These Foods And Drinks Lead To Hair Loss, According To Scientists

Von John Griffith / May 19 2022

It turns out that some of our most favorite foods and drinks are actually doing us quite dirty. Especially in younger people, the high consummation of these foods and drinks can lead to hair loss! While it was previously believed that only vitamin deficiency, the deteriorating environmental conditions and genes were to blame, it turns out that’s not quite the truth. Scientists have recently discovered that there may be other factors that have a negative effect on hair growth. Trichologist Mikhail Polesov states that there are certain foods and drinks that can be triggering symptoms of hair loss. And you won’t be surprised to hear, that nearly all of the things in this list are considered by many nutritionist as unhealthy. So let’s see which foods and drinks lead to hair loss, so we can learn what to avoid.

The high consummation of certain foods and drinks can lead to hair loss

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Which Foods And Drinks Lead To Hair Loss?

Nobody wants to be the reason they cause themselves hair loss. And while there are plenty of good foods to add into your diet that promote hair growth, we often swap them out for their unhealthier alternatives. But knowledge is power and once you know which foods to avoid and which to add more of, you’ll be will be enjoying pretty, strong, luscious hair. So, let’s see according to the trichologist which five products we should give up in the name of beautiful hair.

Give up these products in the name of beautiful hair

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Sugary Foods and Drinks

You may not be surprised to see these products on the list. Keep in mind this doesn’t go for foods that have natural sugars such as fruits, but rather highly processed foods and drinks. The high-sugar content in these products are very harmful to your hair’s health. Studies show that the abuse of sugar on the daily can lead to partial baldness in both men and women.

Too much sugar isn’t good for your overall health

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Everybody enjoys a nice strawberry mojito from time to time. However, consuming alcoholic beverages on the daily can adversely affect the keratin protein. This protein’s main job is to help hair grow. Therefore, if what you are drinking impacts it, it can lead to weak and exhausted hair. Consequently, leading to hair loss. Yikes!

Alcohol affects the keratin protein in a negative way 

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Diet Soda

Diet culture and marketing companies have led us to believe over the years that swapping out your regular soda for a diet one is much better for your health. They claim that these types of soda’s don’t contain any sugars within them. However, they often forget to mention that these drinks are mainly made with an artificial sweetener called aspartame. This sweetener is quite harmful not only to our general health but also to our hair follicles. So, think about that the next time you go grab a soda.

Diet soda is just as unhealthy as regular soda

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Fast Food

Mmm, yummy fast food. Who doesn’t enjoy grabbing a burger on the go? Sadly, nearly all types of fast foods contain barely any nutrients, if any. But what they lack in nutrients, they make for in carcinogens. Studies have shown that fast food is often high in sugar and fried in an abundance of oil. Not only is this not good for your heart health, it’s also terrible for hair health as well.

Burgers and fries have little to none good nutrients 

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You may be feeling confused by this statement. Our whole life we’ve been taught that eating fish is one of the healthiest things out there. Don’t worry you haven’t been lied too. Well, not fully. Due to climate change, more and more marine fish appear to have a higher mercury content. And as you may already know, mercury isn’t really good not only for the hair, but our health in general. Scientist advise it’s best to limit the consumption of these fish: swordfish, mackerel, certain shark species and tuna.

Swordfish is high in mercury and should be avoided 

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These were which foods and drinks lead to hair loss. Once you manage to cut these products out of your daily diet, you’ll be enjoying thicker hair, stronger hair and more hair in general. However, don’t worry. This doesn’t mean you’ll never eat or drink these things ever again. You can enjoy them from time to time, just make sure they’re a not a part of your daily diet. Everything in life is about balance.

Enjoy these products only from time to time and not on the daily

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