The charm of the discreet tattoo in 80 examples with a secret message

Von John Griffith / June 17 2019

Tattoos are like a jewel for the human body especially when you take the time to carefully choose your design. Body art attracts more and more people thanks to its diversity and aesthetics. Today, even those who have never thought of trying such an expression remain delighted by the beauty of ink creations. There are thousands of unique designs and ideas in body designs. Among the most popular trends is the discreet tattoo. If you are looking to try or just admire some examples of discreet tattoos , we suggest you take inspiration from our gallery below.

Adorn your body with a discreet tattoo

discreet tattoo, denim short, white shirt, white roses flower bouquet, wrist tattoo

You are tempted by the idea of ​​making your first tattoo but you are not sure which design to choose? Or, have you already dared the dermal marking and you want to add a little ink drawing on your body? Whatever your case, minimalist tattoos are a perfect alternative for everyone. What’s more, mini tattoos have already won the hearts of many stars. Demi Lovato, Kylie and Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, Lucy Hale, Katy Perry, Rita Ora … The list of stars seduced by the small body drawings is never-ending.

Mini ribbon hidden under the sunny hair of blogger Chiara Ferragni

black bow, back tattoo, discreet tattoos, blonde wavy hair, brown velvet bag, white top

When considering getting a tattoo, there are two key elements to consider – the location and design of the tattoo. Think carefully to find the best option that perfectly meets both of these prerequisites.

Step 1. Choose a location .

Since the ink drawing is a permanent mark, one must carefully decide which part of his body to tattoo. Depending on your preferences, you can opt for a visible location such as on the hand or feet, or for a more “hidden” alternative such as the back or the neck. On the other hand, if you change your mind too often and you are a person who likes changes, then we advise you to choose the second option.

Some examples of sweet and romantic discreet tattoo with floral motifs

photo collage, different tattoos, on the ankles, discreet tattoo, side by side photos

What is the best location for a discreet tattoo?

For sure, the location of the tattoo is above all a personal choice. If you’re curious to learn what the trends are, here’s a briefing on the favorite parts for women and men.

  • wrist and ankle – two areas of the body that can be easily masked by a piece of clothing or an accessory (bracelet or wrist watch)
  • Nape – great alternative for a hidden tattoo (by a necklace for men or by loose hair for girls)
  • the back – also a more discreet location especially since most of the time the back is covered with a piece of clothing
  • the ear – here we can opt for a tattoo on the lobe or behind the ear
  • the flanks – still a favorite idea especially by girls (which remains invisible most of the time except during summer days)

For more ideas and beauty tips you can take a look at the fantastic site: ladyfirst .

Choose between a classic black version or a colourful drawing

flower tattoos, discreet tattoo, photo collage, different tattoos, on the forearm and wrist

Step 2. Design choice

People are all different just like the drawings on the skin. It’s up to you to determine if your mini tattoo will have a strong meaning or not. If you are strongly interested in a theme: travel, adventure, love, coffee, astronomy, nature etc. you can opt for a thematic tattoo that would be your guaranteed inspiration. Many enthusiasts are also passionate about floral or animal motifs. If you want your tattoo to carry a secret symbolism, look for ethnic or ancient symbols. Numerical or roman numeral tattoos and inspiring words in tiny cursive letters are also on the rise.

Choose a favorite symbol for engraving a sentimental tattoo

different symbols, discreet tattoo, hourglass tattoo, to infinity and beyond, shoulder tattoo, photo collage

Beautiful minimalist tattoo with ultra feminine design with face and rose with clean lines

female face with rose, forearm tattoo, tiny tattoos, black wallpaper, black and white photo

Tattoo in the spirit of adventures on the female body

black and white, photo collage, tiny tattoos, on the ankle and back

Nice example of discreet heart tattoo on the hand

small heart, forearm tattoo, golden bracelet, grey shirt, tiny tattoos

The tattoos behind the ears are super nice, right?

black and white photos, photo collage, tiny tattoos, on the back and wrist, behind the ear

Galactic body art template in fantasy constellation design

stars and constellation, rib cage tattoo, tiny tattoos, grey dress

Many ideas for choosing the perfect minimalistic tattoos

simple tattoo, black and white photos, photo collage, different styles, wrist and arm tattoos

black rose, forearm tattoo, simple tattoo, white shirt, black jeans, black sneakers

A romantic note in everyday life

photo collage, side by side photos, different styles, simple tattoo, on the back and arms

different tattoos, for adventure lovers, planes and landscapes, simple tattoo, on the forearms

anchor tattoo, inside the arm, black top, simple tattoo, white background

tattoo placement, animal tattoos, photo collage, on the ankles and wrist

Tiny tattoos

animal tattoos, on the forearms and ankles, tattoo placement, photo collage

compass arrow, pointing north, wrist tattoo, mountain landscape, tattoo placement

artist wrist tattoo, black and white photo, tattoo placement, wooden table

geographical coordinates, side arm tattoo, tattoo placement, blonde hair, white top

inner bicep tattoo, matching couple tattoos, two birds, forearm tattoos, grey shirt and blouse

black rose, ankle tattoo, inner bicep tattoo, blue jeans, white background

blue flowers, shoulder tattoo, inner bicep tattoo, white brick wall

Simple tattoo, which looks super elegant

butterfly tattoo, inner bicep tattoo, ankle tattoo, blurred background

coffee mug, wrist tattoo, black and white photo, inner bicep tattoo

red flowers, shoulder tattoo, grey background, cute tattoos for girls

cute tattoos for girls, female face and bird, hand tattoo, black and white photo, denim skirt

stars and constellations, arm tattoos, side by side photos, cute tattoos for girls, photo collage

arrow tattoos, different styles, cute tattoos for girls, black and white drawing

cute tattoos for girls, dog looking up, inside arm tattoo, white t shirt, white background

key tattoos, dotted arrows, rib cage tattoo, blue and white striped blouse

Interesting tattoo placement ideas

dotted bracelet, wrist tattoo, key tattoos, floral shirt, grey background

dotted star, wrist tattoo, grey background, key tattoos, black and white photo

dotted sun, key tattoos, black and white photo, wrist tattoo, tiled floor

Cute tattoos for girls

female silhouettes, black and white photos, photo collage, key tattoos

fingers crossed, inside arm tattoo, cute little tattoos, black and white photo

cute little tattoos, floating balloon, side arm tattoo, black and white photo

flowers forearm tattoo, couple holding hands, cute little tattoos, floral dress, denim shirt

black and white photo, cute little tattoos, flying airplane, rib cage tattoo, black and white top

Cute little tattoos

paper plane, flying airplane, wrist tattoos, matching tattoos, cute little tattoos, white background

tattoo locations, geometrical lotus flower, inside arm tattoo, white shirt

sun and moon, geometrical hourglass, shoulder tattoo, tattoo locations, black and white photo

guts over fear, coffee cup, white shirt, inside arm tattoo, tattoo locations, wooden table

hands and finger touching, forearm tattoos, tattoo locations, black and white photo

tattoo locations, heart outline, wrist tattoo, purple nail polish, white shirt, blonde hair

black bobby pin, finger tattoo, tattoo placement ideas, black and white photo

Key tattoos

vintage key, tattoo placement ideas, wrist tattoo, blurred background

black rose, side arm tattoo, washed jeans, grey blouse, tattoo placement ideas

dog head, bax name, tattoo placement ideas, forearm tattoo, black shirt

keys hanging, on white strands, tattoo placement ideas, keyhole wrist tattoo

Best places to get a tattoo

best places to get a tattoo, light bulb on, ankle tattoo, grey socks

light collarbone tattoo, best places to get a tattoo, black hair, black and white photo

lotus flower, ankle tattoo, best places to get a tattoo, white background

love me more, ankle tattoo, white sneakers, best places to get a tattoo

love tattoos, best places to get a tattoo, photo collage, male and female silhouettes

cute simple tattoos, map of the world, wrist tattoo

mickey and minnie mouse, ankle tattoos, cute simple tattoos, white jeans, black background

arrows finger tattoo, cute simple tattoos, plaid shirt, black jeans

Cute simple tattoos

mountain landscape, back tattoo, beach landscape forearm tattoo, cute simple tattoos

wrist tattoo, numbers and infinity symbol, cute simple tattoos, silver leather, watch strap, white background

minimalistic tattoos, photo collage, side by side photos, ankle back and forearm tattoos

pink moon, wrist tattoo, minimalistic tattoos, green nail polish, gold bracelets

pink peach, collarbone tattoo, minimalistic tattoos, blue top, white background

planet and stars, forearm tattoo, black and white photo, minimalistic tattoos, white paper

potted cactuses, inside arm tattoo, white sweater, minimalistic tattoos, tiled floor

best place to get a tattoo, hopping bunny, forearm tattoo, black top, white background

running horse, wrist tattoo, best place to get a tattoo, black background

Minimalistic tattoos

dolphin back tattoo, black and white photo, grey blouse, best place to get a tattoo

side by side photos, female silhouettes, best place to get a tattoo, forearm tattoos

side by side photos, stars and constellation, forearm tattoos, best place to get a tattoo

hidden tattoos, flowers inside arm tattoo, white shirt, blue door

sleeping tiger cub, ankle tattoo, hidden tattoos, white sneakers

small symbols, hidden tattoos, along the arm, blue jeans, colourful scarf

red wine glass, wrist tattoo, white paper, hidden tattoos

Hidden tattoos

light bulb, inside a square, forearm tattoo, hidden tattoos, black and white photo, black jeans

steaming coffee, inside arm tattoo, small tattoo placement, white background

small tattoo placement, stream collarbone tattoo, white straps, black hair

skul with a floral wreath, forearm tattoo, small tattoo placement, black and white photo

Subtle tattoos

photo collage, floral tattoos, small tattoo placement, ankle and forearm tattoos

small tattoo placement, geometrical triangle, wrist tattoo, silver bracelets, blonde curly hair

small hip tattoos, female centaur, inside a triangle, forearm tattoo, black blouse, pink nail polish

two silhouettes intertwined, back of arm tattoo, small hip tattoos, black and white photo

unicorn tattoo, inside arm tattoo, small hip tattoos, black and white photo

whale forearm tattoo, black top, black pants, white background, small hip tattoos

coloured daisy, wrist tattoo, small hip tattoos, white paper

anchor ankle tattoo, heart wrist tattoo, white sneakers, gold bracelets, subtle tattoos

yellow paper, coffee cup, hanger and needle, forearm tattoos, subtle tattoos, white background

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