Unexpected Things Your Nails May Reveal About Your Health

by Maria Konou

Your fingernails are a part of your life, but you may not think about them at all until you break one. Or spend a lot of time grooming them and making them look pretty. It turns out, however, that your nails can actually give some important clues about how healthy you are. Many nail conditions can be the result of improper diet, a lack of healthy foods, and bad nutrition. However, there are other signs that can indicate something bigger than that, so you need to be careful. Just try to notice and address unusual or unexpected changes in your body’s appearance while it is still early on. This will help you keep yourself healthy and on track! So, without further ado, let’s see what are the surprising things your nails may reveal about your health:

Did you know that your nails can reveal a lot about your health and well-being?


Surprising Things Your Nails Reveal About Your Health

#White spots

Little white spots on the nails are not uncommon. They could be caused by a bunch of different things including fungal infections, allergic reactions, nail injury, or vitamin deficiency. Very often this is an indicator that a change in your diet is much needed. Increasing your calcium and vitamin C intake can help reduce your chances of developing white spots and nail stains. But when these white spots are combined with some other symptoms of disease, then you may need to seek medical attention.

Increasing your vitamin C intake can help reduce your chances of developing white spots

#Pale nail base

Your nails should have a slight pinkish tint, and if you notice your nail base is paler than usual, this might indicate some other issues. If your nails are paler than normal, it could be a sign of anemia, liver disease, or heart failure. If you are a woman, there is a high chance that you might have anemia or an iron deficiency. This is a condition that affects most women. So, include dark leafy greens in your diet, like spinach! If you worry about other issues, seek a medical opinion.

Spinach is a great diet addition for women with low iron and anemia


#Dry or easily brittle nails

Dry or easily brittle nails can be a symptom of hypothyroidism or iron deficiency, also known as anemia. However, this may not be the only cause. Dry and brittle nails can also appear if you are constantly washing your hands (often seen in health professionals and chefs, for example). Nevertheless, you can protect your hands with gloves and use lotions if there is no underlying disease associated.

Use rubber gloves when you are washing the dishes or cleaning the house

#Weak or soft nails

If your nails are not as strong as you would like them to be, it could be a sign of a nutritional deficiency, especially in the area of protein. To strengthen your nail structure, you should eat healthy foods that can boost keratin levels. These include meat, eggs, quinoa, beans, or other protein-rich foods. Also, look out for other signs that you are not getting enough protein. They can help narrow down if that is actually the issue you are facing.

Include keratin-boosting, high-protein foods in your diet if your nails are soft and weak


#Puffy cuticles

If your cuticles look swollen or puffy, it could indicate a connective tissue disorder, lupus, other autoimmune diseases, or an infection. It is important to seek medical attention if your cuticles have been puffy for some time, and it does not look like an infection. If this is an infection, then there are lots of treatment options to help heal your nails and cuticles. Nevertheless, it is important to ask for a medical professional’s opinion.

If this is an infection, then there are lots of treatments to help heal your nails and cuticles

#Bluish nails

If your nails have a blue tint, it could be a sign that you are not getting enough oxygen. This itself could be an indicator of lung disease or cardiovascular problems. Or, you could be struggling with asthma. Our advice is to talk to a professional about it and try some breathing exercises. They will help you learn how to breathe deeper and give your body all the oxygen it needs.

If your nails have a blue tint, it could be a sign that you are not getting enough oxygen

#Grooved nails

Nail furrows can be both vertical and horizontal. Vertical ones can be a normal change in the nails, unless they are also associated with discoloration. This can be a sign of iron deficiency anemia. If this is the case, include iron-rich foods in your diet like spinach, pomegranate, beans, nuts, and more. Horizontal ones may be indicative of kidney disease or a drug reaction, so you need to talk to your doctor.

If your nails show that you might have anemia, include iron-rich foods in your daily diet

#Yellow nails

Yellow nails can be a sign of several diseases, including fungal infections, but also liver or kidney disease. You can visit a cosmetic nail artist that specializes in fungal infections to receive a professional opinion and good treatment. If that is not the reason that your nails are yellow, you might need to talk to your doctor.

Visit a cosmetic nail artist that treats fungal infections to receive a professional opinion and treatment

#Small holes or lines

Small holes or lines in your nails can be an early indicator of inflammatory arthritis or psoriasis. Ask your doctor for an opinion. If you have sensitive skin and a condition like psoriasis, your doctor will give you the right treatment.

If you have a condition like psoriasis, your doctor will help you with the right treatment

#Dark blue or black pigments

This may not be a big deal, but it can also be a warning sign. If there is a darkening of a nail, it should be examined immediately by a doctor. This can be a deposition of melanocytes and can range from a benign growth like a nevus to a more serious growth like melanoma. If the blue or black pigments start going away after a week or two, it could have been that you hit and bruised your nail bed.

If you see dark blue or black pigments, you need to talk to your doctor

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