Crafting for Adults – Lots of Tutorials and Easy DIY Suggestions

by John Griffith

If you have a little spare time on your hands and want to make something beautiful and useful – you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’ll show you some clever and creative craft ideas that will help you relax and have fun, while also unlocking your artistic side. We have a wide selection of activities that are easy to make but look incredibly effective.

  • Mandala – delve deep into your soul and find peace and self-awareness, by drawing inspiration from sacred geometry

Coloring books for adults have become incredibly popular in recent years. This is hardly surprising – here is just something inherently calming about bringing a black and white image to life using your skills and imagination. Mandalas are some of the most soothing images to color, due to their gorgeous symmetry, intricate details, and spiritual properties. For those new to the term, mandalas are circle-shaped drawings which incorporate different shapes and motifs. A sacred symbol in Buddhism and Hinduism, the mandala is created in order to aid meditation and represents the sacred geometry of the universe. Although you can purchase ready mandala designs to color, drawing your own will enable you to experiment and show creativity. Besides, some spiritual guides believe that the mandala a person creates is a reflection of their internal state, so you can use it to find out more about yourself.

Creative craft ideas – designing, drawing and coloring your own mandala

flower mandala in yellow, orange and red, pink and blue, craft ideas, colored pencils and tubs of paint in background

Drawing your own mandala design from scratch might sound difficult, but in fact, all you need to do is let your imagination take over and see where it takes you!

You’ll only need a few materials:

pencil and fine liner (for the outline)

a piece of paper


round stencil

The round stencil can be any flat round object, such as a small plate or a large roll of masking tape. Place it on the piece of paper and trace its contour with a pencil. When done, use the ruler to draw two lines – one vertical and one horizontal, ensuring that they cross in the center of your circle. After you’ve finished, you should have four equal sections. Now, draw a smaller circle in the middle.

The next step is to choose the type of pattern you would like to use. Our team decided to go for a flower mandala, so we drew a simple bloom with four petals in the center of the circle. Then we added more and more symmetrical patterns until we were happy with our design. Once the sketch is complete, you can start outlining it with a fine liner, black marker, or black ink.

When your outline is done, you can start coloring. Here the possibilities are only limited by your imagination! Experiment with different colors and, above all, have fun! You can see how our mandala turned out in the photos below.

The first step is drawing a simple sketch which will ensure that  your mandala is perfectly symmetrical

circle with two crossed lines, drawn in pencil on a white piece of paper, craft ideas, plastic ruler and mechanical pencil

Then, you can add the first rough shapes. Don’t worry about adding too many details at this stage

craft ideas, circle drawn in pencil on white piece of paper, with two crossing lines, and a flower in the middle

The third step is separating your circle into segments and adding additional layers. In our case, this meant adding more flower petals

flower with many pettals, drawn in pencil, in the middle of a circle, with several crossing lines, craft ideas

The fourth step allows you to unleash your imagination and come up with fun shapes, patterns, and details. Make sure to carefully sketch them with pencil before adding ink!

inked drawing of a flower mandala, black ink and pencil on white paper, craft ideas, fineliner nearby

The fifth and final step is, perhaps, the most fun one. Color in your mandala, using a medium of your choice. Many prefer colored pencils or markers but we opted for a splash of digital color.

blue and white, purple and yellow, digitaly colorized image of a mandala, craft ideas, large circle with hearts and a flower shape

  • Decoupage – the art of transforming used objects into beautiful and functional works of art

Decoupage, or the art of decorating objects with colorful paper, is one of the most popular craft ideas. Easy, fun and very effective, it can be used to give new life to used items, to make presents for friends and family, and to create works of art. In addition, like many other handworks, it reduces stress and helps you unwind. One of the best things about decoupage is its versatility. It can be used on a wide selection of objects and materials – wooden boxes, jars, bottles and even furniture! All you need is some decoupage glue, a brush, and paper of your choice – napkins, colorfully patterned paper cutouts, newspapers, magazines or old books. The end result is a gorgeous and one-of-a-kind handmade item which will brighten up any room.

If you’d like to try your hand at decoupage, why not start by decorating some milk bottles? We suggest this easy and fun tutorial. All you need is:

a few milk bottles

decorative paper of your choice

white acrylic paint

decoupage glue and varnish

flat brush

First of all, you need to paint the milk bottles, using white acrylic paint. Once the paint has fully dried, apply the  prepared paper cutouts and cover them with decoupage glue, using a flat brush. Leave it aside to dry and then finish by adding a layer of varnish. Simple, right? If you’re in doubt about any of the steps described here, take a look at the photo tutorial below.

Decoupage is one of our favorite craft ideas. With some paper and glue, you can transform simple milk bottles into beautiful and unique flower vases

three milk bottles, decorated with decoupage, craft ideas, empty bottles, clear and painted white, paper and scissors, glue and a brush

  • Scrapbooking – your own tiny universe in a notebook

Scrapbooking is also among the most beloved craft ideas, as it allows people to create their own gorgeous photo albums, travel diaries, and much more. It is also one of the simplest and most fun activities. All you need is a notebook, photos or cutouts and decorative materials of your choice. For example, you can use stickers, colorful washi tape, decorative ribbons, labels and anything else you like. Some people choose to include entry tickets from different locations or events they’ve visited, while others like sticking only photos, in order to create a visual diary of their life. You can use different colored pens to add a vibrant and personal touch on every page. Overall, the style of your scrapbook will depend entirely on your personal aesthetic preferences. Here are some lovely examples:

Scrapbooking is a great way of customizing journals and diaries

two note books, one black one beige, craft ideas, open note books, with white and light brown pages, revealing photos and text

Gorgeous notebook, documenting the happy memories of a couple

three open binders, craft ideas, showing many photos, of couples and interiors, and some text

Here is another beautiful example. We love the lovely cutouts, stickers and colorful text!

an open notebook, pages decorated with cutouts, printed and hand-writen text, craft ideas, green background

If you would like to create a travel diary using scrapbooking techniques, we can offer you inspiration and some great ideas here.

  • Create a beautiful, personalized decorative object for your home

There is hardly anything nicer than decorating your home with lovingly made DIY items and furniture. With so many different ideas and tutorials out there, the possibilities are virtually endless. However, we decided to focus on two really easy and clever ways of customizing household objects. The first on utilizes colorful strips of patterned washi tape and, although it sounds pretty simple, the results are amazing. Most arts and crafts stores have a wide variety of washi tape. Just buy a couple of rolls in your preferred colors and unleash your creativity. You can make lovely symmetrical patterns or experiment and try something more abstract. The choice is yours!

Here is a lovely example of two vases decorated with washi tape. It’s amazing how something so simple can completely transform a plain object into a beautiful customized item

two clear vases, one round one rectangular, containing pink peonies, decorated with patterned washi tape, in gold and light brown, art and craft ideas

Our second idea is partially painting objects, by using masking tape and cans of spray paint. Inexpensive and easy, it’s one of the top choices on our craft ideas list. The process is fairly straightforward – take the item you’d like to paint and stick pieces of masking tape on it, forming patterns of your choice. Then spray with paint, making sure to cover the whole surface. Leave aside to dry and remove the masking tape. The result is a beautiful item with a striped effect.

So simple and yet so pretty: spray-painted vases made from old milk bottles

art and craft ideas, seven clear vases, partially painted with gold and pink, blue and white stripes, containing lilac stalks, white and orange flowers

  • Surprise your loved ones with exquisite handmade jewelry

Making jewelry has never been so easy! Nowadays, you can find all the necessary materials in art shops. Bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and brooches – they can all be made at home, in just a few steps. Polymer clay is a very popular choice for amateur jewelry making because it allows people to create all kinds of cute, fun and unusual shapes. Besides, you can even make polymer clay substitute at home, using household objects. Naturally, if you’re too busy, you can just purchase the real thing from the store. Here we have a sweet and simple suggestion for polymer clay earrings.

What you’ll need:

red polymer clay

earring studs

heart-shaped mold

modeling roller

polymer glue

baking paper

baking tray

Knead the polymer clay until it’s soft and easy to mold. Using the modeling roller, flatten the clay, until you have an even layer. Then use the mold to cut two small heart shapes. Cover your tray with baking paper and carefully place the small heart-shapes inside. Bake the clay according to the instructions on its package. Once done and cooled, stick a stud to each heart using the polymer glue. Your earrings are ready to wear!

Here are all the materials you will need, in order to make your own heart-shaped stud earrings. A great idea for a Valentine’s Day Gift!

small piece of red modelling clay, art and craft ideas, two metal and clear plastic studs, tiny heart-shaped mould

modelling clay in red, with a heart-shapped cutter, small heart-shaped hole, art and craft ideas, red clay heart shape nearby

set of red earrings, made from red clay, art and craft ideas, with metal studs, on white background

  • Embroidery – a semi-forgotten art form which is coming back in style

Embroidery used to be an activity mainly associated with sweet old ladies, but now it’s coming back in a big way! Many young artists use it to create customized clothes, bags, and accessories. Although it does take a bit longer to master and execute, the end results are so worth it! Plus, there are many bloggers who offer guidelines and tutorials. Even beginners can learn a few embroidery techniques fairly easily. All you need to get started are needles, thread in different colors, fabric, an embroidery hoop (pictured below) and a pattern to follow.

Embroidery – a timeless art which will enable you to create delicate masterpieces

embroidery hoop with white fabric inside, decorated with cross-stitched flowers, art and craft ideas, scissors and pins, pink thread

  • Make a dreamcatcher – a cool decoration which will protect you while you sleep

Shrouded in mystery and mysticism, the dreamcatcher is one of the most popular craft ideas among DIY enthusiasts. A simple wooden hoop decorated with a spiderweb-like net, beads, and feathers, this Native American decoration is said to protect our sleep by trapping nightmares. To make your own dreamcatcher, you will need a wooden or metal hoop and colorful thread. Once you have woven a pattern you like, you can decorate it with feathers, beads, small chains, ribbons or other similar items.

If you are wondering how to weave your dreamcatcher’s web, why not use this handy tutorial?

materials needed for making a dream catcher, scissors and thread in different colors, small wooden hoop and feathers, art and craft ideas, photos showing how to make a dream catcher

  • Upcycling – the art of giving new life to old used objects

This is the perfect hobby for people who want to have fun and create beautiful and useful objects, while also protecting the environment. Apart from the popular trend of using old wooden pallets to create cool furniture, you can also upcycle mason jars, tin cans, plastic bottles and even toilet paper rolls. You might think that old floppy disks are totally useless nowadays, but think again! They can also be transformed into unique and functional household items, as our example shows.

One way to utilize them is by making a cool, colorful flower pot. Simply take five floppy disks and stick their edges together using a glue gun. Alternatively, you can use the same technique to create a pencil holder or an organizer for your stationery. The photos below demonstrate how easy it is.

Create eco-friendly household items by upcycling used objects and old materials

flower pots made from old floppy disks, in different colors, art and craft ideas, step by step photo tutorial, explaining how to make them

close up of a pencil case, made from several yellow floppy disks, art and craft ideas, markers or pens in different colors inside

In a similar vein, you can give a second chance to used lightbulbs by creating tiny plant or moss terrariums

three lighbulbs hanging on white thread, filled with small white pebbles, moss and a succulent, art and craft ideas, second image shows needed materials

Here is a clever life hack – use nail polish to revamp old phone cases

homemade crafts, woman's hand with purple nails, decorating a clrear phone case, with dots of pale blue and pink, and teal nail polish

Scented homemade soaps make a great gift

three handmade soaps, red orange and pink, stacked on top of each other, and tied with string, homemade crafts, more pink soaps in background

More cool craft ideas – caligraphy. Because of its soothing and fun nature, calligraphy has been gaining popularity lately

white sheet of paper, with the words never stop dreaming, written in blue watercolor, palette with blue paint, and marker-like brush nearby, homemade crafts

How about making a herbarium? You can decorate your home’s walls with beautiful framed flowers

person in white shirt, framing stalks of dried flowers in glass cases, homemade crafts, open book and feathers, wooden planks and rope

hand holding a small white flowerpot, with a painted cartoon face, containing small white pebbles and succulents, homemade crafts, more pots in background

Add a spring to your step by customizing your favorite pair of sneakers!

customized white canvas sneaker, homemade crafts, hand putting clear glue with brush, adding pink glitter

Unique wall decoration made of pom-poms! A really cute, colorful and fun idea!

wall decoration made from a piece of wood, adorned with pom-poms, in different shapes and colors, homemade crafts, hanging over a white couch

framed sheet of paper, with the words there's no place like home, homemade crafts, placed on a desk, near vase with flowers and stationary

Cool shelves made from cardboard boxes – another great way of reusing old items

shelves made from carboard boxes, each painted in two different colors, yellow and purple, blue and green, or red and turquoise, homemade crafts

Paint feathers in different colors to create tiny natural masterpieces

feathers painted in different colors, and decorated with patterns, homemade crafts, hand with many bracelets and rings, holding a blue brush

These cute keychains are fun and easy to make and can also be used as party favors

many keychains, made from cork bottle stoppers, and metal rings, decorated with white labels, marking a special ocassion, diy craft projects

diy craft projects, seven keyrings, made from multicolored fabric, in different patterns, and metal rings, blue background with white polka dots

Coasters made from reclaimed wood slices. One of the easiest craft ideas on our list

six round slices of wood, with bark, painted in different shades of blue and green, diy craft projects, paint brush nearbysquare cork coasters, decorated with asymmetrical blue and pink, and black and white shapes, diy craft projects, one clear glass

Macrame is a form of knotting technique used to create beautiful fabric shapes. It can be utilized in the making of clothes, jewelry and even decorations for your walls!

macrame wall decorations, diy craft projects, made from cream and blue, dip-dyed thread, hanging on white wall, from wooden poles

Lanterns made from old tin cans – a really fun DIY idea with a rustic vibe

lanterns made from old tin cans, cut and pressed, diy craft projects, tied with thread, and containing small lit candles

Adventurer’s travel book – another lovely example of scrapbooking

journal with cork cover, decorated with cutouts, paper letters and a pale blue doily, diy craft projects, pencils made of rough wood and, other small items

Customize plain coffee mugs by dipping them in diluted nail polish

several white ceramic mugs, dip dyed with diluted nail polish in different colors, diy craft projects, required materials and photo tutorial

The decoupage technique we described above can also be used to transform old furniture. This will undoubtedly add a touch of unique charm to your home

white chest of drawers, decorated with green plants decoupage, near two chairs with similar pattern, diy craft projects, large mirror and lamp

a stack of six books, with differently colored hard covers, containing dividers, decorated with differently colored pom-poms, diy craft projects

lit candles in pale pink and violet, inside porcelain tea cups, placed on saucers, fun and easy crafts, two purple flower ornaments nearby

If you like paper crafts, try making this cool flower decoration. All you need are several sheets of colored tissue paper and some fuzzy wire

fun and easy crafts, eight images showing a tutorial, explaining how to make a paper flower, several sheets of paper in pink, purple and green, being folded and tied

Make a DIY desktop calendar, a vase from eggshells, a set of decoupage spoons…we have lots of craft ideas you can try!

beige clip board, with white paper, showing a calendar, with the word december, written in fancy black writing, fun and easy crafts, white desk with stationary

eggs placed in white holder, fun and easy crafts, decorated with pale purple, green and blue flowers

several turquoise colored spoons, fun and easy crafts, handles decorated with decoupage, tied together with blue and whte twisted string

Cat and kitten flower pots, made from decorated plastic bottles. A charming, eco-friendly and incredibly creative idea!

big and small white flower pots, with hand-painted cat faces, fun and easy crafts, each containing a different plant

hands holding a whote ceramic mug, decorated with a simple doodle, fun and easy crafts, showing a dinosaur and the words tea rex

four beige-colored notebooks, made from cereal boxes, decorated with colorful and patterned paper, and buttons and string, fun and easy crafts, step by step tutorial

four mason jars, painted in pastel colors, pale purple and blue, yellow and pink, decorated with hand-drawn caroon faces, fun and easy crafts, making of process in three photos

Destress by drawing beautiful mandalas and intricate patterns on smooth river stones. Later you can use them for paperweights, decorations or even gifts!

grey stones, decorated with black ink drawings, fun and easy crafts, showing mandalas and leaf patterns

easy arts and crafts, brunette woman in jeans and t-shirt, painting a chair in pale pink, furniture and newspapers

pendant made from three miniature books, tied together with green string, and attached to silver chain, easy arts and crafts, open book underneath

Beautiful jewelry box for storing rings and earrings. A great project for real DIY enthusiasts

jewelry box in pale blue, with rose pattern outside, and pink and red inside, easy arts and crafts, various rings and earrings inside, barcelet and pink roses nearby

Multicolored decoration made from fluffy pompoms,or a hanging garden from wooden crates? There are so many craft ideas to try!

round wall decoration, made from multicolored pom-poms stuck together, easy arts and crafts, hanging over a small white table, with wooden stool, and potted plants

wooden rack hanging from white wall, contaning many different kinds of green potted plants, easy arts and crafts, large silver spoon decoration nearby

small square clocks, decorated with washi tape, pink and white stripes, multicolored polka dots, and canary yellow, easy arts and crafts

String art is also a popular activity. A charming and simple decoration such as this will add a lot of warmth to your home

rectangular wooden board, decorated with three heartshapes, made with nails, and string in different shades of blue, easy arts and crafts, cactus plant nearby

Crocheted coasters – another activity that used to be popular in the past and is coming back in style

knitted coasters in red and white, white blue yellow and red, easy arts and crafts, near light blue and white teapot

Painted wooden bangles and rings made from buttons – two easy craft ideas everyone can try

wooden bangles, easy arts and crafts, decorated with blue and white, silver and grey, blue red and white shapes

woamn's hand, with shiny purple nail polish, easy arts and crafts, three rings, made from clothes buttons

plant pots, decorated with wooden clothes pegs, and containing pink and purple planted flowers

lamps made from three bottles, one silver colored with large blue stripe, one clear and partly dyed turquoise, and one plastic, fully died turquoise, with white lampshades

Decorate your walls with differently sized canvases covered in colorful fabric

blue wall of a room, with many differently-sized canvases, decorated with various, multicolored patterns, shelf with many different items nearby

two white ceramic bowls, and a mug, decorated with lines, and tiny scribbles, in pink blue and black

Transform a wooden crate into a hanging shelf, add a splash of color to your stools, or make an original organizer. Awesome craft ideas you can try today!

wooden box hanging on thick rope, painted in pale orange, and vivid purple, and containing books and other items

three bar stools, the tips of their legs have been painted, one in white and teal with ombre effect, one plain turquoise, one striped turquoise

round wooden board on a wall, decorated with pale pink stripes, and white patterns, sunglasses and other items, hanging on it from a thread,

square photos in carboard frames, decorated with differently colored thread, a total of eight, mounted on white wall

We love this dreamy light up neon wall decoration!

bulldog clips and a 3D marker, glue and pliers, light-up neon pink cord, and some wire, diy shining hello sign

notice boards made of cork, partly painted n pale pink, or violet, with several pieces of paper pinned on them, plants and a desk lamp nearby

Gorgeous jewelry holders made from small ceramic plates, dyed in psychedelic colors

five small saucers, dyed in different psychadelic colors, containing rings, bracelets and pendants

several wooden beads, half colored in turquoise, coral pink or gold, stringed on a chain

coat hanger made from wooden plank, painted pale blue, with yellow and dark blue pattern, denim jacket and blue bag, and two scarves hanging from it

three people pinning small images, on a large world map, close ups reveal, that the images are tiny photos of landmarks

Customize fabrics by stamping them with colorful patterns

white fabric tote bag, decorated with large heart-shape print, made from little pink, and red stamped dots

folded white napkins, a total of four, each decorated with a different stamped pattern, blue dots, black and yellow triangles, red and black rectangles, large yellow dots

lit lamp, made from shining lighbulb, inside a clear mason jar, hanging from black cable

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