Want to make your own travel diary? Inspirational ideas in 60 photos

by John Griffith

Are you a passionate wanderer who dreams of adventures and longs to see the world? Do you love travelling at home and abroad, visiting tourist sites and exploring new places? If so, why not consider collecting the precious memories you have made during your travels in a beautiful handcrafted adventure journal?

This article is just the thing to help you get started! It contains loads of inspirational photos and creative ideas that will help you unleash your imagination.

Wondering where to start with your adventure journal? Begin by recollecting your fondest travel-related experiences.

travelogue, wooden surface, open notebook with various photos, cutouts, stickers, drawings, collage,black camera, pencils, paint brushes

Naturally, all beautiful places you visit will remain in your memory, but putting them on paper will allow you to share them with your friends and family. Why not tell your loved ones about the sights which impressed you, the journeys which changed your world view, and the experiences that touched your heart? Collect photos, postcards, stamps and little mementos, write about your travel plans and impressions, describe the different customs and traditions you experience around the world. If you are hesitant to start and unsure how to make a truly unique and exceptional adventure journal, read on!

Why stop at one adventure journal when you can have a dozen?

adventure journal, three big journals in light brown, with many colorful pages, stacked on top of each other, each tied with string, on a bench

The story of your journey starts here.

scrapbooking ideas, notebook with colorful pages and black binding, stickers, cutouts and a label saying vacation, on a wooden surface

Your adventure journal doesn’t have to be terribly complicated – a minimalist style is often even more effective.

 travel journal, notepad with dotted white paper, colorful writing in black, blue, red and green, with arrows and a heart, mandala background

Let’s get down to business. The only things you need to get started are a journal, scissors, glue and decorative paper of your choice – you can use decoupage paper, old newspapers, maps or anything you like. If you prefer, you can even use faux leather or fabrics. We decided to use a map to spruce up our journal’s pages and some faux leather for its cover. Here is a fun step-by-step description of the process:

You don’t need many supplies to make your own adventure journal.

empty journal, map, glue, scissors, sticky tape, string, tracing paper, hands cutting and gluing paper and leather, white pages

Use decorative sticky tape to add some color

scrapbook ideas for beginners, two rolls of white sticky tape with yellow, black, blue and pink bird design on white background

If you prefer the black and white color scheme, there are many of options available.

scrapbook ideas for beginners, decorative sticky tape with black camera design, two rolls, on white background

Images containing birds are very popular for adventure journals because they represent freedom.

scrapbook ideas for beginners, lightly colored sticky tape with black bird on power lines, one roll on white sheet of paper

A very important step in the creation of your journal is adding the right photos. In our digital age, less and less people print their photographs which is a shame – having pictures on your phone and computer is nice, but it is always better to own a hard copy.

Printing your favorite travel photos for your adventure journal is a must!

travelogue, notebook with writing, two photos, stickers, decorative tape, stamp, scissors, sticky tape, pens, white background

You can write the name of your destination and date of your adventure on the cover of the journal.

adventure journal, notebook with black binding, light-green and yellow cover, silver glitter writing saying London 06 2014

We love the vintage-look of this cover which combines printouts and antique travel tickets!

adventure journal, journal with vintage decoration, old tickets, map, airplane cutout, blue and yellow paint, compass

Here is another version of an awesome vintage-inspired journal:

travel journal, brown, yellow, orange cover, vintage cutouts, watch, stamps, travel tickets, string, cord, key chain, white background

A minimalist style achieved by using recycled paper:

scrapbook page ideas, cardboard cover notebook, recycled paper, drawings of a banner and clouds, pencil, grey background

Using a map on the cover of your adventure journal is a great idea. You can either opt for a map of the places you visited or use a colorful world map.

adventure journal, notebook, colorful map stuck on cover, golden ribbon, pearl sicker, rope and chain details, light background

And here is an elegant idea for planning your future travels:

travelogue, light brown notepad with map outlines and blue thread pinned on cover, recycled paper, on dark surface and light background

You can add your favorite quotes and combine them with the map cutouts on the cover:

travel journal, a tan hand holding a notebook, with a yellow and green map of the world on the cover, shoes, wooden boards

Found an amazing cafe? Why not draw acute picture of your order?

scrapbooking made simple, small sketchbook, colored drawings of a coffee cup and some deserts, two photos Japanese writing

Be mindful – take a moment to relish and describe the new flavors you discover!

scrapbook layouts, sketchbook with colorful drawing, old travel tickets, white coffee cup with latte, a dessert, plates, pen, marble table

It’s also a good idea to illustrate the traditional foods you try on your journey.

scrapbooking made simple, drawing pad, cute drawings of food and a chibi, postcard, pink Japanese sweets, pink candle

If you like drawing why not take a moment to sketch the tourist attractions you visit? We adore these beautiful illustrations of Italy’s historic sites!

If you’re not into drawing – postcards will do just as well.

scrapbooking ideas, small sketchbook, white pages, vintage tickets, paper plane drawing, new york postcard, pens, wooden background

Do you remember what the weather was like?

 scrapbook ideas for beginners, a photo of tower bridge, clouds shapes, paper clip, stickers, hearts, colorful patterns, black writing

Sticking the postcards you buy in your adventure journal is a great way to make sure you won’t lose them.

 scrapbooking made simple, small journal, held by a hand with a ring, containing a map, a photo and a plane ticket, color pens, postcards of the Eiffel tower

Try to take pictures of everything that surprises and inspires you – beautiful buildings, animals, unusual plants.

 scrapbooking made simple, notebook made of brown recycled paper with three photos, on a white table with full coffee cup and green leaf

If you love visiting botanical gardens or animal parks, you can turn your adventure journal into a little menagerie!

scrapbook page ideas, light brown squared paper in a journal, green leaves, photos, images of birds, stamps, a pencil

Postage stamps, randomly found stickers-everything can be a decoration!

scrapbooking made simple, an old camera, two journals, one brown, closed, tied with string and lock, the other open, cutouts, stamps, stickers, photos

Don’t forget to record the people that you meet on your travels and take plenty of photos to remember them by!

adventure journal ideas, many scrapbooks and materials on a flowery background, hand holding photo, more photos and cutouts in the background

People say that if you really want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it. If you dream of travelling, why not begin planning your future trips now? Research some attractive destinations and start working on your adventure journal today!

travel journal, dotted white page, black writing, list of places, squares to tick, red drawing of car and red arrow, wooden background

adventure journal, sketchbook with various cutouts, globe map, bear, birds, flowers, stamps, black writing, held by woman's had with red nail polish

travel journal, close-up of map in light blue and green, with red thread stitched on it, silver needle

Here are some more fantastic examples of adventure journals:

scrapbook ideas, organizer, journal with calendar, dates, months, cutouts, tickets, drawings, writing, near full coffee cup, stationary

travelogue, small journal, photos, stickers, cutouts, small scissor charm on a string, pens, stamps, sticky tape, pencil box

scrapbooking ideas, diary, white pages, cutouts of flowers, rose, children, stamps,writing, on a table, near a glass with desert

scrapbook layouts, journal with photos, a drawing and writing, cutouts, tickets, held by an arm, shoes in the background

scrapbook layouts, journals with lots of photos, a map, a drawing of a pine branch with pine-cone, writing, light background

scrapbook page ideas, journal with white paper, five photos, writing, stamps, stars, stickers, a pen, white background

scrapbook layouts, open sketchbook with photos, a ticket, a letter cutout with stamp, flower drawing, lot of writing, white background

travelogue, open journals with metal binding, lots of postcards, colorful cutouts, photos, a pin and orange flower, tiny yellow bicycles, wooden background

scrapbook page ideas, white background, open journal with blue details, a photo, a business card, lots of writing, dates, calendar

scrapbook page ideas, journal with light brown paper, two photos, a ticket, lots of writing, clipped with two paperclips, near a pen, sticky tape

scrapbook ideas for beginners, two notebooks, squared paper, lots of writing, hand drawn details in brown and blue, pens, paints

If you love handicrafts and fun DIY projects, our site has loads. From festive tutorials to ideas for handmade gifts, we have it all! Check them out and let us now what you think.

John Griffith

John Griffith is a young, passionate journalist. Writing has been John’s hobby ever since he was a boy. He has worked in some of the UK’s most successful news portals over the course of his professional career but found his forever home at Archzine.