Red and Ripe: 8 Surprising Health Reasons to Feast on Tomatoes

by Maria Konou

You are probably so used to tomatoes by now that you do not really pay them much attention. After all, they are on the market all year round. However, do not be quick to underestimate tomatoes. In the summer, they are the ripest, sweetest and juiciest of veggies. You cannot make a delicious Caprese without them, and you surely should take advantage of the season. In addition to their taste, tomatoes are actually extremely beneficial for a number of reasons. The tomato is a superfood rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, fiber, useful in fighting various diseases. One cup of chopped tomatoes has over 30% of your daily vitamin C ration, 24% of that of biotin, 16% – vitamin K, and almost a tenth of the required amount of fiber. Today, we will show you even more surprising health reasons to feast on tomatoes as much as you can!

Let’s explore the most surprising health reasons to feast of tomatoes all year round

why tomato is good for health

Red and Ripe: 8 Surprising Health Reasons to Feast on Tomatoes

#Beneficial for skin health

Tomatoes contain lycopene, a powerful antioxidant from the carotenoid group. It helps to slow down skin aging and even protects it from blemishes and breakouts. Not surprisingly, tomatoes are used in many cosmetic products, including skin cleansers and sunscreens. Moreover, Asian beauty has long utilized the beneficial qualities of tomatoes in their skincare products. So, what are you waiting for? Snack on tomatoes for clear and youthful skin!

For a youthful look and clear skin, consume more tomatoes

why eating tomatoes is good for you

#Help protect against cancer

Raw or cooked, tomatoes are a good source of beneficial substances. Thanks to lycopene, once again, tomatoes also rank among the leaders in preventing certain types of cancer – mainly cervical, breast, and stomach cancer. A number of studies have pointed specifically to increased lycopene intake as a means of reducing the risk of this disease. If you include tomatoes in your diet, you will have a better chance of protecting yourself against this disease.

Regular consumption of tomatoes helps lower the risk of certain types of cancer

health benefits of eating tomatoes daily

#Strengthen bones

The calcium and vitamin K content present in tomatoes is at the forefront of bone health. These vitamins are crucial for the health of your bones, maintaining them strong and healthy. Furthermore, tomatoes can be beneficial for preventing osteoporosis!

Tomatoes contain vitamins that are crucial for bone health

why is tomato good for heart

#Support your lungs

Don’t expect tomatoes to help you quit smoking or anything like that. You will have to do that on your own. But at least you can help your lungs a little to protect themselves by giving them the boost they need. So, make sure to add tomatoes to your menu, especially if you are a smoker!

Tomatoes contain nutrients that can support lung health and function

what health benefits does tomatoes have

#Great for heart health

Tomatoes are also rich in vitamin B and potassium, which can both help reduce blood cholesterol levels and lower high blood pressure. In addition, this veggie is also rich in vitamin C, which support the health of blood vessels. Overall, tomatoes are great for your heart!

If you want a healthy heart, eat more delicious tomatoes 

the health benefits of eating tomatoes

#For healthy eyes and teeth

This is where the vitamin A in tomatoes comes to the rescue. It contributes to the good shape of your molars and incisors, as well as sharp eyesight. Additionally, tomatoes contain lycopene, a potent antioxidant that support the health of your eyes!

Tomatoes contain compounds that support both teeth and eye health

health benefits of eating tomatoes everyday

#Against constipation

Fiber is the fairy godmother of regular bowel movements, and luckily tomatoes have plenty of it. Eat them in combination with other vegetables in a salad or a soup, and get a keep your stomach and gut flora happy and healthy! If you suffer from constipation, tomatoes will surely help with that, as well.

The fiber in tomatoes supports regular bowel movements and a happy stomach

health reasons to feast on tomatoes

#Boost immunity

If you want to boost your immunity, eating raw tomatoes is the way to go! The body’s defense relies heavily on vitamin C intake. But to take advantage of its powerful force, you will have to eat tomatoes uncooked. So, what better way to support your health, than a delicious tomato salad.

Eating raw tomatoes boosts your immunity and overall health

what health benefits do tomatoes have

Now you know the best health reasons to feast on tomatoes this summer!

eating tomatoes health benefits

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