Hairstyles for Little Girls – 90 Lovely Dos for Your Small Princess

by John Griffith

For many years, simple pigtails and braids were the norm for little girls. After all, kids look best when they are natural. Besides, everyone experiences the joy, magic and freedom of childhood only once, and should be free to enjoy it, without being burdened by grown-up concepts like style and fashion. However, this is not always possible in today’s fast-paced world. Children become style conscious at a very early age, and you may soon find that tying your little girl’s hair in a boring pony tail simply won’t cut it anymore. If her friends at kindergarten or school have cute and original hairstyles, she will likely also ask for one. Therefore, you must be prepared with lots of pretty and creative hair dos for school and special occasions. To help you, we’ve gathered over 90 amazing hairstyles for little girls, including video tutorials. This way you will never run out of ideas, and your little princess will always look her best!

When it comes to hairstyles for little girls, classic curls are always a good idea!

hairstyles for little girls, laughing child with long, curled brunette hair, wearing a flower crown

Before we move on to our extensive gallery, we’d like to offer you a few tips on taking care of your little one’s hair. These will help ensure her locks stay healthy and strong.

  1. Most adults wash their hair every day and think this routine is also appropriate for their children. Not so! As a general rule of thumb, toddlers and kids up to 10 years old should have their hair washed only about 2-3 times a week. Of course, you have the best overview on your little one’s tresses – if her hair type is dry or curly, you may want to wash it even less frequently. This also goes for African American hair.
  2. To avoid tangling, comb your child’s hair before the wash. Ideally, you should opt for a fine comb rather than a brush.
  3. Always use organic, child-friendly shampoo and skip other products (conditioners, butters, etc.) unless absolutely necessary. Ideally, children under four should be treated with baby products. If you don’t have any child-friendly shampoo on hand, you can use your own, provided you dissolve it in water.
  4. Whenever possible, let her hair dry naturally. Yes – hairdryers are super handy, especially in winter, but they are also damaging to your child’s scalp and hair. Avoid them during the warmer months, if you can.
  5. Straightening and curling should be reserved for special occasions only, as heat treatments may cause lasting and irreversible damage to your little girl’s locks. Coloring, on the other hand, is strictly off limits for anyone under 13. It may look cute, but ultimately it is not worth it, as the disadvantages greatly outweighs the benefits

And now – enjoy the gallery, and don’t forget to check our Fashion section for more cool hair styling tips, ideas and inspiration!

Curly messy buns with a lovely floral hairband 

turquoise blue flower hair ornament, on the head of a smiling child, with two curly buns, on the sides of hr head, hairstyles for little girls

This chic, Cinderella-like do, is fit for a little princess

smooth large bun, decorated with a pale blue bow, hairstyles for little girls, red-haired child, in a pale blue formal dress

Aren’t these symmetrical side buns just adorable?

green cardigan and a red skirt, worn by a smiling, blue-eyed child, hairstyles for little girls, dark blonde hair, styled in two buns

A great tutorial for cute ponytail cornrows

Cheerful and bright hair accessories are a must for little girls!

high-angle photo, showing a child's head, with chocolate brown hair, tied in two pigtails, hairstyles for little girls, coral pink flower-shaped hair ornaments

And here are some great tips, especially for toddlers!

Simple curled hairdo, with lovely winter-themed ornaments

two images of a young girl, with long curled, light blonde hair, hairstyles for little girls, dressed in a white lace dress, and wearing a different hair ornament, in every picture

10 easy, and absolutely gorgeous hairstyle ideas

A great suggestion for little flower girls

wreath made of white, and pale pink flowers, on the head of a child, with medium long, dark blonde hair, hairstyles for little girls, wearing an off-white tulle dress

braided brunette hair, decorated with three roses in different colors, cream and pale pink, and pastel orange, on the head of a child, hairstyles for little girls, seen in close up

cute hairstyles, braided hair bun, on a brunette child's hair, decorated with a red bow

Isn’t this braid simply stunning?

cute hairstyles, close up of a complex braided up-do, on the head of a brunette child, seen from the back

bejeweled white headband, with pearl-like details, on the head of a young child, with brunette hair, tied into a side braid, falling over her shoulder, cute hairstyles

blonde little girl, with a crown braid, wearing a formal dress, cute hairstyles, similar braided do, on a smiling brunette child

These lovely dos are great for special ocassions, but can also be worn to school

wavy fancy up-do, on the dark blonde hair, of a young girl, cute hairstyles, next image shows a younger girl, with brunette hair, braided above her forehead

side-braid and two small, curled pigtails with bows, cute hairstyles, on the head of a small girl

tiny white flowers, decorating the hair of a little girl, cute hairstyles, fancy wedding up-do for a flower girl, blonde hair with natural highlights

Hair styling can be hard work!

child in a pink bathrobe, with big curlers on her head, cute hairstyles, brushing her hair, with a small pink brush, while holding a blue hairdryer

ballerina hair bun, on the head of a small brunette child, cute hairstyles, wearing a white frilly top

caramel blonde hair, tied in two pigtails, and then braided, on the head of a small child, in a floral dress, cute girls hairstyles

Adorable and versatile – we love these cute styles for natural hair

cute girls hairstyles, two little black girls, one with two small symmetrical buns, and the other with cornrows, ending in a bun

honey blonde child, with long curled side bangs, and a crown braid, cute girls hairstyles, smiling in a silver, one-shoulder dress

blue-eyed young girl, with brunette hair, styled into a formal up-do, and straight bangs, cute girls hairstyles, purple flowers in her hair

Ready for the school party!

mirror reflection of a young girl, with brunette hair, tied in a bun, and a bow detail, cute girls hairstyles, navy and white lace dress, and a white hairband

close up of a young child, with ash blonde, shoulder-length hair, decorated with a white flower ornament, cute girls hairstyles, white and pink striped jumper

black rose hair ornament, decorating the head of a, young brunette girl, wearing an up-do, cute girls hairstyles, next image shows, a small blonde child, with a crown braid

A very original and cute idea

double heart-shapes, formed by two sets of thin braids, on top of a little, ginger girl's head, cute girls hairstyles, bun at the back

little girl hairstyles, child in a pale peach ballerina outfit, with a tulle skirt, dark brunette hair, tied in a messy top knot

embroidered pale cream, and white formal dresses, worn by three small girls, with blonde hair, each styled in a different up-do, braids and buns, little girl hairstyles

So many different braid styles to try!

three images showing cute, little girl hairstyles, long brunette hair with side braids, heart-shaped blonde plaids, pigtails with black ribbons

topknot worn by a small girl, in a formal pale grey, and powder pink dress, little girl hairstyles, matching floral headband

blossoms in violet, decorating the braided head, of a dark blonde child, little girl hairstyles, seen from the back

Cute swirls

round braided swirls, on the top of a small child's head, little girl hairstyles, seen from a high angle

hoodie in green, with white stripes, worn by a child, with dark blonde braided hair, little girl hairstyles, decorated with green ribbons

little girl haircuts, symmetrical hair buns, on the head of a smiling, brunette young girl, wearing a minnie mouse t-shirt, and a single red bow

Minnie Mouse inspired do – simply adorable!

faux fur vest, worn over a red sweater, with a minnie mouse print, and black leggings, by a child with two buns, on each side of her head, little girl hairstyles, red bow decorating one of the buns

headband in pink, decorated with diamante, and pearl-like stones, on the head of a small blonde child, with two braided buns, little girl haircuts

shoulder-length curled brunette hair, worn by a small girl, in a pale pink dress, with a tulle skirt, little girl haircuts, standing in front of a pale blue vanity

A great idea for St. Patrick’s day!

clover-like hair braid, decorated with a green ribbon, on the brunette head of a young girl, st. patrick's day little girl haircuts, shamrock motif

crown-like round braid, on a brunette girl's head, little girl haircuts, seen from two angles

pale young girl, in a smart, shiny teal dress, with dark blonde hair, woven into a side-braid, little girl haircuts, a messy curled bun at the back

Another cute and original suggestion

denim jacket worn by young girl, with dark blonde, shoulder-length wavy hair, decorated with a heart-shaped braid detail, little girl haircuts, natural hair highlights

bow-shaped braid, on the side of a child's head, little girl haircuts, one of the child's eyes is brown, and the other green

simple hairstyles, silver hair ornament, with diamante details, decorating the smooth, dark blonde hair, of a small child, white frilly lace top, natural highlights

Donut buns will never go out of style!

donut bun with a sparkly, sequined fuchsia pink bow, on the brunette head of a child, simple hairstyles

five small red bows, decorating the long, blonde hair of a young girl, with a weist-long braid, simple hairstyles, dark grey pinafore dress, with a white short-sleeved shirt

intricate and long, dark blonde braid, on the head of a small child, next image shows a different style of braid, on brunette hair, decorated with a pink floral ornament, kids hairstyles

Braided pigtails are an absolute classic

kids hairstyles with braids, two little brunette girls, one with linked round brads, and turquoise ribbons, the other with a braided swirl, on the side of her head

polka dot printed summer dress, worn by a smiling blonde girl, with two rows of braids, woven into one long plaid, kids hairstyles, messy curly bun, on top of her head

blue layered top, worn by a young brunette girl, with a braid, ending in a swirl-like detail, kids hairstyles, seen from the side

Perfect for a friend or relative’s wedding

heart shape, made from two linked, symmetrical brunette braids, on a child's head, kids hairstyles, ponytail with red bow, and small floral decorations

voluminous blonde up-do, decorated with pearl-like details, and a peach floral motif, worn by a small child, holding a teacup, in a formal, white sleeveless dress

sitting young girl, dressed in pale jeans, and a multicolored jumper, with dark brunette hair, woven into several braids, kids hairstyles, forming a heart pattern on top of her head

Sometimes even a stylish accessory is enough. We love this retro, boho-style headband!

beige lace headband, decorated with flower motifs in orange, cream and dark brown, on the smooth, long brunette hair, of a young child, simple hairstyles, oversized pearl-like necklace

similar braided hairdos, with large bow-like details, kids hairstyles, one done on honey blonde hair, and one on chocolate brown hair

criss-crossing braids, on a child's honey blonde, shoulder-length hair, with pigtails tied in several spots, girl haircuts

Truly impressive braid designs!

girl haircuts, two children with brunette hair, one decorated with three rows of twists at the back, and the other with a ponytail, and swirl-like motif

knot-detail pigtails, and criss-crossing braids, on the honey blonde head, of a small child, girl haircuts, checkered blue and white dress, with an embroidered white collar

complex heart-shaped plaids, on the dark brunette hair, of a teen girl, with a white bow, seen from two different angles, and in close up

Sweet summer look for stylish little ladies

many rubber hairbands, decorating the two long pigtails, of a small child, in a pale blue summer dress

curled dark blonde hair, with strong natural highlights, and three white floral ornaments, simple hairstyles, seen from the back, worn by a small girl

herringbone braids on smooth, long brunette hair with side part, worn by a smiling little girl, simple hairstyles, striped white and navy top

Hair glamour with a vintage twist

snowflake ornament in white, decorating the long brunette braid, of a little girl with wavy hair, two images of kids, with blonde 1950s-style up-dos

classic pigtails with a deep side part, simple hairstyles, on the auburn hair, of a small girl, with large glasses, holding an open book

creamy grey formal dress, worn by a little blonde girl, with an up-do, simple hairstyles, braided around a moss-like, pale green wreath

Hairstyles for little girls – a beautiful and chic ballerina bun

silver hair ornament, with diamante details, decorating the hair bun, of a brunette young girl, wearing a smart white dress

broderie anglaise summer dress in white, worn by a small child, with blonde hair, styled into braided, swirled pigtails

collage showing eight images, of different braided hairstyles, worn by small children, with shoulder-length hair, girl haircuts, with ribbons and bows

How cute is this matching sister look?

teenage girl with smooth, long blonde hair, and a small child with curly blonde locks, wearing similar side-braided hairdos, seen from the back

back view of a braided hairstyle, with a blonde side braid, and a bun on top of the head, worn by a small child, in a white summer dress

duck's egg blue short blazer, worn over a white dress, by a girl with curly up-do, decorated with a pale blue and white bow

The perfect look for little birthday girls

party dress in pink and white, worn by a young girl, with brunette hair, tied in a top knot, and decorated with pink roses, table with cake, and more roses nearby

knitted pink sweater, with short sleeves, worn by a smiling young child, with light brunette hair, styled into a crown braid, around her head

circular small braid, on top a blonde child's head, decorated with a daisy hair ornament, seen from above

Another amazing example of creative, matching styles

sisters with matching hairstyles, two children with identically braided, long brunette hair, forming a heart-shape, on top of their heads, wearing the same clothes and hugging

fuchsia pink formal sleeveless dress, worn by a young girl, with wavy honey blonde hair, decorated with knotted details, girl haircuts, medium length style

checkered blue and white dress, with a white embroidered collar, worn by a child, with honey blonde hair, braided into a large side bow, girl haircuts, seen from the back

A glamorous look for small divas!

wrap-over style up-do, on blonde hair, with natural highlights, worn by a small girl, in a coral red formal dress

weaving two braids, on ether side of a little, brunette girl's head, hairstyle seen from three different angles

sparkly multicolored bow-shaped hair ornaments, decorating the blonde hair, of a small girl, two symmetrical braids, with bow-motifs

Curly and cute!

rose hair ornament in red, and a matching ribbon, braided into the hair of a small child, girl haircuts, curled dark blonde hair

orange hair bow, decorating two joining braids, on the back of a girl's head, long curled dark blonde hair, with natural highlights

decoration shaped like a heart, on a small brunette girl's head, surrounded by two braids, forming a large heart-shape

Hairstyles for little girls – a lovely, princess-inspired look

ornament shaped like a small, bejeweled silver crown, decorating the head of a young girl, with auburn hair styled in a bun, white formal dress

bridesmaid or flower girl's hairstyle, seen from the back, dark blonde hair, with a braided up-do, decorated with pale, peach-colored roses, and a pink ribbon

messy bun with long bangs, and a crown braid up-do, worn by the same, dark auburn-haired young girl, seen in two, side by side images

Fresh flowers are the perfect finishing touch for little girls’ hairdos

crocus-like flowers, in pale yellow and violet, decorating the dark blonde up-do, of a young, blue-eyed child, in a cream formal dress

straw blonde shoulder-length hair, with loose curls, worn by a young child, in a white flower-girl dress, girl haircuts, flower wreath wth small white blossoms

ringlet-like curls, on a long brunette hair, with joined side twists at the top, worn by a small girl, in a fancy red dress

We hope you’ve enjoyed our gallery!

electric violet flower ornament, behind the ear of a small child, with big blue eyes, and light brunette hair, woven into a crown braid

swirls of blonde hair, decorated with tiny, white blossom ornaments, on the head of a small child, flower girl hairdos

lace and tulle dress in white, worn by a small flower girl, with brunette hair, done in a curly half up-do, and decorated with a flower wreath

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