Looking for Stylish Garden Party Attire? We have 70 Lovely Ideas!

by John Griffith

Summer is just round the corner, so it’s time to prepare for all the wonderful events awaiting us! Weddings, garden parties and picnics are tons of fun, but choosing what to wear can be quite tricky. After all, we all want to feel comfortable and relaxed, but also look elegant. How do we blend these seemingly contrasting characteristics into one perfect style? How do we dazzle and charm everyone without feeling stuffy or overdressed? You can find the answers in this very article! We have collected lots of tips, ideas and inspiration to help you find the best garden party attire, regardless of your age, gender or budget.

So, let’s get started!

Fancy hats are a must when attending outdoor events in summer!

garden party attire, woman in vibrant blue dress, with embroidery and sequence detailing on the shoulder, wearing a fancy yellow hat

What is garden attire?

Although there are numerous options you can go for when picking a garden party outfit, there are a few classics that have really stood the test of time. Floaty dresses with floral patterns, for example, are an excellent, fool-proof choice, provided you go for a midi or knee-length style. Pencil skirts in block colors, paired with tops or stylish blouses, are a demure and sophisticated combination you simply can’t go wrong with. Ladies with a more soft and romantic disposition can opt for white or pastel-colored lace dresses, while the more adventurous can choose bold patterns and eye-catching colors.

Garden party attire idea for women – a lush, floaty white dress

brunette woman with wavy hair, standing in a garden, wearing a floaty white asymmetrical dress, with blue butterflies print, garden party attire

What are the best garden party oufits for ladies?

As a general rule, mini dresses and skirts should be avoided, since garden parties tend to be semi-formal daytime events. There are exceptions, however – if you’d really like to wear something short and snappy, make sure that it’s not too revealing. A fancy dress with a short skirt can be acceptable, as long as it is in a lighter color, and features a classy, modest neckline, or long sleeves. If possible, do not pair mini dresses with high or chunky pumps. Instead, go for dainty high-heeled sandals or chic peep-toe shoes.

When it comes to accessories, there are several favorites that always look great. These include large, stylish hats, chic sunglasses, and delicate jewelry. Ladies who love vintage fashion can opt for a coquettish sun umbrella or antique hair ornaments.

Essential style tips for garden weddings

 Comfy and stylish outfit suggestions for men, applicable in any situation!

This video has lots of great style ideas:

What is the best garden party attire for men?

The garden party attire etiquette for gents runs in a similar vein. Unless it has been explicitly stated that the event in question welcomes causal clothes, men should always opt for smart trousers and a shirt. Shoes can be less formal – loafers and espadrilles, for example, are among the popular styles you can go for. Flip flops, sandals and sneakers are less appropriate, and should best be avoided. Neckties are optional, and have largely been eclipsed by bowties and suspenders in recent years.

Although the choice of gents’ accessories is less varied, they still have lots of room for creativity! Unique cufflinks, pocket handkerchiefs, or a statement watch will add the finishing touches to your garden party outfit.

Relaxed and effortlessly cool cocktail attire

men laughing on a green field near a beach, two of them are holding drinks, garden party attire, informal summer shirts in pale colors, white trousers and a necktie

Don’t forget the little ones!

kids dressed in semi formal clothing, garden party attire, two boys wearing jeans, with white shirts and suspenders, and grey vintage berets, and a little girl in a cream dress, with a purple flower ornament in her hair

Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge are always impeccably dressed

kate middleton and prince william, walking on a green field, dressed in garden party attire, pale beige knee-length dress, with pale floral pattern, white trousers and shirt, with black blazer

Casual yet elegant – the perfect combination for any occasion

smiling brunette girl, wearing a blue pleated skirt, with pink floral pattern, purple ankle boots, and a beige jacket, garden party attire, white leather hand bag

Dresses featuring floral patterns are ideal for garden parties

black knee-length dress, with pale pink and green rose pattern, worn by smiling young blonde woman, garden party attire, fancy black hat with roses, black peep toe heels

Gents, if you’re wondering how to look smart without overheating, consider this idea:

black blazer with white details, worn over striped white and black shirt, and white shorts, garden party attire, on a young brunette man, with hands in his pockets

Regardless of your age, you are certain to make an impression in this stylish combo:

several men of different ages, wearing semi formal attire, with shorts in black, white and multicolored pattern, combined with shirts, blazers and neckties, dressy casual men, hats and sunglasses

Add a splash of color to your outfit and don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles and patterns!

dressy casual men, blonde woman in black top, with floral details, leaning on man in pale pink blazer, worn over white, pale pink and pale blue checkered shirt, wit blue patterned bowtie

hot pink fancy hat, worn by woman, sitting on a stone bench in a garden, wearing black and white striped dress, and multicolored high heel sandals, vintage garden party dress code

dressy casual, young woman with retro sunglasses, sitting near a small coffee table, with lots of pastries and tea cups, wearing yellow sundress, with ruffles and fruit print

Flowers and lace – a romantic and dreamy combination

lace midi dress in cream, with 3/4 sleeves, worn with silver shoes, and a flower crown, by smiling brunette woman, holding a clutch bag, dressy casual

wrap floaty maxi dress, in dark blue, with pale pink floral pattern, and a side slit, worn by smiling brunette woman, dressy casual, strappy sandals and a glass of wine

Garden party attire for weddings? No problem:outfit for a dressy casual garden wedding, sleeveless dress with green, and pale pink floral pattern, powder pink cardigan, coral pink peep toe shoes, envelope clutch bag, gold and green chunky necklace

blue trousers and pale blue shirt, worn with brown shoes and sunglasses, by brunette man, standing next to blonde woman, in striped multicolored maxi dress, dressy casual men

blossoms in white and grey, embroidered on the top of a floaty grey dress, with black ribbon belt and side slit

You simply cannot go wrong with a midi or knee-length dress featuring multicolor floral patterns 

four young women, wearing multicolored floral print dresses, in different lengths and styles, dressy casual, garden party in the background

happy young women, sitting in a garden and having tea, all five are wearing pale pink and cream dresses, with ruffles and lace details, and flowers in their hair, vintage garden party dress code

Charming vintage lace dress – the perfect garden party attire for your little princess

laughing little girl, with blonde curled hair, and smart pale pink tulle dress, wearing sandals and a flower ornament in her hair

straw hat in pale beige, and floaty red sundress, with floral details and frills, worn by little girl, with long brunette hair

boho clothes in white, worn by fourteen kids of different ages, posing with kate moss, casual dress code, maxi dresses and drummer boy uniforms

Why not choose a retro look for your little ring-bearer?

ring bearer outfit ideas, for small boys and toddlers, trousers white shirt and suspenders, bowties and a vest, vintage grey berets

children holding hands and smiling, little boy in white shirt, khaki shorts and pale blue bowtie, little girl in a white embroidered dress, with flowers in her hair

leather biker jacket in black, worn over multicolored mini dress, smiling brunette woman in dressy casual style, with purple high heel sandals, holding a large clutch bag

Gentle, floaty fabrics in pastel colors add a romantic touch 

what is semi formal, barefoot young woman, with long dark brunette hair, wearing a floaty semi-sheer powder pink dress, with ruffles and a large straw hat, with a black ribbon

light turquoise knee-length sleeveless dress, with a colorful tea and cake pattern, worn by woman with dark brunette hair, holding a porcelain saucer and teacup

Boho gowns are always a good idea

crochet lace dress in white, floaty pale blue gown, pink maxi dress, and white tulle dress with lace, worn by four young women, dressy casual style, boho tea party

couple with a bicycle for two, man with pink polo shirt, and off-white trousers, leaning on the handlebar, dressy casual men, woman in pale blue and white jumpsuit, sitting at the back, garden chic wedding dress code

floaty maxi dress, in vibrant coral pink, worn by smiling brunette woman, with white and beige high heel sandals, and two necklaces, what is semi formal

variety of multicolored summer dresses, worn by eleven women, what is semi formal, yellow and pink knee-length dress, floral blue gown, halter-necks and strapless dresses

Show off your curves in a stylish summer dress

dyed pink hair, on a curvy woman, in four different outfits, what is semi formal, blue floral dress, multicolored dress with flower print, dark navy sleeveless dress, brown tulle strapless gown

loafers in brown, worn with pale blue shirt, and beige trousers, by two brunette men, dressy casual men, one sitting at a bench, one leaning on a ladder

lime green lace jumpsuit, long botanical gown, hot pink and beige lace jumpsuit, two maxi dresses with lace, in pale green and pink, what is semi formal, worn by slim young women

two young brunette women, wearing maxi dresses in green and white, decorated with floral patterns, and other colors, what is semi formal, green and pink cardigan, and small retro bag

Charming vintage garden party attire for the whole family!

flapper style vintage outfits, on a family with two toddlers, what is semi formal, woman in knee length pale pink dress, man in beige trousers with suspenders, pink shirt and straw hat

semi formal dress code, two young women, having tea in a garden, wearing silky mini dresses, in pastel colors, with matching shoes, and hair ornaments

celebrity pairs wearing smart clothing, maxi dresses and dark suits, with white shirts and grey neckties, semi formal dress code

four men in semi formal clothes, and a dog, standing on a green lawn, near several white chairs, one of the men is sitting, dressy casual men, checkered blazer and white trousers, suits of different colors, garden chic wedding dress code

Kate Middleton dazzles in stylish, modest dresses, accessorized with chic, playful hats

duchess of cambridge, or kate middleton, wearing two identical smart dresses, in pink and blue, long sleeves and pleated skirts, what is semi formal, matching fancy hats

smiling women in different summer dresses, knee-length and longer, red and pink, multicolored and patterned, semi formal dress code, wearing high heels in different colors

mustard yellow dress, powder pink lace mini dress, strapless knee-length gown with floral pattern, semi formal dress code, young woman in a floaty maxi dress

When in doubt – go pink!

powder pink knee-length dress, with embroidered top, and pleated skirt, semi formal dress code, worn with white jacket, by smiling brunette woman

asymmetrical wrap midi dress, with floral print, in two different variations, halter neck and cold shoulder sleeves, semi formal dress code, shoes and jewelry suggestions

seven barefoot men, wearing identical outfits, black trousers and white shirts, with suspenders and grey neckties, one man is wearing a yellow bowtie, dressy casual men, standing in a garden with trees

Versatile garden party attire for men

blazer and trousers in pale blue, with a shirt in a similar color, and accessorized with black sneakers, and nautical striped belt, dressy casual men, worn by young slim man


casual dress code, six different summer dresses, in yellow or coral pink, pale green or blue, striped or featuring different prints

sandals and floral maxi dress in red, orange and yellow hues, blue and white mini dress, pale turquoise gown, casual dress code, high heels and purses, sunglasses and necklces

Understated and classy floral gowns

long summer dresses, pink wrap dress, pale yellow dress with slits, dark pink lace gown, light pink wrap dress with floral pattern, casual dress code

denim shirt worn with a grey woolen blazer, and dark grey necktie, by blonde man, semi formal dress code, next photo shows four men in similar attire

special occasion or smart everyday dresses, purple floral midi, black and silver mini, pale blue pencil knee-length dress, shimmering metallic beige dress

Experiment with different accessories for a cool and original look 

outfit ideas for a smart-casual wedding, semi formal dress code, woman in black dress, with floral pattern, wearing white dress with different accessories, garden party dress ideas

navy and white striped blazer, worn over dark blue t-shirt, and matching trousers, casual dress code, on young curly brunette man

what is semi formal attire, skirt in a textured pale pink fabric, flared and medium long, worn with a white lace top, pink high heels, and a khaki bag, brunette woman with red lipstick

Playful and elegant summer dresses, perfect for curves

curvy brunette ladies, wearing different summer dresses, striped and patterned multicolored maxi dresses, long red gown, knee-length blue dress, with patterned hem

models wearing maxi dresses, in white and yellow, white and red, and in a multicolored pattern, floral and folk motifs, dark green jumpsuit, what is semi formal attire

What do you think about these shorts and blazer combos?

shorts in different colors, beige or grey, pale blue or yellow, red or white, worn with shirts and blazers, what is semi formal attire, by nine brunette men

Dazzle the crowds in a vibrant yellow sundress

tea dress in white and yellow, with floral pattern, worn by taylor swift, casual dress code, brown leather wedges, necklace and earrings, brown shoulder bag

five yellow dresses, in different styles and lengths, what is semi formal attire, maxi boho gown with green pattern, asymmetrical floral midi dress

platinum blonde woman, with small flower crown, dressed in floaty, vibrant yellow strapless dress, admiring orange potted plants in a garden, while holding a glass of wine

multicolored asymmetrical maxi dress, worn with black lace up sandals, and turquoise chunky necklace, what is semi formal attire, floaty yellow gown

Sequins, embroidery, lace or tulle? There are so many garden party attire ideas to choose from!

shimmering blue maxi dress, yellow lace midi, ballerina-like tulle pink knee-length dress, embroidered midi gown in white and gray

seven men in casually elegant clothes, what is semi formal attire, blazers and shirts, suspenders and bow ties, hats and sunglasses

Outfit inspiration for a chic boho outdoor birthday party

eight young women, dressed in multicolored patterned maxi dresses, folk-inspired boho tunics, denim shorts and a white top, casual dress code, smiling and posing for a photo

warm weather outfits, multicolored knee length dresses, pale powder pink floaty gown, what is semi formal attire, sunglasses and accessories, garden party dress ideas

drawing of a sea captain, wearing yellow shorts, dark blue blazer, and a captain's hat, next image shows man in striped, blue and white blazer, yellow trousers and straw hat

polka dot black and white midi, pink and beige lace knee-length dress, embroidered silky strapless, pale blue gown, grey embroidered floral mesh dress

A happy, stylish family!

family posing for a photo, wearing semi formal clothes, with a retro twist, checkered blue shirt and red tie, vest and trousers, shorts and suspenders, with white shirt and bowtie, beige dress and high heels

famous women wearing floral dresses, semi formal attire, pale blue and green, strapless and sleeveless styles, worn with high heels

smart suits and casual shirt and trousers combinations, beige outfit with black shoes, jeans and a blazer, blue and white smocking jackets


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