Showcase your adventurous spirit with a mountain range tattoo

Von John Griffith / April 29 2020

The trend craze is something that will never change or go away. If you think about it even nowadays we are still influenced by certain trends from the 80s and 90s. Even more so, in recent years, with the rise of the influencer culture, it seems like there is a new fad every day. This is a good thing, however. Because it gives you the opportunity to be selective and to be influenced by different things, which help shape who you are. One of the biggest things has probably been tattoos. They have been around for a long time, but it seems like they will continue being a must have fashion accessory. So, today we are going to explore yet another type of body art – the mountain range tattoo. Keep reading to find the meaning behind it as well as some pretty gorgeous examples.

Mountain range tattoo – meaning and examples

mountain range tattoo, watercolor ankle tattoo, mountain range with green trees, turquoise sky

What is the meaning of a mountain range tattoo?

First of all, it’s worth noting that it isn’t always necessary to have a special meaning behind your tattoo. Which is why, when it comes to mountain tattoos, you can say that they are simply beautiful. For us, that can be a good enough reason to get one. If you disagree, however, here are some meanings behind this type of body art.

  • Express your love for nature. The mountain tattoo is perfect for people who love to keep in touch with nature. So, whether you love spending time camping somewhere, or even hiking or climbing mountain tops, this tattoo is perfect for you. What’s more, it showcases your adventurous spirit and your love for excitement.
  • Climbing mountains and overcoming mountain tops. Anyone who has ever tried to climb a mountain top knows just how difficult it is. Even if it not as high as the tops of Everest, this is an achievement to be proud of for sure. Which is exactly why a mountain range tattoo can symbolize a person overcoming something in their life. Whether it is a difficult moment or a problem, you can commemorate it forever on your body. That way everytime you look at your tattoo you will remember that moment. So, even if you enter another difficult time in your life your tattoo can be a reminder that you can overcome anything.

Even a small mountain tattoo can look just as beautiful when you add a little bit of watercolor details

ankle tattoo, mountain range, blue watercolor clouds and stars, mountain range tattoo, white sandals with kawaii print

  • “Thinking like a mountain” is a term coined by Leopold in his book “A Sand County Almanac”. This term has such a deep meaning. It symbolizes the intricate correlation of nature’s resources. So, one can see a mountain tattoo as an expression of one being a part of something bigger than himself. Part of something greater.
  • Strength and perseverance. As we all know mountains have been here for thousands of years. They have formed overtime and are indestructable. Therefore, a mountain tattoo can be a symbol of your inner strength and willingness to weather all storms.
  • The mystery of the mountains is unmatchable. Just think about all the intricate details of nature in a mountain. All the hidden little spots and places. If you love hiking you definitely know how you can stumble upon a thing of beauty by accident. So, a mountain can signify a version of you that hides many little, yet beautiful parts of your soul.

Now that you know all the meanings, scroll through our gallery and choose your tattoo design

geometrical design, mountain landscape with forest, clouds and moon in the sky, mountain range tattoo, back of arm tattoo

This back mountain tattoo is simple, but very beautiful

back tattoo, geometrical design, mountain range tattoo, woman with blonde hair in a bun

Adding a few watercolor dark clouds can be a sign of going through a turbulent time in your life

collar bone watercolor tattoo, mountain range tattoo, mountain range with black watercolor clouds

And even iif you don’t want to commit to a large mountain range tattoo, smaller ones can have the same effect

minimalist tattoo, forearm tattoo, colored mountain range, mountain tattoo, orange blue black and red colors

This is simply gorgeous – combining the strength of nature with that of a wolf

forearm tattoo, wolf head as a mountain range, trees underneath, mountain tattoo, birds flying

And as if the mountain is not enough, why not add the word adventure underneath

adventure written underneath mountain range, mountain tattoo, forearm tattoo, black and white photo

Watercolor mountain tattoo – do we need to say more

watercolor tattoo on the inside of the foot, mountain tattoo, mountain range in different colors

Mix and match with different nature tattoos

leg tattoos, mountain range on one leg, bear and tall tree on the other, mountain tattoo, grey socks

black and white photo, simple mountain tattoo, mountain range on the inside of the arm

Larger tattoos allow for more detail

colored back tattoo, simple mountain tattoo, river flowing between trees, mountain range in the background

ankle tattoo, geometrical design, simple mountain tattoo, mountain with a snowy peak

back of arm tattoo, simple mountain tattoo, road through a mountain range, trees around it

Are you a fan of skiing – then add a ski slope to your mountain range

forearm tattoo, simple mountain tattoo, mountain range with a ski slope, black and white photo

forearm tattoo, small mountain tattoo, small village next to a lake, surrounded by trees and mountains

black and white photo, forearm tattoo, small mountain tattoo, mountain range with trees

geometrical design, forearm tattoo, small mountain tattoo, mountain and trees, planets around the sun

Your tattoo can also be a replica of a mountain landscape that holds a special place in your heart

small mountain tattoo, forearm tattoo, lake surrounded by trees, mountain range, white background

river flowing, surrounded by trees, forearm tattoo, small mountain tattoo, crescent moon above mountain

hiking tattoos, mountain range with trees, black armband going around the arm, forearm tattoo

fire and a tent next to a river, mountain range and trees in the background, hiking tattoos, forearm tattoo

geometrical design, hiking tattoos, mountain range with trees, forearm tattoo

This watercolor tattoo is simply gorgeous

watercolor shoulder tattoo, hiking tattoos, lake surrounded by trees and flowers, mountain range in the background

mountain range with fog and trees, hiking tattoos, forearm tattoo, white background

inside the arm tattoo, mountain tattoo sleeve, mountain range with trees

half leg sleeve tattoo, watercolor tattoo, mountain tattoo sleeve, stag with mountain landscape in the background

matching forearm tattoos, mountain tattoo sleeve, simple mountain range, coordinates written underneath

blue watercolor mountain range, drawn inside a circles, mountain tattoo sleeve, matching forearm tattoos

black and white photo, mountain tattoo sleeve, simple mountain range, forearm tattoo

Mountain tattoo ideas

inside the arm tattoo, minimalist mountain tattoo, road between mountain peaks, black background

forearm tattoo, minimalist mountain tattoo, mountain range next to lake, surrounded by trees inside a triangle

minimalist mountain tattoo, forearm tattoo, mountain range with tall trees, white background

back of shoulder tattoo, minimalist mountain tattoo, woman wearing floral top, brick wall in the background

Minimalist mountain tattoo

black and white photo, geometrical design, minimalist mountain tattoo, inside the arm tattoo

back of shoulder tattoo, mountain tattoo ideas, geometrical design, watercolor tattoo

inside the foot tattoo, mountain tattoo ideas, mountain range surrounded by stars

inside the arm tattoo, mountain tattoo ideas, mountain range inside a circle, white background

Simply breathtaking

mountain with snowy peak, blue sky inside a circle, surrounded by cherry blossoms, mountain tattoo ideas, watercolor forearm tattoo

ouroboros symbol around a mountain range, mountain tattoo ideas, forearm tattoo

mountain scene tattoo, rib cage tattoo, minimalist mountain range, woman wearing white top

shoulder tattoo, mountain range with moon above it, mountain scene tattoo, woman wearing black blouse

Hiking tattoos

watercolor shoulder tattoo, mountain scene tattoo, camp fire burning between trees, mountain in the background

ankle tattoo, mountain scene tattoo, minimalist mountain range, black background

forearm tattoo, mountain scene tattoo, lake surrounded by trees and mountain, stars and moon in the sky

mountain tattoo meaning, forearm tattoo, minimalist mountain range, woman wearing black t shirt

forearm tattoo, mountain tattoo meaning, black background, mountain range with fog and trees

geometrical design, back of arm tattoo, mountain tattoo meaning, river flowing through the mountains

Think like a mountain – Leopold

think like a mountain, quote by leopold, written underneath mountain range with trees, mountain tattoo meaning

watercolor sun in yellow and orange, over a mountain range, mountain tattoo meaning, forearm tattoo

mountain range tattoo, inside the outlines of a bear, inside the arm tattoo, white background

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