Handmade Father’s Day Gift Ideas With Tutorials and DIY Inspiration

by John Griffith

When it comes to Mother’s Day, there are always loads of refreshing ideas for gifts and surprises. Fathers, on the other hand, are often more difficult to shop for, so we often end up getting them a boring, last-minute gift. If you want to break the mold and treat your dad to a fantastic, handmade gift next father’s Day – we got you covered! This article will help you chose the perfect little surprise for your dad, with the help of handy DIY Father’s Day gift ideas, cool tutorials and nifty presents which you can make yourself, using love, imagination and just a pinch of creativity.

Easy to make Father’s Day Keychain

What you’ll need:

alphabet beads

a key ring

some leather cord

decorative beads (optional)


  • Cut a 5 inch-long piece of leather cord. Fold it in half and make a cow hitch knot around the key ring. Tighten well!
  • String the alphabet beads on the cord so that they spell out a message to your dad (“I love you”, “Best Dad”, etc.)
  • Tie the end of the cord into a double knot. If it is too long cut away the unnecessary bit.  Add colorful decorative beads of your choice.

Alphabet key chain with a personalized message to your dad – one of the cutest, easiest DIY Father’s Day gift ideas ever! Necessary materials:

diy father's day gift ideas, materials, a pack of alphabet beads, a pack of key rings, dome brown leather cord and blue decorative beads on a white background

Step One: tie the leather cord to the key-ring with a cow hitch knot

diy father's day gift ideas, a female hand holding a key ring and a leather cord tied around it with a cow hitch knot

Step Two: string the alphabet beads so that they spell out a nice message to your father

diy father's day gift ideas, a child's hand holding a piece of leather cord with with alphabet beads spelling best, tied to a key ring

Step Three (last step): tie the end of the cord into a double knot

diy father's day gift ideas, a female hand holding a key chain with the message best dad spelled with alphabet beads

The end result – a beautiful key-chain that’s certain to make your dad smile on his special day!

 diy father's day gift ideas finished keychains attached to keys, with alphabet beads spelling "I love dad" and "best dad", placed on a yellow plate with white flowers

Personalized mug  – one of the coolest DIY Father’s Day gift ideas. An easy-to-make project and the perfect gift for dads who love coffee!

What you’ll need:

a white or lightly colored ceramic mug

a bowl made of tin foil

a few drops of nail polish in your preferred color

a wooden skewer (if desired)


  • Fill the bowl with lukewarm water. Add several drops of nail polish and wait for them to expand. (If you’d like to quicken the process you could use a wooden skewer to disperse the polish.)
  • Dip the mug into the mixture to create the desired decorative effect. You can use a nail polish remover to make the pattern more interesting or to get rid of any unnecessary bits of nail polish (for example inside the mug or on its bottom).
  • Carefully dry the mug with a paper towel. When you are satisfied with the design, let the mug dry for at least two hours.

Easy to make personalized coffee mug for your coffee-loving dad. Necessary materials:

diy gift ideas, white mug placed on a table, near a bottle of dark red nail polish and a tin foil bowl with a wooden skewer

 Fill a tin fil bowl with water, add a few drops of nail polish and wait for them to expand

 dyi gift ideas, mug near a tin foil bowl filled with water and diluted red pink nail polish

 Dip the mug in the mixture, wipe with a paper towel and leave to dry

diy gift ideas, beautiful decorated mug full of coffee, placed on white table near an open note book

Colorful Customized Coaster

What you’ll need:

cork coasters (you can find them in IKEA or other homeware stores)

acrylic paint

masking tape


  • Stick some masking tape on the coasters, forming a pattern. You can stick them symmetrically or make a more abstract design.
  • Paint each section with acrylic paint, using your preferred colors.
  • Wait for the coaster to dry. Ready!

Another one of our child-friendly DIY Father’s Day gift ideas – hand painted cork coaster

diy gift ideas, a child's hands sticking masking tape on a cork coaster, green and white working mat and white watercolor palette placed on a wooden table

Use masking tape to create cool shapes and then paint with acrylics

dyi gift ideas, a child painting a cork coaster placed on a working green and white mat in different colors, a palette with blue, red, yellow, white and green paint placed on a wooden table

 father's day diy gifts, a child removing masking tape from the cork coaster she has painted with red, yellow, green, white and blue colors

The end result – beautiful personalized coasters that are easy and fun to make and will add a splash of color to your dad’s life

father's day diy gifts, cork coasters painted with red, blue, green, white and yellow colours placed on a brown wooden table, a glass of water is placed on one of them

A clever remote control box made from a book

What you’ll need:

a suitable hardcover book (make sure it’s at least 2 inches longer and half a centimeter deeper than your remote)

an x-acto precision knife

a small piece of ribbon

some multipurpose glue and brush

a pencil


Using the brush, spread some glue evenly between the back cover and the opposite page. Close the book and press firmly for about ten seconds.

Open the front cover and brush some glue on the outside of the pages all around the book. Let it dry for an hour and then repeat. Close the book, put something heavy on it and let it dry again but this time for 24 hours.

On the next day, open the front cover of the book, place the remote control in the center of the first page and trace its outlines with a pencil. Then put away the remote and use the x-acto precision knife to cut along the outline, removing two – three pages at a time. Continue until you reach the needed depth.

Finally, cut a piece of ribbon to serve as a bookmark. Its length should be half of the total length of the book plus one inch. Glue the ribbon to the bottom of the remote control compartment and – voilà- you have your finished remote control box!

A cool and unique DIY idea for Father’s Day – a remote control box made from a book

 father's day diy gifts, a book with a hidden compartment containing a remote control, placed on a wooden table, near a bowl of peanuts and other books

A leather cable organizer for massy dads!

What you’ll need:

a piece of faux leather (at least 18 inches long and 6 inches wide)

several snap buttons

an x-acto knife

a metal ruler

a cutting mat

a pencil

Using this piece of faux leather you can make one of three different organizers – a small, a medium or a large one. The small organizer is 5,5 inches tall and 5 inches wide, with a 3,25 inch flap. It’s perfect for storing your dad’s phone charger. The medium one has the following dimensions: 12/6/4,25. There is enough space in it for a charger, headphones, a USB cable and even an extra cable. Finally, the big organizer, with its 18/5,5/3,75 dimensions can hold a laptop charger, headphones, as well as various other cables and phone accessories.

father's day diy gifts, a blue, brown and green sketch of the dimensions needed for creating three faux leather organizers with included measurements in inches


  • First decide what organizer size you would like to make and cut the faux leather accordingly (for this tutorial, we decided to go with the medium size).
  • Use the x-acto knife and a metal ruler to cut small strips of fabric which will act as cable loops.
  • Insert the chargers, cables, headphones, etc. in the loops and wrap the faux leather around them. Then, mark the place where the roll meets the flap with a pencil.
  • Insert the snap buttons and close. Perfect!

To make things even easier, here are a few photos explaining the process step-by-step. If your dad keeps misplacing his charger or losing his earphones, he is sure to love this nifty DIY organizer!

 father's day diy gifts, three pieces of faux leather in dark blue, orange and turquoise, folded on a wooden table, a pink cutting board containing a pencil, a hobby knife, a metal ruler and some snap buttons

father's day craft ideas, delineating the faux leather with a pencil and a metal ruler, cutting along the lines to make a flap and hoops, green pencil, yellow knife, pink cutting mat

father's day craft ideas, a female hand with pink nail polish, marking the place of the button on the faux leather with a green pencil, pink cutting mat in the background

father's day craft ideas, a woman with pink nail polish attaching a black snap button to dark blue faux leather, pink cutting mat in the background

father's day craft ideas, a charger, headphones, USB cable, additional red cable placed in the hoops of the leather organizer, pink cutting mat in the background


 father's day craft ideas, a man's hand holding the finished dark blue organizer with cables inside, showing the snap buttons, grey background

Multipurpose hand printed fabric – great for wrapping presents 

What you’ll need:

a sheet of craft foam paper (you will use it to cut out the desired stamp-shape, we advise you to use a stencil for more precision)

something to use as a stamp stand (a cork bottle stopper or a small wooden block, for example)

a piece of felt and a small plastic container to be used as ink tray (you can use a jar lid, for example)

acrylic paint

a piece of fabric


  • The first thing you need to do is create your stamp. Draw the desired shape on regular paper, trace it on a sheet of foam paper and then cut it out, as precisely as possible.
  • Stick the foam shape to your stamp stand.
  • Now it’s time to make your ink tray. Put some paint in the chosen plastic container and place the piece of felt on top. The felt should absorb the paint and form a colorful stain. If needed, add more paint.
  • Finally, dip the stamp you created in the tray and then stamp a pattern on the prepared piece of fabric. Done! You can use the fabric to wrap your dad’s gift or sew it into something special

 handmade gifts for dad, a woman's hand, with light green nail polish, cutting out an anchor paper shape with blue scissors, light brown background

handmade gifts for dad, a woman's hand, with light green nail polish, holding an anchor shape from foam paper, dark blue scissors, light brown background

handmade gifts for dad, a woman's hand with light green nail polish, holding a light blue piece of felt near a clear white plastic plate containing dark paint

handmade gifts for dad a woman's hand with pale green nail polish dabbing anchor cutout stuck to a plastic tube in paint-soaked felt

handmade gifts for dad, a woman's hand with faded pale green nail polish stamping black anchor patterns on light blue fabric

father's day homemade gifts, completed hand printed light blue fabric, featuring black glasses and anchor motives, tied with a striped string, on a light brown background


Natural organic shaving oil to pamper your dad

Ingredients and preparation:

1 part grape seed oil

1 part olive oil

a few drops of essential oil  (we recommend sandalwood or cedar oil)

To prepare the shaving oil, you simply need to mix all the ingredients together. The ratio between grape seed oil and olive oil should ideally be 50/50 but you can experiment with other combinations and add more essential oil if necessary.

Our final tutorial is not only simple but healthy too!

 father's day homemade gifts, homemade shaving oil in a dark brown bottle placed on a marble table, next to a round bar of soap and an old-fashioned razor

For more brilliant ideas for DIY Father’s Day gifts, check out these cool vlogs:

Need more bonding time with your dad? How about this awesome idea – write some activities you’d love to do with your dad on pieces of paper and put them in a jar. You can decorate the jar with ribbons or stickers. You can pick a new, fun activity every week!

father's day homemade gifts, decorated jar with blue and brown ribbon, pieces of paper, placed on a wooden table, dark background

A hand decorated photo album, full of precious memories. One of the most special DIY Father’s Day gift ideas, perfect for sentimental dads!

father's day homemade gifts scrapbook, collage photo album with stickers, photos, pens and scissors on a blue table

 father's day homemade gifts, handmade book, pale blue-green color, on a dark brown wooden table, containing kid's drawings  father's day homemade gifts, handmade book, white and pale blue color, containing kid's writing and photo

A cool idea for younger kids – a handmade Number 1 medal for the best dad in the world!

father's day gifts from daughter, two medals made from yellow cardboard, with red, white and blue ribbons and the words "dad" and "papa" stuck on them, on a white background

paper cutouts of a child's hand in yellow, blue and green, held by a keychain, with a light brown label, held by a man's hand

Here is another idea for customized coasters, this time with family photos.

 father's day gifts from daughter, coasters made using family photos, tied with a white, pink and red ribbon saying "happy father's day", white background

If your dad is a barbeque connoisseur, why not surprise him with a gourmet barbecue set, complete with several sauces, condiments and, naturally, a can or bottle of beer.

father's day gifts from daughter, tool carrier converted into a barbecue basket, with ketchup, sauces, condiments, beer and grilling tools, on a wooden table with a white background

DIY Father’s Day gift ideas don’t get any cuter than this! Adorable and easy to make, this card is another fun project for smaller children…

 step dad gift ideas, card made from kid's traced hands, which can be unfolded to show the message "I love you this much", green-blue paper, black writing, light background

 homemade father's day cards, green-blue, orange, dark blue and white, with mountains, trees and tents, on a dark wooden table, near glasses, books, s chess piece, a pencil, a potted plant and a cup of tea

 father's day gifts from daughter, mason jar with screw cap, tied with string, filled with red gummy bears, with a red label on a table, next to more red gummy bears

…as is this cute “5 Things I love About Dad” craft, made from ice cream sticks!

 homemade father's-day cards, wooden ice cream sticks stuck together and painted with markers, dark blue ribbon, a stick of glue, a green marker, pale background

If your dad loves travelling and adventure, why not make him a personalized scrapbooking travel diary?

 step dad gift ideas, hand decorated travel journal, made with a world map, on a white wooden table, with a palm tree photo stuck on the cover

dyi gift ideas, round yellow and blue wall clock with family photos, hanging on a light cream wall, near a potted plant, laptop, mouse and two pens

customized father's day cards in various colors, on an old, wooden table

father's day craft ideas, wooden keychains painted by children, attached to vintage keys, on a dark blue and cream background

a blue plaster heart, tied with a colorful bow, with children's handprints and names inside

 father's day gifts from daughter, a blue cutout of a child's hand, painted in blue and violet, in a dark wooden frame

This mustached mug is a fun and original idea that’s also incredibly easy to make! Add this to your list of must-try DIY Father’s Day gift ideas!

father's day homemade gifts, yellow mug with black moustache, placed on a white napkin, near a white plate with pink and white cookies, pale background

 handmade gifts for dad, white hand painted mug with an orange and a blue shape holding hands, a writing saying "Daddy an me", kitchen background

Alternatively, you could make a really unique Father’s Day card using cardboard, glue and some pebbles.

homemade father's day cards, orange cardboard with painted pebbles in the shape of a boy stuck to it, with the words "dad, you rock" written in marker

frame made from small pebbles glued together, with the message "you rock" in the middle

 diy father's day gift ideas, 6 grey stones placed on a wooden table, with messages written in marker

Ice cream sticks can also be turned into beautiful photo frames! All you need is glue, stickers and some paint!

 frames made from wooden ice cream sticks, painted in different colors with various patterns, stickers and family photos

two little boys sitting on a white couch, holding a sign which reads "we heart you daddy", black and white photos, funny glasses

 step dad gift ideas, a black and white photo of a young boy, in a white frame, with the words "my hero" written with scrabble letters

father s day gifts from daughter, photo frame made from twigs, containing a photo of a father, daughter and dog camping in the woods, on a desk, near books and nature-inspired ornaments

Here is an idea inspired by advent calendars – stick several envelopes on the wall of your dad’s room. Fill them with candy or other small items your dad likes. Finally, tell him he can open one envelope per day until Father’s Day. This is one of our favourite DIY Father’s Day gift ideas!

green, blue and yellow numbered envelopes, stuck to a white wall, near decorative ornaments, books and craft supplies

letter-shaped cookies spelling "dad", in a box with a striped string, green wrapping paper

grey working gloves with child's hadnprints in violet, on a light brown wooden table

hand made bear coasters, on a brown tray, with a glass and a bottle of beer and a dish of peanuts, on a wooden table

These cool bookmarks are among the most creative DIY Father’s Day gift ideas. Aren’t they awesome?

cute handmade bookmarks, made from kids' photos, holding colorful pieces of string, placed on a book, light brown background

If you like reusing old materials, why not make some office organizers for your dad using books and decorated cans?

step dad gift ideas, light blue and gold office supplies organizer with pins, rubber bands, pencils, scissors and paper clips, on an office desk with notepads and a lamp

old books turned into stationary boxes, on a wooden table, near a pencil case, paper clips and a note pad

If your dad likes winter sports, how about making him these cute rice-filled fabric hand warmers?

small organge, dark blue and blue-green handwarmers, sewn, filled with rice,

coasters made with beautiful nature photos, on a wooden table

keychain made from a piece of wood, with the words "home" painted on it in blue, orange, red and green, with a key attached, on a white background

These nifty pillowcases made from old shirts are a great project for those who like sewing!

striped pillow covers made from old shirts, in different tones of blue, with white buttons, on a white sofa with light green background

If your dad has a green thumb, why not make him some creative gardening pots? These floppy disk-inspired ones are great. (Your dad is probably the only one who still remembers floppy disks anyway.)

plant pots made to look like floppy disks, placed on a ledge, in green and red, green garden background

Finally, some homemade cocktails in beautifully decorated bottles will definitely make any dad happy!

yellow homemade cocktails, clear glass bottles, with a label, on a wooden floor with flower pots in the background

diy barbecue grill made from an orange terracott pot, grilled chicken, beer bottle

This concludes our list. We hope you enjoyed our DIY Father’s Day gift ideas!

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