Where to Get Your Hair Transplant in Turkey?

by John Griffith

As more people worldwide struggle with hair loss and pattern baldness, hair transplantation has been one of the go-to solutions to get a full head of hair back. In fact, hair transplant in Turkey has become one of the most popular medical and aesthetic procedures due to its countless benefits, such as natural-looking results and affordable price points.

Even so, many individuals wonder why they should choose Turkey as their final destination for a hair transplant surgery. It’s widely known that Turkey is the global center for high-quality hair transplantation, so you might be interested in discovering why that’s the case and which hair transplantation clinic you should choose for your procedure.

Below, you will learn everything you need to know about modern hair restoration methods and where to get a high-quality hair transplant in Turkey. If this is something you’re curious about, be sure to read through everything carefully.

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About the World of the Hair clinic

The World of the Hair clinic is among the best clinics for a hair transplant in Istanbul. Founded in 2015, the clinic has multiple years of experience in the hair transplantation field. Surgeons performing hair, beard, and eyebrow transplantation represent the clinic’s expert staff, who have years and years of experience in this particular medical sector.

The clinic is under the supervision of not only experienced surgeons but the hospitals as well. With it, the hair transplantation operations are completed with innovative techniques and tools that guarantee the continuity of success.

Being one of the leading hair transplantation centers in Istanbul and wider, the World of the Hair clinic prioritizes the health and safety of its patients. The patients are in good hands during the procedure and the entire journey from the beginning to the end.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a high-quality clinic in Turkey, the World of the Hair clinic should be your first choice. From an experienced and skilled team to first-class patient care, plenty of features make this clinic stand out from the rest.

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Comparison of costs

Many people are worried about the cost of hair transplantation when debating whether this procedure is the right choice for them. The extremely high prices of transplantation surgeries are the first thing that prevents most interested patients from taking the plunge and deciding to get a hair transplant.

Namely, hair transplantation costs in most developed countries are extremely high. For example, the average cost of a hair transplant is around €6,000, while the same surgery will cost up to £30,000 in the UK. Fortunately, there is a way to get a hair transplant without paying high amounts for the procedure.

One of the biggest pros of getting a hair transplant in Turkey is the low price. That’s possible thanks to the low medical expenses found in Turkey. Since Turkish clinics have significantly lower costs and fees to pay, they can offer the same or even better services at a fraction of the price.

In Istanbul, you can find great deals on hair transplantation surgeries, especially since all the essentials are already included in the price. If you book a hair transplant with World of the Hair, you’ll have the following services included in the price:

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  •  Consultation with the surgeon;
  • Transplantation with the highest numbers of grafts;
  • VIP airport pick-up and hotel transfer;
  • Accommodation in a 5-star hotel;
  • Translation support;
  • 1-year health counseling;
  • Shampoo, lotion, and vitamins.

Services available at the World of the Hair clinic

The World of the Hair clinic offers its clients plenty of different transplantation services. Not only can patients choose between hair, mustache, and beard transplantation, but they can also decide which transplantation technique they’d like to implement.

However, the most popular services at the World of the Hair clinic are the Sapphire FUE hair transplant and beard transplantation. Let’s say something more about both of them.

The Sapphire hair transplant is a popular FUE method that incorporates the use of a special blade during the procedure. The blade has sapphire gems at the tips, enabling faster healing and recovery.

During the FUE hair transplant, hair follicles are extracted from the donor area and implanted across the recipient area. Of course, natural hair growth is taken into consideration when placing individual grafts.

Beard transplantation is the perfect solution if you want a fuller beard. It’s also an example of follicular unit extraction, also known as the FUE technique. Since facial skin is extremely sensitive, the FUE beard transplant is ideal since it’s minimally invasive.

The Sapphire FUE technique and beard transplantation are done under local anesthesia for maximum comfort.

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Before and after results

Finally, the World of the Hair medical team can deliver the most natural-looking before and after results. Thanks to numerous years of experience in the field, surgeons achieve the most outstanding results with transplanted hairs.

They do this by collecting clients’ personal data that tell them everything about their hair and the results they want to achieve. Once the surgeons have all the necessary information concerning the patient’s condition and the desired outcome, it’s easy to choose the best hair transplantation technique and secure top-class results.

Of course, the entire staff has to be highly educated and skilled for such a procedure. That’s why hair transplantation surgeries are among the ones that require exceptional professionalism and serious responsibility.

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If you’re on the hunt for a clinic that offers outstanding hair transplantation procedures, there’s no need to look further. The World of the Hair clinic is one of the leading hair transplantation medical institutions in Istanbul, Turkey.

By combining the medical staff’s exceptional skillset and affordable prices, you can get a premium-quality hair transplant for a fairly small sum. Therefore, the World of the Hair clinic is the right solution.

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