Streetwear outfits and looks you need to steal

by John Griffith

Fashion is an ever changing concept. Fashion is also a form of expression. Which is exactly why different people understand fashion in different ways. There are, however, trends which seem to appeal to a wide audience. Trends, which people follow religiously and flood our social media with pictures of different trendy outfits. Today, we are going to talk about one of these trends – streetwear fashion. Actually to call it a trend would be disrespectful, because streetwear outfits represent an entire culture. Heavily influenced by skater culture and hip hop culture, this urban style has completely taken over the world. What’s more, the style has made its way into more formal settings. So, today, we present to you a few looks that you would definitely want to steal, as well as some advicce as to how to wear this style.

Streetwear has made its way even into more formal settings

black adidas oversized sweatshirt white pants worn by woman with curly hair streetwear style


What exactly is streetwear?

Streetwear first started gaining momentum in the 1980s. Heavily influenced by skater culture and hip hop culture, this style quickly took over. Synonymous with Cali inspired fashion, streetwear can easily be recognized by its baggy pants, graphic tees, baseball caps and sneakers. This style is all about being comfortable. That, naturally, stems from the fact that it was influenced by the skater culture where freedom of movement was extremely important. Nowadays, streetwear has made its way onto the runway. Furthermore, there are brands out there who have made billions of dollars by selling this comfortable style. Everyone is wearing street fashion – from the people you walk by every day, to the A-list celebrities, to businessmen and runway models. Streetwear style has completely taken over the world.

Fashion that is all about being comfortable is bound to be popular, especially nowadays

black and green sneakers black top white pants white crop top orange beanie mens hip hop clothing airport fashion

How to assemble streetwear outfits? How do you dress like streetwear?

Being a part of the streetwear culture is all about being yourself and being comfortable in your own skin and clothes. That is why, you shouldn’t really follow any rules when it comes to street fashion. Don’t be afraid to express yourself and be creative with your self-expression. As long as you follow the basics, your streetwear outfit should be absolute fire! So, what are the basics? Keep reading to find out.

Rihanna is the queen of streetwear fashion

black denim jacket and black oversized jeans with white top streetwear style worn by rihanna


Get baggy with it

Proportions don’t really mean anything in streetwear fashion. The baggier your clothes are, the more fashionable you are going to be. Baggy pants with an oversized hoodie – why not? Oversized coat matched with a baggy tracksuit – yes, please! Oversized everything is part of this style. You can mix and match in any way you want. If you want ot show off some curves, however, you can always mix the proportions with just an oversized coat or hoodie. Choice is yours! Like we already said, streetwear culture is all about expressing yourself in your own way.

It doesn’t get more comfy than that – that is why streetwear is perfect for airport fashion and traveling in general

black denim oversized jacket black t shirt joggers hip hop clothing rihanna airport style

Invest in sneakers

Sneaker culture is a multi-billion dollar business. People spend thousands of dollars for limited edition sneakers. Some even collect sneakers. That is why, sneakers are a big part of good streetwear outfits. Nike, Jordan, Adidas, Converse, Vans, these are just a few of the many brands who have cashed out because of the sneaker culture. Some of these brands have had collaborations with celebrities or high-end fashion brands. The sneakers from these collaborative collections can be worth thousands of dollars and still sell out in a few days. Celebrities like Kanye West and Travis Scott have made waves with their separate collaborations. Yeezes, for example, have become a big part of Adidas’ identity. And do we need to even mention Michael Jordan and the Jordan Brand? I mean, if you don’t own Air Jordan Ones, are you even a part of the sneaker culture?

The Air Jordan One sneakers are a must have item in your wardrobe, just ask any celebrity, like Bella Hadid, for example

mens urban clothing bella hadid wearing nike crop top black and red pants air jordan ones in black red and white


Accessorize your streetwear outfits

Layering is a big part of this style’s identity. What’s more accessories are very important. Baseball caps, beanies, cross body bags – these are all a part of the streetwear outfits. These accessories add character to your outfit. What’s more, they can add some color, if for example you have decided to go all black with your outfit. A baseball cap in a bright color can add some depth to your style. Baseball caps are also a great way to express your love for a certain sports team or brand. And like we already stated self-expression is extremely important for the streetwear style.

Accessorize and add some character to your outfit

black ensemble streetwear fashion black sweatshirt long coat pants hat with orange sneakers

Streetwear outfits with logos

Brands are a big deal when it comes to streetwear culture. Most streetwear brands have cult followings. One of the reasons why is becase the style demands logos. Expressing your love for a certain brand is like expressing your own values. That is why, most streetwear brands include large logos on their clothes. That way, the wearer can proudly represent the brand. On the other hand, the brand itself can market their goods without even paying for it. Seeing a large logo on a nice hoodie, for example, can peak your interest and make you look up the brand. Which, in turn, will make you buy the brand. In general, proffessing your love for a brand and wearing their logo proudly is a big part of the streetwear fashion.

The logo madness and hype is real

streetwear aesthetic oversized white nike off white collaboration t shirt red supreme bag on another photo

What are the most popular streetwear brands?

When it comes to brands there are a few, which really take center stage in streetwear culture. The most popular one is definitely Nike. Because of its range and inclusive price points, Nike has always been the most wearable brand out there. Especially, since the introduction of the Jordan Brand, they have absolutely cemented their legacy in streetwear culture. Adidas isn’t that far behind either. On the other hand, though, there are those brands, who people have to break the bank to get their hands on, yet they still wear them. That is because of the hype around these brands. Not only do they have some of the most recognizable brands out there, they are also super exclusive. Supreme, Virgil Abloh’s Off-White, Stussy, Obey, The Bathing Ape – these are just a few of the brands, which have taken their popularity to a whole different level.

Virgil Abloh’s Off-White is definitely one of the most desired brands out there

black hoodie and jeans worn by man on the street with blue and white sneakers streetwear outfits off white

The hype around the simple red Supreme logo is real – just ask Kelly Oubre Jr. from the Golden State Warriors

kelly oubre jr wearing black supreme sweatshirt black pants red sneakers streetwear women

Fashion is such an evolving concept

black long coat white pants white and black blouse mens streetwear worn by woman standing on the sidewalk

Kyrie Irving of the Brookly Nets is another lover of the streetwear style

black sweater gray pants white and gray sneakers streetwear outfits worn by kyrie irving black wrap around blazer gray oversized pants white sneakers worn by woman mens streetwear standing on sidewalk

Denim has also been incorporated in the street fashion

denim jacket paired with black jeans and hoodie gray sneakers streetwear clothing man standing on sidewalk denim off white jacket black pants white nike air max sneakers streetwear style denim overalls gray oversized hoodie worn by woman mens urban clothing standing on staircase

Ben Simmons of the Philadelphia 76ers is a streetwear fashion icon

ben simmons wearing yellow and black pants black t shirt and hat hip hop clothing white sneakers

Dua Lipa also loves street fashion

dua lipa wearing black jogging pants black top pink jacket streetwear clothing black sneakers

And so does Emily Ratajkowski

emily ratajkowski wearing black short leggings white crop top white sneakers hip hop clothing walking her dog emily ratajkowski wearing jeans blue top olive green shirt chanel sliders mens hip hop clothing

Billie Eilish and her brother Finneas are shaping the culture of a whole generation

finneas billie eilish wearing oversized clothes painted with grafiti mens urban clothing gray supreme hoodie with gray coat jeans nike air jordan ones in red black and white streetwear women man standing on the street hip hop clothing man walking on the street wearing yellow pants blue t shirt red cap

Jaden Smith showing off his super cool Supreme accessory

jaden smith wearing denim jacket black hoodie mens urban clothing red supreme cross body bag jeans black sneakers and hoodie beige coat orange beanie streetwear fashion blue background

Kelly Oubre Jr.’s streetwear outfits

kelly oubre jr wearing three different outfits streetwear aesthetic side by side photos

Streetwear style file – LeBron James, Jared Leto and Kanye West

lebron james jared leto kanye west three side by side photos streetwear outfits different outfits man and woman walking down the street mens streetwear red and orange leather pants red and black tops

This Off-White t-shirt is literally on fire

man wearing black off white t shirt jeans black sneakers streetwear fashion in the subway

Bella Hadid showing us that nowadays it is acceptable to wear heels with a tracksuit

mens hip hop clothing bella hadid wearing black adidas tracksuit with black top and high heels

Billie Eilish is one of the biggest fans of the baggy clothes

mens streetwear billie eilish wearing oversized red sweatshirt gray pants nike air jordan ones in red white black side by side photos of man and woman wearing different outfits in blue and black hip hop clothing streetwear clothing man wearing mermaid multi colored jacket black hoodie and jeans

Off-White from head to toe

streetwear fashion man wearing all off white outfit white hoodie black pants black sneakers

Big Sean’s outfit is so creative and expressive

streetwear outfits big sean wearing jeans silk blazer sitting in front of orange backdrop streetwear style woman wearing oversized jeans blue hoodie denim jacket streetwear women man walking wearing white t shirt camouflage pants in black gray yellow white sneakers

Teyana Taylor showing love to streetwear fashion with a Supreme cap, Essentials tracksuit and Jordan sneakers

teyana taylor wearing blue essentials tracksuit with white air jordan sneakers mens urban clothing blue supreme hat three men walking down the street streetwear outfits wearing black and gray sweaters gray pants sneakers three side by side photos of women wearing different outfits mens hip hop clothing in different colors two men standing on sidewalk wearing different outfits streetwear aesthetic oversized overalls swetshirts hats two men standing on the street streetwear clothing wearing different outfits

Converse sneakers have always been popular among the skater culture

white t shirt with ripped jeans white converse sneakers worn by man with long black hair mens hip hop clothing woman wearing black hoodie camouflage pants black hat streetwear fashion nike air jordan ones in black and red woman wearing jeans black bralette oversized vintage jacket white sneakers streetwear aesthetic woman wearing orange and green oversized coat white top streetwear women standing on sidewalk

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