10+ Beautiful Crochet Hairstyles To Try In 2024

by John Griffith

If you are on the prowl for the hottest, coolest hairstyle, then you have come to the right place. Crochet hairstyles are exactly what you have been looking for. After looking through Cosmo, Vogue, and Elle, among others, it’s clear that this style is not only beautiful, but also great for your hair. And as a person who loves experimenting with my hair, I completely understand the allure of crochet hair. With crochet haircuts, your natural hair is protected, so you can try out different looks, from sleek, straight hair to big, curly hair, without damaging it. Absolutly amazing! With so many textures and styles to choose from, crochet hair in 2024 will not only keep you in style, you can even be a trendsetter.

Dive into chic crochet hairstyles that blend stunning looks with incredible care for your hair

Understanding Crochet Hairstyles: What You Need to Know

According to Cosmopolitan, crochet hairstyles involve braiding your hair into cornrows and then using a crochet hook to weave fake or natural hair extensions through the braids. This method is very versatile and can be used to create a bunch of different hairstyles. You can make loose waves, tight curls, straight strands, or thick braids. This allows you to easily try out different looks without altering the original hair. Crochet hairstyles are perfect for people who want to protect their hair while still looking stylish.

Unlock the versatility and charm of crochet hairstyles for any occasion

The Health Impacts of Crochet on Your Hair

Crochet styles are amazing for your hair as they function as a protective style. What this means is that by keeping your hair tucked and braided, they protect your hair from damage that is usually caused by styling tools, the sun, and environmental pollution on the daily. In general, the most important thing to make sure crochet styles work for your hair is that they are put in and taken care of correctly. This means not wearing braids that are too tight, as this can lead to tension alopecia, and keeping the head and braids clean to avoid buildup and irritation.

Learn how crochet styles protect your hair from everyday damage

Deciding Whether Crochet Braids Are Right for You

Deciding if a crochet hairstyle is right for you should depend on your personal style, hair health, and lifestyle. Because they are easy to care for and protect natural hair, crochet braids are a great choice for people who want to change how they look without a great deal of work. They’re great for people who want to try out different styles without committing to one or risking damage to their natural hair. One of the best things about this style is that it can easily fit almost any hair thickness and length. But if you have very weak or damaged hair or sensitive skin, you might want to talk to a professional stylist first to make sure crochet styles are right for you.

Is a crochet makeover in your future?

The Art of Installing Crochet Braids

According to Kamara Brown Lewis, a hairstylist at Raw Intuition, you can either go to the salon or take a go at it at home. If you decide to install your own home, here is how you should go about it. First, make cornrows in your hair that sit flat against your scalp. Then, use a crochet hook to loop hair extensions that have already been tied through the cornrows. Loop and knot the extension through the end of each piece to keep it in place. A professional stylist will usually do the same thing, but they may add more complicated braiding designs and make sure the installation is even and secure all over the head to lower the risk of damage. Professionals can also better figure out the right amount of stress to keep you from being uncomfortable or breaking your hair.

Discover the simple steps to achieving perfect crochet braids 

Effective Methods for Removing Crochet Hair

If you decide it’s time to get your crochet hair out, you can either go to the salon or do it yourself. To remove your crochet hair, clip the extensions close to the base of the cornrow. Just be careful not to cut your own hair when you do this. Carefully unwind each cornrow, and use a comb to gently remove any extra fake fibers. In a salon, the process will generally be the same. The extensions will be carefully cut off, and the cornrows will be carefully untangled. Your natural hair will stay healthy and strong even after the protective style is taken off. A professional can do extra treatments like washing, deep conditioning, and trimming to make sure this happens.

Remove your crochet style smoothly with expert tips

Durability and Longevity of Crochet Hairstyles

The length of time a crochet haircut lasts depends on many things. This includes your hair type, how complicated the style is, and how well you take care of it. A crochet style that is well taken care of can usually last between 4 and 8 weeks. To make your crochet braids last longer, keep your scalp clean, moisturize your hair often, and cover it with a satin or silk headscarf while you sleep.

Find out how long your stylish crochet can last with proper care

Advantages of Choosing Crochet Hair

As we mentioned, one of the great perks of crochet hair is that it protects your natural hair from damage from the environment and too much styling. Crochet styles can be a cheaper and faster alternative to other ways to style hair. Also, you can change the style, color, and length of your hair a lot more without making a lasting commitment. This makes experimenting super easy!

Embrace the benefits of crochet hair—from protection to affordability

Potential Disadvantages of Crochet Hairstyles

Just like any hairstyle, crochet hair also has its disadvantages. If the braids are put on too tightly, the stress at the roots can cause pain and even hair loss. To keep the head from getting itchy and to keep the roots from getting tangled, crochet braids also need regular care. Synthetic hair can also get frizzy and twisted over time, losing its shine and needing to be replaced more often than some other styles. However, regular maintenance and proper fitting can lessen all of these issues.

Consider the few challenges crochet styles might bring along.

Beautiful Crochet Hairstyles for Inspiration

Crochet hairstyles are absolutely stunning. And thanks to their versatility, there are so many styles you can try out. From bohemian braids to half-up and half-down looks, crochet hair offers endless possibilities for expressing your personal style. Whether you prefer a natural look or something more bold and colorful, there is a style that will suit your taste. And if you are in need of inspo, you are in the right place. Check out some of these wonderful crochet looks.

Springy curls

This fun crochet haircut is all about the bounce. It’s big, bold, and beautiful. Curls like these are great for people who want a lively, full look. They move with a lively energy that makes a statement wherever you go.

Add bounce and fun to your look with lively springy curls

Beautiful braids

This hairdo has cute beads at the ends and a mix of curly hair with neatly braided strands that frame the face. It beautifully blends tradition and modernity, giving it a look that is both classy and up-to-date.

Elegantly frame your face with chic, beaded braids

Large curls

This haircut is all about getting the volume look with pre-curled loops that are delightfully bouncy. It looks great whether you’re in an office or at a lively dinner party. It’s perfect for people who want to look bold without trying too hard.

Make a bold statement with voluminous, bouncy curls

Copper dream

With its warm colors and tight curls, this beautiful crochet style takes you into a warm world. It not only looks good with your skin tone, but it also gives off a strong, stylish vibe.

Glow in the warmth of rich, copper-toned curls

Half-cornrow, Half-crochet Braids

This style has two different textures: smooth cornrows at the top and loose crochet curls at the bottom. It looks both edgy and glamorous. It can be worn to any event and gives you a clean and unique look that works well in both formal and informal settings.

Enjoy the best of both worlds with sleek cornrows and soft crochet curls

Invisible locks

This style has a smooth blend that looks like thick, real hair and gives you a great full-bodied look. For people who want a natural, thick hairstyle that blends in perfectly with their own hair, this is the right choice.

Go for a natural look with seamlessly blended invisible locks

Wavy goodness

This wavy, free-flowing crochet style will give you a cool, laid-back feeling. It’s excellent for people who want to look stylish without making an effort, like SZA. It goes from day to night without a hitch.

Keep it cool and casual with flowing wavy goodness

Jumbo twists

These huge twists that give off goddess vibes will make a grand statement. This crochet hairstyle isn’t just a choice; it’s a fashion statement. It’s great for people who want to add a bit of drama and class to their look.

Stand out with striking, goddess-like jumbo twists

Multicolored madness

A bold mix of colors that fade from dark to light will give you a fun and daring look. Mixing twists and curls in this haircut makes it easy to be creative. It’s great for people who want to stand out.

Bring your vibrant personality to life with playful, multicolored crochet

Fulani braids

This hairstyle is a beautiful mix of the cultural importance of Fulani braids and the romantic appeal of long, curly hair. It’s a classy choice that goes well with any outfit and gives a nod to tradition while adding a modern twist.

Combine tradition and trend with gorgeous Fulani braids

Discovering different ways to style our hair is more exciting than ever. I’ve included just a spec of possible styles you can experiment with when it comes to crochet hairstyles. There is something for everyone, whether you want to make a big change or a small one. Not only are these hairstyles flexible and easy to do, but they also protect and keep your natural hair healthy underneath. Double win!  You can do anything from beautiful curls to chic, simple patterns. So, why not try out these trendy crochet choices and feel at your best?

Ready to rock these crochet styles and be a trendsetter?


Can you wash crochet hair?

Yes, of course you can! However, you need to be careful not to damage it, so you need to handle it gently.  Instead of aggressively scrubbing the hair, it’s best to focus on cleansing the scalp. Make sure to use a shampoo that has been diluted and focus on cleaning the head through the braids. Rinse your hair well with cold water after using shampoo. In order to avoid frizz, make sure to remove any extra water from your hair with a towel and let it dry naturally. To keep buildup to a minimum, don’t use heavy products.

Is crochet fake hair?

Crochet hair refers to synthetic hair that is typically used to make crochet braids, which are used to protect your hair. Your real hair that has been cornrowed is looped through the fake hair. It’s a popular choice because it can look like different hair types and styles, giving you more styling options without having to put your real hair through all the damage.

How do you style long crochet braids?

You can wear your long crochet braids in a ton of different ways! It all depends on what you prefer. You can do updos, ponytails, buns, braids, and more. Simply, detangle your hair from the ends to the roots with your fingers or a wide-tooth comb. You can use a light oil or mousse to add shine and get rid of frizz for a smooth look. If you like, you can try adding items like clips or headbands to make your look more unique and personal. There are many styling choices that let you change your look as often as you like without putting too much stress on your natural hair.

Does crochet hair grow faster?

Crochet braids themselves don’t really influence hair growth. They are more of a protective style, they can help your hair retain length. By limiting the amount of treatment you do to your natural hair and shielding it from outside influences, crochet braids can help keep your hair healthy and prevent breakage, which indirectly helps it stay growing.

Is crochet hair heavy?

Crochet hair can have different weights based on how much and what kind of synthetic hair is used. Most of the time, lighter materials are used in order to make the style easy to wear. But if there is too much crochet hair put in, it can make it feel heavy. To keep your natural hair and skin comfortable and free of stress, it’s important to think about how much hair is optimal.

How can you take care of your natural hair while it is in crochet braids?

It’s very important to keep your natural hair clean and healthy while you are wearing crochet hair. Every two weeks, wash your hair with a mild shampoo that has been diluted, and then use a light conditioner to finish. It’s also a good idea to use natural oils or a spray leave-in conditioner to keep your hair moist. Also, make sure to protect your hair at night by putting a silk or satin scarf or hat over it. This routine will keep your natural hair healthy while the protection style is on.

Here style meets health in every strand

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