80 + Inspirational Ideas For The Beach Wedding Of Your Dreams

by John Griffith

People have come to regard weddings as serious and formal events, where women wear elaborate expensive dresses and men don suits and bow-ties. If you’ve always wanted to tie the knot, but would rather avoid the stuffiness and boredom of a solemn traditional ceremony, you might want to consider opting for a relaxed beach wedding instead. The perfect choice for free-spirited, creative and adventurous couples, seaside nuptials are not only casual and refreshing, but also memorable and romantic. Plus, they offer a wide variety of choices, and are suitable for tight, as well as generous budgets!

Is there anything more romantic than a beach wedding at sunset?

beach wedding, bride in long white boho dress and veil, hugging groom in white shirt, and beige pants, near the sea at sunset

Some brides to be are left under the impression that choosing a beach wedding venue automatically means saying goodbye to their dream of a wearing a lavish bridal gown. Not so! The great thing about having your nuptials by the sea is that you can make the dress code as elegant or as informal as you wish. You can combine a traditional wedding dress with a modern setting, go for a boho style celebration, or even create your own unique combination of styles. If you’ve always wanted to wear a classical gown, but your partner would rather opt for something a tad more informal, you can make both of your wishes come true. And to better illustrate this point, we have collected some of the best beach wedding attire options, ranging from the breezy and casual, to the more traditional. Have a look at our gallery and find the right one for you and your spouse. And, if you would like to see even more wedding dresses, check out our fashion section!

In addition, we have included a wide selection of dreamy beach venues, setups and decorations. Whether you long for a bohemian, rustic setting, or a more formal and glitzy decor, we are certain that you will find lots of ideas and inspiration for your special day!

Minimalistic and delicate gown, ideal for your seaside nuptials:

flowy white dress, with slouched shoulder straps, worn by young woman, with dark hair tied back, and silver tiara, beach wedding at sunset

Create your own wedding fairytale by the beach!

couple walking hand in hand, bride with embroidered off-white dress, and groom in grey two piece suit, sunset and white sand, beach wedding

Looking for the most romantic location? This video offers 21 great suggestions:

Beach weddings don’t have to be terribly expensive! This mermaid-inspired set up is beautiful as well as romantic…

…but if you dream of something more exotic and luxurious, check out this amazing ceremony:

God is in the details!

three silver rings, one thin and plain, one featuring a single diamond, and one encrusted with small stones, beach wedding ideas, placed on top of a pile of fine sand

Why not opt for a gorgeous boho wedding gown?

platinum blonde woman, wearing a white lace boho wedding dress, with several necklaces and bracelets, beach wedding attire, leaning on a pale beige rock

We love this semi-sheer lace maxi dress:

sitting barefoot brunette bride, in white maxi dress, with semi-sheer floral lace, beach wedding, palm trees in the background

Emphasize your free-spirited nature, and shine like a star in a beautiful and unique gown:

big hoop earring, with star-shaped decoration, worn by tan brunette woman, beach wedding, white lace boho gown, with tassels and sheer details, and cutout back

wrap-around white dress, with long sleeves and embroidery, on blonde woman, with closed eyes, wearing lace up gladiator sandals, beach wedding, wild flowers on a field

simple white grecian wedding gown, beach wedding dresses, worn by young woman, with delicate flower crown, holding a large bouquet, standing on sandy steps

Traditional gown with a colorful boho twist

beach wedding dresses, romantic white gown, with semi-sheer embroidered top, and floaty tulle skirt, on young brunette woman, wearing a green boho head scarf

Wild and free

beach with fine white sand, woman with short wet blonde hair, wearing white embroidered halter neck gown, lace details and chunky fabric necklace, beach wedding dresses

swing decorated with green vine plants, near woman with messy, shoulder-length blonde hair, wearing white embroidered, halter-neck beach wedding dresses, and chunky fabric necklace, with hot pink pom poms

palm tree on a sandy beach, near an azure blue sea, curly blonde woman, walking towards the water, holding the skirt of her white, embroidered boho gown, beach wedding dresses

floaty white gown, with slouching shoulder straps, beach wedding dresses, worn by blonde woman with curled hair, and floral hair ornament in cream, standing on a sandy beach

Gorgeous dresses with a retro twist

smiling brunette bride, holding a bouquet of white, yellow and green flowers, dressed in off-white embroidered gown, beach wedding dresses, walking barefoot on the shore

flared sleeves on white, lace boho dress, inspired by the 70s, beach wedding dresses, worn by tan brunette woman, with messy hair bun, standing near palm trees

art deco style gown, 1920's vintage look, with beads and embroidery, lace cap sleeves and a floaty skirt, seen from two different angles, wedding dresses for beach wedding

Less is more – opt for a simple gown combined with chic makeup and accessories 

laurel-like silver hair ornament, on brunette woman with messy braid, wedding dresses for beach wedding, wearing plain white gown, and holding a ship's steering wheel, decorated with white garlands

two photos showing a lace beach wedding dress, from two different angles, embroidered top and floaty skirt, worn by barefoot model, in sunglasses and hat

Lace and tulle – the perfect combination for a boho princess bride

close up of a white and cream-colored, boho lace beach wedding dress, worn by tanned model, with curly brunette hair

skirt in ivory and cream, floaty and heavily embroidered, part of a lace beach wedding dress, worn by slim female model

long sheer white veil, worn by smiling blonde bride, sitting on an ivory-colored wicker settee, placed on a sandy beach, wedding dresses for beach wedding, bouquet of white and pale peach flowers

And now some ideas for the gents!

beach wedding venues, tropical sea in azure blue, man and two young girls, walking on a boardwalk, towards a blonde woman, in a long white gown

If you are a traditionalist who wants to look dapper, regardless of the location, you may want to choose a casually elegant suit:

intimate image of a groom, wearing grey suit and white shirt, sitting next to a bride, in a long white gown, and kissing her shoulder, wedding dresses for beach wedding, marine-inspired decorations and cushions

Those who favour a comfier style, on the other hand, can go for a simpler and more relaxed shirt and pants combo:

semi-sheer white sleeveless gown, casual beach wedding dresses, worn by laughing blonde bride, with flower crown, running on a beach, hand in hand with a groom, in white shirt, beige pants and a hat

Shorts? Why not! Beach weddings are about having fun and expressing yourself

florida destination weddings, kissing couple at the beach, bride in floaty embroidered dress, with tulle skirt, and groom in denim shorts, and dark casual shirt

kissing couple dressed in white, floaty grecian gown on a brunette bride, with flowers in her hair, shirt and rolled-up pants on a blonde groom, casual beach wedding dresses

fine white sand, sea and a sunset, illuminating a couple holding hands, bride in long floaty tulle gown, groom in beige shorts, and a short-sleeved shirt, florida destination weddings

If in doubt – opt for coordinated vintage-inspired attire

slim young woman, with long blonde hair, wearing an embroidered, retro lace gown, 1920s art deco style, wedding dresses for beach wedding, groom in black vest and pants, boho decorations in the countryside

hugging bride in embroidered gown and groom in blue suit, watching fireworks over the sea, in the night sky, beach wedding venues

groom in a pale blue shirt, black bowtie and beige pants, holding hands with brunette bride, in a white lace beach wedding dress, holding large multi colored bouquet

young woman with wavy highlighted dark blonde hair, wearing a white maxi dress with tulle skirt, kissing a man in pale beige suit, under a wedding arch, beach wedding venues near the sea

And now, we present to you some of our favourite beach wedding venues:

bali nuptials ceremony, white sandy beach, azure sea and blue sky, couple walking towards an altar, decorated with white fabric and flowers, beach wedding venues, palm trees swaying in the wind

pale purple sleeveless wedding gown, worn by young smiling bride, holding hands with a groom in a matching shirt, and a dark purple tie, combined with jeans, beach weddings in florida, sandy shore and sea

happy bride in long, cream and white embroidered wedding gown, leaning on a beach tent, decorated with flowers, beach wedding venues, palm trees and sea, wooden furniture and sand

lots of pink roses, and a wedding arch formed by intertwining trees, on a white sandy shore, near an azure blue sea, beach wedding venues, kissing bride and groom

Isn’t this boho beach tent just dreamy?

tent in boho style, decorated with flower garlands, lanterns cushions and bottles, on a sandy shore, near the sea, beach wedding venues, palm trees in the background

tall palm trees, on a sandy white shore, wooden boards leading to a simple wedding tent, made from wooden poles and white cloth, beach wedding venues, lots of lit lanterns

images showing five different wedding venues, all near the sea, decorated with flowers, palm leaves or floaty white fabric, florida destination weddings, arches and chairs, couples holding hands

Romantic seaside nuptials at dusk

sunset and dusk weddings, six different setups, string lights and flowers, tables and chairs, one couple dancing, florida destination weddings on the beach

chequered shirt in white and blue, combined with off-white vest and shorts, worn by groom, holding hands with bride in white gown, on beach with fine sand

Charming rustic setup with lots of flowers

shabby chic white table, set up with plates, candles and pink flowers, six matching vintage chairs, on a white sandy beach, florida destination weddings, floral garlands and string lights

pink flowers in different tones, in bouquets and garlands, on and near a set white rustic table, with matching chairs, florida destination weddings, young couple kissing

long set table, with cutlery and plates, glasses and candles, small flower bouquets in white and pink, on a beach near the sea, florida destination weddings, two rows of string lights

evening wedding near the sea, lavishly decorated table, with lots of flowers, florida destination weddings, string lights and candles

Boho style is about looking great while feeling comfortable!

beach weddings in florida, boho decor on a sandy shore, bride in long dress and hat, and sheer white embroidered maxi cardigan, sitting on a bench covered in cushions, and watching the sunset

palms and other trees, near a small yellow, wooden beach hut, with a wedding gown hung on the roof, beach weddings in florida

colorful wedding ceremony, on a beach with fine, pale yellow sand, and azure blue sea, purple and white flowers, decorating the aisle and the wedding arch, couple standing in front of a minister

Don’t forget the bridesmaids!

barefoot bridesmaids in pale pink, floaty asymmetrical gowns, with silver belts, each holding a large white conch shell, containing white orchids

five bridesmaids wearing short, white boho dresses, with cold-shoulder details, and leafy green flower crowns, near a bride with embroidered floaty gown, wedding dresses for beach wedding, sea in the background

rosy ash pink, floaty bridesmaid dresses, on five women, each holding a small bouquet, standing next to a smiling bride, sea in the background

ukulele-playing young girl, next to a smiling bride, in flowy white dress, holding a bouquet, a small girl stands nearby, boho tent decorated with flowers on the beach behind them

casual nuptials ceremony, an example of beach weddings in florida, two bridesmaids in peach colored maxi dresses, holding large bouquets, blonde bride in white gown, barefoot groom in light relaxed clothing

Needless to say, decorations are very important. Little touches here and there can really transform the ambience of a beach wedding!

bouquet with white peonies, and various green plants, held by tanned blonde bride, wearing long white gown, and standing on a sandy shore near the sea, beach weddings in florida, white fine sand

several round glass lanterns, decorated with circles of cream-colored rice paper, containing lit candles, placed on fine beige sand, near the sea

wooden table covered in many flowers, placed on a pale rug near several cushions, with a camel decoration, and plates containing fruit

Whimsical, magical and cute – doesn’t this spread remind you of the Mad Hatter’s tea party in Alice in Wonderland?

plate of macaroons, dishes with different berries, and glasses containing a pink cocktail, on a rustic outdoor table, made from a used window and two wooden crates

What do you think about mermaid-inspired weddings? Yay or Nay?

marine-inspired wedding cake, decorated with flowers, near a wooden crate, covered with grey and green moss, and pink and white seashells

gold and pale blue wedding cake, decorated with succulents, on a wooden table, with two seahorse statuettes, and four vases, containing bouquets of different sizes

black cake topper, depicting the silhouettes of a mermaid and a diver, along with the words M & Mrs, placed on a white cake with peach-colored fondant flowers

If you prefer a beach wedding with a tradition twist, this might be a great choice for you:

straw-covered sun umbrellas, near several round tables, set for dinner, with lace tablecloths, and gold and white chairs, on a beach with tall palm trees

pink sunset sky, beach weddings in florida, barefoot bride in long backless white gown, and groom in black white shirt, black pants and vest, walking on a stony sea shore

plants growing on a white sandy beach, a casually dressed man, hugging a woman in long white bridal gown, beach weddings in florida, sea and a sunset in the background

And just because you can never see too many wedding dresses, here are some more great suggestions!

wedding dresses for beach wedding, white grecian style gown, with slouched back, worn by slim woman, standing on a pebbled beach, holding bouquet of pale and saturated pink flowers

flower crown on a platinum blonde, curled long hair, worn by tanned slim woman, in a backless white gown, wedding dresses for beach wedding, settee with cushions and flowers nearby

sleeveless white gown, with lace and cutout details, casual beach wedding dresses, worn by young brunette woman, with a single side-braid, holding bouquet of white flowers

boho lace beach wedding dress, in white with wide tasseled sleeves, and a cutout back, worn by blonde woman, walking on a sandy shore

Vintage bohemian splendour:

embroidered white gown, with lace inserts, cutout back and floral motives, casual beach wedding dresses, worn by bride with light brunette hair, in a messy bun, delicate flower crown

backless white and nude mermaid-style, lace beach wedding dress, worn by tanned young woman, with brunette hair in a messy bun, standing near the sea

tousled light brunette hair with bangs, on tanned model in white lace beach wedding dress, with plunging neckline, standing on a sandy sea shore

Choosing the right jewelry can be just as important as finding the perfect dress!

tanned blonde woman, wearing a sheer ivory-colored, embroidered wrap-over lace gown, casual beach wedding dresses, chunky metal jewelry and a messy top knot

Casual beach wedding with a fairytale twist

pale pastel pink wedding dress, with rose gold sequins, and a flowy tulle skirt, worn by dark-haired girl, standing on a beach
classical mermaid lace beach wedding dress, in white and cream, worn by tall and slim young woman, with brunette hair in a messy hairdo, boulders sand and sea

casual beach wedding dresses, young brunette woman, wearing an embroidered white maxi dress, with side slit, revealing her bare leg

strappy white maxi dress, with embroidery and sequins, on a young tanned brunette woman, with closed eyes and wavy hair, standing on the seashore

Edgy and rebellious…

maxi dress in white, with lace inserts and embroidery, featuring thin straps and a slit, casual beach wedding dresses, worn by tanned brunette young woman, with curly dark hair put up, and silver heeled sandals

sheer oversized lace cardigan, worn over an embroidered lace maxi dress, casual beach wedding dresses, by blonde model, with yellow sun hat, walking on a sandy white beach

antique castle wall, on a sandy seashore, slim blonde woman with curly hair, wearing white maxi dress, with straps and slouched sleeve details

…free-spirited and mysterious…

stonewall with arch and an inbuilt bench, covered with a white blanket and multi-colored cushions, and decorated with green potted plants, woman in boho maxi dress, with lace and embroidery, walking barefoot while holding her skirt

… or soft and romantic? You decide!

field with dry grass at sunset, slim woman standing barefoot, dressed in a long white gown, with embroidered top, and a floaty tulle skirt  cart with red, white and yellow flowers, pulled by brunette woman, wearing white vintage style, embroidered bridal gown, and a flower crown, beach weddings in florida, sea waves in the background

four photos showing a bride seen from different angles, white long floaty dress, and embroidered belt detail, two different hair ornaments, beach weddings in florida, sand and boulders on a sea shore

copper blonde woman, dressed in an embroidered, maxi wedding dress, in ivory and white, with long lace hem, standing in front of a graffitied wall

We hope you’ve enjoyed our selection!

relaxed boho wedding at the beach, happy bride and groom, dressed in a white retro lace gown, and pale gray suit, walking while holding hands




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