands out for its understated elegance. Whether adorned with a kitten heel or a solid block heel, it provides the ideal lift for wide-leg jeans, embodying sophistication without effort. It’s the go-to for those days when subtlety is your style mantra.

Slip into simplicity with sandals that speak volumes in elegance

Stride into simplicity and sophistication with sandals that make wide-leg jeans the talk of the town

Mary Jane pumps

Not every wide-leg jean needs to kiss the ground. Enter the world of culottes, where the feminine charm of Mary Jane pumps meets the boldness of wide-leg silhouettes. This pairing is a dance of contrasts, balancing masculine lines with delicate touches, crafting an ensemble that’s harmoniously balanced. Perfect for a date!

Marry masculinity with femininity in Mary Janes for a balanced denim dance

Dance through your day in Mary Jane pumps, where every step in wide-leg jeans is a leap into loveliness

Platform sneakers

In the realm of comfort meeting style, platform sneakers stand tall (quite literally). They add an unexpected urban edge to the flowy silhouette of wide-leg jeans, creating a look that’s effortlessly chic and inherently comfortable. Perfect for days when you crave height without the hassle of heels.

Give your look a lift and your attitude an edge with platform sneakers

Sky’s the limit with platform sneakers that lift wide-leg jeans into the stratosphere of cool

Chunky loafers

Preppy meets practicality with chunky loafers, a shoe that’s stormed the fashion charts for its bold silhouette and undeniable comfort. Pair them with your wide-leg jeans for a look that’s academic-inspired yet totally street-smart. They’re a testament to the fact that style can indeed come with ease.

Step smartly into street-smart style with chunky loafers that pack a preppy punch

Stomp into scholarly chic with chunky loafers that give wide-leg jeans a lesson in style

Ankle strap heels

For those evenings when wide-leg jeans need a touch of drama, ankle strap heels are your allies. They cinch at the smallest part of the leg, offering a delicate contrast to the jeans’ volume, and elevate the entire look to realms of refined elegance. It’s where daring meets delicacy in perfect harmony.

Wrap up your look with ankle straps that delicately define daring elegance

Wrap your wide-leg jeans in the elegance of ankle strap heels, where grace meets ground

Combat boots

Embrace your inner rebel with a pair of rugged combat boots. They bring an edgy vibrance to wide-leg jeans, perfectly balancing the ensemble’s inherent femininity with a touch of toughness. Ideal for days when your style narrative leans towards the bold and the fearless.

Combat the mundane with boots that bring boldness to breezy denim

March to your own beat in combat boots that bring an edge to wide-leg jeans’ peace treaty


For a bohemian twist, espadrilles are the shoe of choice. Their rustic charm and laid-back vibe complement the breeziness of wide-leg jeans, crafting an outfit that speaks volumes of summer dreams and wanderlust adventures. They’re perfect for those sun-drenched days when comfort is key.

Dream in denim and espadrilles, where comfort meets wanderlust chic

Whisk away to breezy days like Anne Hathaway with espadrilles that are the soulmates of wide-leg jeans

anne hathaway with wide jeans and espadrille


Mules, with their easy slide-in design and variety of heel heights, offer a blend of sophistication and convenience. They streamline the look of wide-leg jeans, adding a sleek finish that’s both modern and minimalist. Whether flat for day or heeled for night, mules are a versatile pick for any occasion.

Mingle modernity with minimalism in effortlessly sleek mules

Slide into a sleek statement with mules that make wide-leg jeans effortlessly elegant


Add a touch of androgyny to your wide-leg jeans with a pair of brogues. These traditionally menswear-inspired shoes bring an interesting dimension to the outfit, blending classic tailoring with contemporary style. They’re a nod to gender-fluid fashion, embodying elegance with an edge.

Bridge the gap between classic and contemporary with brogues that boast an androgynous allure

Tread the line between dapper and daring with brogues that bring a twist to wide-leg jeans

Wedge sandals

Wedge sandals offer the perfect compromise between height and comfort, making them an ideal partner for wide-leg jeans. They elongate the legs without compromising on stability, ensuring you stride with confidence. Opt for a neutral tone to keep the look cohesive or a bold color for a statement contrast.

Walk tall and steady in wedge sandals that wed comfort with style

Elevate your casual encounters with wedge sandals that make wide-leg jeans a towering success


Oxfords, with their timeless appeal, bring a polished touch to wide-leg jeans. They’re the epitome of classic footwear, reinvented for the modern wardrobe. Pair them for a look that’s both smart and casual, a true testament to versatility.

Opt for Oxfords to add a polished punctuation to your denim discourse

Polish your denim dreams with Oxfords like Gigi Hadid that lace wide-leg jeans into a neatly tied package of panache

gigi hadid red sweater and oxford shoes

Slingback heels

Ending our list with a note of elegance, slingback heels are the ultimate finale to any wide-leg jeans ensemble. They’re sophisticated, with just the right amount of heel to add grace without sacrificing comfort. Perfect for transitioning from day to night, they encapsulate the essence of chic versatility.

Slingback into sophistication with heels that hint at elegance with every step

Sling back into sophistication with heels that give wide-leg jeans a high-fashion hug

Ballet flats

Nestled comfortably between casual charm and polished poise, ballet flats are the unsung heroes of the footwear world. Paired with wide-leg jeans, they craft an ensemble that whispers effortless elegance while shouting comfort. They are the epitome of ‘less is more,’ offering a subtle nod to femininity without overwhelming the look. They give a Sofia Ritchie inspired look.

Float through your day in ballet flats that blend casual comfort with a whisper of chic

Pirouette into comfort and class with ballet flats that whisper sweet nothings to wide-leg jeans

As fervent advocates for the wide-leg jean and its endless potential, we’ve explored the spectrum of footwear to bring you options that not only complement but elevate your jeans. Each pair of shoes is a key that unlocks a new dimension of style, transforming wide-leg jeans from a simple garment to a statement of personal expression. So, embrace the adventure, experiment with these pairings, and watch as wide-leg jeans ascend to their rightful place in the pantheon of fashion essentials.

With every step in these shoes, wide-leg jeans rise from wardrobe whisper to fashion statement

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