10 Chic Long Wolf Cuts For A Bold New Look

by John Griffith

I’m always looking for new ways to spice up my hairstyle without making big changes. Even though I’ve attempted to wear my hair short many times, I usually like it longer and more flowy. So, when I learned that wolf cuts were back in style and that celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Billie Eilish were sporting them, I was immediately interested. However, it wasn’t really the wolf cut itself that interested me, it was actually the long wolf cuts that caught my eye. They’re the perfect style for someone like me who wants to keep their hair long but try something bold and new. With its great mix of edgy layers and soft, flowing waves, the long wolf cut is the perfect way to give your long hair a fresh new look. If this sounds like something for you, then check out some of these beautiful ideas for inspo.

Dive into the chic world of long wolf cuts!

Everything You Need To Know About The Wolf Cut

The wolf cut combines the rough, edgy layers of a mullet with the voluminous body of a shag. This style, known for its easy-going rocker vibe, has shorter layers at the top that get longer as they go down, giving the hair a “wild” and full look. This style is gaining popularity as it goes great with a wide range of hair types and lengths. However, if you ask me it looks best when it’s made longer and flowy into a longer wolf cut. Chris Appleton, a celebrity hairdresser who styles A-listers like Kim Kardashian, loves the wolf cut because of how it frames the face and how beautifully it moves. When it comes to the longer version, this hairstyle brings together the full layers of a standard shag and the rough structure of a mullet to make a look that is both modern and striking.

A modern take on the classic shag haircut

Who Should Get a Long Wolf Cut?

One of the best parts of this style is its versatility. It looks great on a variety of faces and hair textures. A long wolf cut looks great on people with oval, square, or heart-shaped faces. The layered texture balances out any sharp features on these face shapes, as well as softens the chin. This hairstyle is particularly suitable for those with medium to thick hair, as the inherent weight and volume assist in preserving the form and dynamic layers of the hairstyle. People with curly or wavy hair will love how the wolf cut brings out their natural texture, giving them a beautiful, messy, and full look. While people with straight hair will get that much-needed movement their hair needs.

The wolf cut looks great on a variety of face shapes and hair textures

Maintenance Tips for a Long Wolf Cut

A long wolf cut does require some maintenance if you want to keep it looking funky and fresh. In general, this style needs to be trimmed around every 6 to 8 weeks. This will help keep its layered structure sharp and keep it from losing its shape. Sally Hershberger, renowned celebrity hairstylist known for creating iconic haircuts, including Meg Ryan’s famous shag, says it’s important to use the right products. A volumizing mousse or texturizing spray can really help bring out the natural volume and shape of a cut. This plus a good shampoo and conditioner made for your hair type will keep your hair healthy and easy to style. When styling, a diffuser can make waves and curls stand out more, giving the cut more shape. A round brush can also be used for a smoother, more volumized look.

This wolf cut does require a bit of maintenance and styling

How To Style Long Wolf Cuts

This haircut combines the rebellious spirit of the ’70s shag and the boldness of the ’80s mullet. It’s a cut that is all about edge and texture. This look is made to give your hair a lot of volume and movement. So, it’s perfect for people who want a fun look that stands out. Fashion magazines like Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Byrdie are all praising this fun and trendy cut as a top trend and I can see why. If you need inspiration to master this stylish look, you’ve come to the right place. Check out these chic ideas on how to wear your long wolf cut. No matter if you need inspo on how to update your look or if you want to completely change your style, here you will find everything you need.

This haircut has a fun and edgy look

Hush cut

People who like the wolf cut’s layered, textured look but want to keep their hair long should get the hush cut. This style keeps the layers and movement that make a wolf cut unique while keeping some length. It’s great for people who want to try out a fun, layered haircut without committing to a shorter cut. The hush cut has all the body and movement of the wolf cut, but it’s made to look good on longer hair.

Embrace the flow with the breezy, layered hush cut

Whimsical layers

A long wolf cut with fluffy, messy layers is a fun way to show off the charm of this cut. This style is all about giving yourself a relaxed, playful look that makes you feel free and wild. The layers are meant to give the hair a full and lively appearance.

Play up your look with carefree, bold layers

Face framing bangs

The long bangs of this style will frame your face and the airy layers will give you a softer, more feminine look. This type of the wolf cut softly brings out the best in your face features, giving you a soft, romantic look all around.

Soft bangs for a soft, romantic vibe

Messy look

If you want a style with a lot of different textures, this look is a good choice. This haircut gives off a cool, laid-back vibe and is great for people who like their hair to look more casual and messy. As planned, the cut is messy, which gives the classic wolf cut volume and an edge, making it a standout pick.

Tousled perfection for a casual edge

The perfect mix

This hairstyle has parts of both a wolf cut and a mullet. It is great for people who want a unique mix of these two popular styles. Its wonderful layers give it depth and movement. This long wolf cut is both edgy and classy. The mullet adds an unexpected twist that is sure to get people’s attention.

A trendy combo of mullet and wolf cut flair

Shaggy cut

The wild wolf cut is all about having fun and moving around. Long, wild hair with layers that bring out the natural structure and volume is what this style is all about. This haircut is meant for people who like dramatic, carefree looks that show off their hair’s natural movement.

Go wild with shaggy, free-spirited layers

Pop of color

Adding a pop of cotton candy pink to your long wolf cut will give it a lively new look. This style screams vintage pixie. This colored take on the classic wolf cut not only makes it look better, but it also lets you show your personality through color. Changing your hairstyle in this way is fun and artistic, and gives you a lot of room for experimentation.

Brighten your style with a pop of pink

Face framing cut

The main goal of this style is to keep your long hair while creating a cut that frames your face.  Here, the hair is cut out to lay flatter around the face. This method makes the rest of the hair look fuller and more lively, giving the whole look a more polished vibe.

Sleek cuts that frame and flatter

Viva la mullet

Are you a fan of the mullet? To get this look, get a long, shaggy cut that has the laid-back vibe of a mullet and the rough texture of a wolf cut. This haircut is great for people who like the retro look of a mullet but want to keep it up-to-date by adding volume and texture.

A mullet with a modern, textured twist

Long cut

This hairstyle has curtain bangs that frame the cheekbones nicely with a soft, jellyfish-like cut. This is a classy and fashionable option that makes long hair look good and adds a bit of modern style and elegance. It’s perfect for people who want to make a fashion statement without being overbearing.

Elegance meets edge with flowing curtain bangs

I hope you found this article useful. Now you have plenty of ideas before your next salon visit. Getting one of these long wolf cuts is a great way to update your hair in a way that is fresh and edgy. Don’t forget that this cut isn’t just about making a statement. It’s about being confident with your hair. So, there you have it—a long wolf cut can make a big or small difference in how you look. It all depends on how you wear it. Make your appointment now, and get ready for people to fall in love with your new hot look.

Rock this cool, chic new hairstyle

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