50 jaw-dropping 2021 fall outfits for women

Von John Griffith / August 28 2021

It seems like 2021 has gone by so fast. All of us have been on a real rollercoaster ride. We went into quarantine some time in March and ever since then the months just kept coming. Summer came and went and all of a sudden it is fall again. And, naturally, with it the fall season brings all the latest trends. Which is why, we are going to dedicate this article to the trendiest 2021 fall outfits for women. We are going to discuss all of the trends from the runways, as well as what are going to be the must have colors and prints for this season. So, if you like to follow the world of fashion keep reading and scrolling through our gallery to find out how to refresh your wardrobe this autumn season.

Casual, yet classy is going to be the preferred combination this fall season

beige blazer white t shirt jeans worn by woman with long black hair fall dresses for women walking down the street

What are the fashion trends for fall 2021?

It is no secret that this year has been absolutely crazy. There is so much going on in the world right now. But, the pandemic that has been shaking the world for the last couple of months seems like it took over our lives entirely. Which is exactly why it should come as no surprises that fashion trends have been highly influenced by the pandemic as well. All the runways are showcasing casual, comfortable clothes. It is all about comfort, after all. Combining casual and chic is a must for the fall season of 2021.

It is all about comfort when it comes to fall outfits for women

black boots and bag midi dress with abstract colorful rint worn by woman with long black dreads cute trendy outfits standing on the sidewalk

Statement hats

We start from the top. Bucket hats, conductor hats, you name it, they will definitely make people turn their heads when you walk by. Pair them with a nice ensemble and you get a perfectly accessorised fall outfit.

Take notes from the fashion guru herself, Rihanna

black haired rihanna wearing all white cute outfit ideas white jeans white denim jacket hat white shoes sunglasses

Oversized blazers are the perfect fit for fall outfits for women

The good news this year is that now it is perfectly okay to pair a hoodie with a blazer. Forget the slim fit blazers, which showcase your waist. Now it is all about oversized blazers which you can wear with everything. Whether you decide to go for a casual or a more business look, an oversized blazer is the perfect way to finish off your outfit.

Oversized blazers will be all the rage this fall

black jeans white t shirt black leather boots red over sized blazer and bag cute outfit ideas for girl worn by woman with shoulder length brown hair

Fall outfits for women with statement sleeves

Puffy sleeves in particular will be dominating the fall winter runways. These gorgeous sleeves will turn even the simplest blouse into a classy and elegant one. And, once again, the good news is that now they are not just for business looks. They are just as trendy when it comes to casual clothes.

Make a statement with gorgeous sleeves

black onesie with white dots statement sleeves white shoes worn by woman with long black wavy hari outfit ideas for women walking down the street

Knitted everything

Naturally, knitted sweaters are a must have for any fall winter season. In 2021, however, knitted dresses are taking over. Pair them with jaw dropping knee high boots and and oversized blazer or coat and you will have the trendiest, fresh off the runway outfit.

Casual with a touch of chic, but comfortable at the same time – this is what you need for a trendy fall outfit

blue knitted dress grey coat thigh high leather boots cute trendy outfits worn by model walking down the runway

Fall outfits for women in colored leather

Just by wearing leather you are making a statement. The time when leather was saved just for jackets is long gone. Now, you can have leather coats, skirts and even tops. What’s more, this season leather in different colors is what is going to make your outfit trendy.

Mixing colors is a risk that every fashionista must be willing to take

blue leather coat pink sweater beige leather skirt sneakers worn by kaia gerber cute outfit ideas for girl walking down the runway

What are the colors for fall 2021?

This year the runways were taken over by millennial pink. It is the perfect shade of pink, which can look good on any occasion. Needless to say that earth colors, such as brown and green will always be trendy for fall. Gray and black, of course, are here to stay and are some of the most classic and beautiful colors, perfect for the fall winter seasons.

Even if you keep it simple stay on trend

black jeans with white oversized sweater cute outfits for women black combat boots worn by woman with long black hair

Fall outfits for women to try in 2021

There are a few more special trends taking over the runway:

  • Sequins. Sequins have become a main stay when it comes to fashion. No matter how you decide to style them they will always make a statement.
  • Fringe. Fringe everywhere. On coats, bags, blouses and even trousers, fringe is a fun twist to have on any outfit.
  • Sheer overlays. Sheer fabrics over blouses and dresses are definitely something that will make everyone turn their heads as soon as you walk by.
  • Ruffles. Create some volume with ruffles. Whether we are talking about dresses, skirts or sleeves, ruffles are a great addition to your outfit.
  • Dresses over trousers. Yes, you read that right, dresses over trousers is a fall trend which has taken over the runways. It is interesting, innovative and different, so why not try it?
  • Animal prints. Well, this is not news, really. Animal prints are here to stay. Leopard and snake skin prints will always be elegant when moderately used.

There are so many trends out there, but just remember that you need to be comfortable first and foremost

black leather boots midi black dress with pink flowers cute outfit ideas woman with long wavy black hair

Keep it simple, classy and elegant with an all black ensemble

black outfit worn by woman with shoulder length brown hair cute outfits for women black trousers with white dots black blouse coat and shoes

Casual wear is so important, now more than ever

blonde girl wearing crop top black ripped jeans fall outfits for women plaid over sized shirt white nike air force ones

Let your sleeves do the talking

blonde woman standing on a wooden porch fall fashion trends wearing white dress with bell sleeves brown velvet boots

Keep it casual, yet fashionable by mixing leather and knitwear

blonde woman wearing black leather leggings pink sweater grey sneakers cute outfit ideas for girl taking a mirror selfie

Yes, you can wear an oversized blazer over anything

blonde woman wearing over sized grey blazer black boots fall outfits for women carrying small yellow bag blonde woman with hair in high bun fall dresses for women wearing high waisted beige trousers white top holding white blazer clutch bag

Blazers can practically be worn with anything this fall season

brown blazer tucked into long gray pleated skirt worn with black boots fall fashion trends worn by woman with short black hair brunette model walking down the runway pinterest cute outfits wearing sequinned midi dress with red and gray print brunette woman wearing three different outfits cute trendy outfits three side by side photos different trousers and coats

Animal prints are here to stay

brunette woman with sunglasses walking down the street pinterest cute outfits white blouse trousers shoes leopard print coat brunette women photographed on the street wearing different outfits womens fall fashion three side by side photos cute outfit ideas for girl brunette woman wearing brown polo blouse white skirt with brown leather belt black leather boots cute outfit ideas woman with light brown wavy hair taking a selfie in the mirror wearing jeans plaid shirt brown velvet boots brown cardigan cute trendy outfits woman with long blonde wavy hair wearing black jeans brown sweater large hat brown boots different outfits worn by three women walking down the sidewalk fall fashion trends three side by side photos

Keep it casual and cool with bell bottom jeans

fall dresses for women woman with shoulder length black hair with bangs wearing jeans black t shirt converse sneakers fall fashion trends kendall jenner photographed on the sidewalk wearing red jeans red denim jacket white crop top small black leather bag

Or try this emerging style called scumbro, it looks good and casual, as you can see from supermodel Gigi Hadid

fall outfits for women gigi hadid walking on the sidewalk wearing baggy washed jeans tie dye sweatshirt black leather combat boots five women walking on the sidewalk wearing different fall outfits womens fall fashion photo collage

Sherpa + millennial pink – the perfect combination, as shown by Maisie Williams

floral dress black coat knee high velvet boots worn by maisie williams outfit ideas for women shoulder length pink hair green shirt white top black leggings beige loafers louis vuitton bag worn by woman with long wavy blonde hair fall dresses for women grey leather bag worn by woman walking down the street cute outfit ideas black jeans t shirt brown coat

Kaia Gerber is totally rocking this bucket hat and so can you

grey over sized blazer jeans white crop top worn by kaia gerber fall outfits for women bucket hat and black boots jeans with nude boots and blouse worn by woman with long dark blonde wavy hair pinterest cute outfits taking a mirror selfie kaia gerber walking on the runway cute outfits for women wearing skirt with oversized jacket carrying small bag outfit ideas for women woman with long blonde wavy hair wearing leopard print pleated dress black blouse small bag

Put those gorgeous denim jackets to use this fall

pinterest cute outfits two women with black hair smiling walking on the street wearing different fall outfits purple haired woman wearing over sized silver jacket over sized silver pants fall outfits for women black boots louis vuitton bag purple suit with short over sized blazer and blouse fall fashion trends matching boots and bag in yellow and purple worn by woman with dark blonde hair

Fall outfits for women straight off the runway

three side by side photos womens fall fashion three models walking down the runway wearing different outfits two women standing on a bridge outfit ideas for women wearing jeans and white leggings blouses large scarfs brown velvet boots two women walking down the street wearing different outfits pinterest cute outfits blue onesie with red polo sweater beige trousers with white shirt black coat woman sitting in a coffee shop cute outfits for women wearing black skirt white polo sweater black knee high velvet boots

Rusty colors are an inseparable part of the fall season

woman wearing red trousers black boots black top and bag fall dresses for women black hair in high ponytail woman with long blonde wavy hair womens fall fashion wearing jeans black top red cardigan black boots and bag standing on the sidewalk woman with medium length blonde wavy hair cute outfits for women wearing jeans white cardigan brown leather boots womens fall fashion three models walking down the runway wearing different outfits three side by side photos

black jeans and t shirt denim jakcet grey sneakers black leather bag cute outfit ideas for girl worn by woman with long brown wavy hair casual outfit

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