Korean Beauty Secrets: 8 Transformative Tricks You Need to Try

by Maria Konou

Korean skincare has the amazing reputation of being super successful and effective for a good reason. Korean beauty or K-beauty as many like to call it is known for its holistic approach to traditional self-care. Most people in Korea have an extensive skincare routine with around ten different steps. Not only that, but K-beauty revolves around wellness, health, good skincare ingredients, technologies, and extensive self-care routines. In addition, Koreans strive for radiant and flawless skin at all times, so they surely have what to teach us. In this article, we will explore the most interesting Korean beauty secrets by showing you eight transformative tricks you need to try:

Time to unlock the most transformative and effective Korean beauty secrets

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Korean Beauty Secrets: 8 Transformative Tricks You Need to Try

Always follow the 10-second rule

When talking about how quickly you should apply your products, there is a popular rule in Korean beauty magazines. After taking a hot shower, you should apply your toner within 10 seconds. The longer you wait, the more dehydrated your skin will be. So the faster you can lock in that moisture and keep your skin protected, the better. If you are at the gym and don’t have toner with you, the same goes for your moisturizer or facial cream. Just apply it as quickly as possible, then continue with the rest of your routine.

When applying your cosmetic products, always follow the 10-second rule

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Take your sheet mask to the gym

Sheet masks are a huge hit that many of us find time for on the weekends. There are countless variations of face masks that hydrate, exfoliate, and brighten your skin to solve just about any skin problem you can think of. But there is one trick you probably haven’t heard of when it comes to your sheet mask. For optimal results, a lot of people in Korea actually bring their sheet mask with them to the steam room. Then they go to the gym or spa and put the face mask on once their pores are as open as possible. That way, the skin will absorb all the ingredients more deeply.

Take our sheet mask to the gym and the steam room for optimal results

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Treat yourself to a facial massage

There are a bunch of different massage techniques that you can benefit from regularly. Use your knuckles and fingertips to massage your facial muscles and tissues, which will increase blood circulation and help keep your skin glowing and radiant. Daily massaging also helps tighten and tone your facial muscles to fight wrinkles and prevent skin from aging over time. You can also treat yourself to a professional massage every now and then.

Koreans love face and body massages, so they are very consistent with them

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Never wash your face just once

The “double cleanse” method is the first step in the famous 10-step process that Koreans have adopted. Everybody double cleanses, so it is not even considered anything special. It is a must in proper skin care. First, you should remove your makeup with an oil-based cleanser and then wash again with a water-based product to achieve a truly deep clean. This will ensure that your face has no leftover makeup or dirt.

The double cleanse method is a must if you wear makeup on the daily

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Gently hit your face

Yes, we know this sounds like a weird thing to do, but it is a super popular technique in Korea. Following the same logic as a facial massage, women in Korea gently hit and clap their face about 50 times after they finish their daily skincare regimen to kick-start blood circulation and strengthen facial muscles. When it comes to clapping, “the more, the merrier” and “the harder, the better!” Just make sure to be gentle enough not to hit or hurt yourself.

Use your fingers to gently but firmly hit and clap your face to stimulate blood circulation

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Make your own rice water

Women in Korea have a long history of using rice water to wash their face because of its long-established benefits for the skin. It is a natural moisturizer that helps slow aging, reduce dark circles, fade age spots and brighten skin. Take a look at our rice water guide to see how you can make it at home, and use it for your hair, as well!

Rice water is a powerful tool in Korean skincare

korean skin glow secrets.jpeg

It can give you a glowy and radiant complexion and strong, long hair 

rice water hair growth treatment

Bring your bath towels into the bedroom

Winter months in Korea are notoriously cold, so moisturizers are typically used to keep skin hydrated when the air dries out. There is also a super easy trick if you are traveling and don’t have a moisturizer or humidifier handy. Just soak your bath towels in water and then hang them around your bed while you sleep at night. You can even combine that with a hot, steamy bath that will also help soak and warm your towels.

Bringing hot and steamy towels in your bedroom can do miracles for your skin

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Add ginseng to your diet

Ginseng is one of the ingredients that has been a symbol of Korean beauty for a very long time.  Not only can you apply it topically for its anti-aging properties, but you can also enjoy ginseng tea and ginseng-based foods that are staple in Korean cuisine. Ginseng is high in antioxidants that will help detoxify the skin and get rid of any pollutants.

Ginseng is an essential part of the diet of most Koreans for a good reason

korean beauty secrets for healthy glowing skin

Now you know which are the most transformative Korean beauty secrets!

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