A Pop Of Color: 10 Beautiful Peekaboo Braids

by Maria Konou

Peekaboo braids aren’t a new fad. They have been around for quite some time already. However, they have been gaining quite a bit of popularity in recent years, thanks to their beauty and versatility. This braid style is actually a variation of peekaboo highlights, in which splashes of color are hidden beneath a layer of hair. I had peekaboo highlights a couple of years ago in purple, and they looked amazing. Here, the concept is the same, but instead of your hair flowing wild and free, it’s in stylized braids. These braids are super appealing, as they can be as subtle or bold as you like. Plus, they can be worn in many ways – from buns to ponytails. If this hairstyle sounds like something you like, then check out some of the wonderful styles I’ve collected as inspo.

Jump into the vibrant world of peekaboo braids and let your hair do the talking

Understanding Peekaboo Braids: What Are They?

Peekaboo braids are a super cool and unique hairstyle. In this style, all the hair is in braids. However, some braids are dyed in bright, bold colors or softer hues. This allows the colored hairs to peek through the natural hair colors, which creates a fun and playful effect when the hair moves. One of the best things about this style is that you can experiment with a bunch of different colors without having to dye your whole hair. Plus, there are many styles of braids and ways to style them. According to Ted Gibson, a renowned hairstylist and expert, peekaboo braids give you even more freedom to experiment and express yourself. Gibson says that this style can be changed in many ways to fit hair of all lengths and types, giving your look a completely unique look.

Flash a hint of color with every flip of your braid

touch of pink on braids

Colorful Peekaboo Braids

Adding a pop of color to your braids is a fun way to add some personality to your hair. Braids have been around for centuries and come in many different styles, from micro braids to box braids. And while this hairstyle is loved all around the world, braiding is a very important part of many African American and Latino cultures. This is because the thick, wavy hair of these cultures works best with braids, as it holds them better. But braids aren’t just pretty; they also help protect the hair. If you want a fun, new hairstyle, then you need to check out these beautiful peekaboo styles.

Color your strands, color your world

Pretty in pink

With its bright pink peekaboo braids against the stunning black hair, this hairdo has a quirky charm. When these colors are put against one another, it makes a striking contrast that brings out the depth and richness of both colors. Pink is an amazing color as it comes in so many shades you can experiment with. From bright pinks to soft pinks, you can easily pick a color that fits your style and mood.

Pink peeks that pop

Tri-tone beauty

This hairdo is sophisticated and stylish, with braids that are an attractive mix of dark brown, lighter brown, and white hair. The three-color mix gives the design a layered, three-dimensional look that is both elegant and lively. It’s perfect for people who like a natural color scheme with a little something extra.

Triple the tone, triple the fun

Purple madness

With the pop of purple, these thick, long box braids are not only beautiful, but they’re also great for protecting your natural hair. These peekaboo braids in purple add a fun pop of color that makes any hair look more lively while still keeping your hair healthy.

Purple power in every plait

Blonde touch

Picture a waterfall of brown braids with blonde braids peeking out from under them. The blonde braids that are hidden add a splash of color that stands out and draws attention, giving these classic braids more depth and mystique. This style is great for people who want to try out different hair colors without making too colorful of a commitment.

Blonde bursts beneath braids

French curl

A French curl at the bottom gives this one-of-a-kind style a sweet touch. And the blonde and brown braids make it look stunning. The curls give the rigid braids a soft, soft finish. You can wear your hair like this if you want to add something to your traditional braids.

Curls and colors, oh my!

Peekaboo hearts

This hairdo is a creative way to show a bit of your personality. It has knotless braids in red and black hair with cute peekaboo hearts braided along the hairline. You can make a bunch of fun designs with your braids. Each design can showcase your personality.

Heartfelt hues hidden in your hair

Black and white

The stark difference between black and white in this hairstyle makes a simple but strong point. The white peekaboo braids stand out against the black, making a striking contrast that is both classic and modern. This shows that sometimes, simplicity is the most elegant thing you can do with your hairstyle.

Bold in black and white

Mix and match

Get into a fun mix of colors with this haircut. The black hair makes a wonderful contrast to the purple and blue peekaboo braids hidden underneath it. This bright and lively choice is great for people who like to show off their personality and mood through their hair, as there are plenty of ways you can make it your own.

Mix it up with multicolor magic

Subtle design

The peekaboo braids in this hairdo are just a shade lighter than the main color, making an effect that is both subtle and striking. It’s great for people who want a more understated way to color their hair, adding a soft but beautiful touch to their natural color.

Subtly stunning shades

Feel the rainbow

Take a look at the rainbow: There are knotless braids with peekaboo strands in every color of the rainbow in this style. This colorful design is perfect for kids and adults alike. It’s a bright, fun, and kid-friendly choice that can turn any look into a playful hair beauty that’s ready to make any day better.

Braids as bright as the rainbow

Peekaboo braids are a wonderful hairstyle. It’s perfect for anyone who loves color and wants to add a playful twist to their look. No matter what color you choose, it will add a bit more fun and personality to your hair. These braids are as adaptable as they are striking. This truly makes them perfect for those who love to express themselves in vivid, unexpected ways. I hope you found this article useful. Now you have plenty of inspo before you book your next hairstyle appointment.

More color, more fun, more you

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