Add More Of These Vitamin A Foods To Your Diet, According To A Dietitian

by John Griffith

The human body needs a variety of minerals and vitamins every day for it to function properly. Each vitamin and mineral has its own function. When it comes to vitamin A, it has a bunch of benefits. It’s amazing at boosting your immune system, it helps keep the skin nice and clear, and it makes your vision sharp. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? While you can get your daily dose of this vitamin, along many others, from a pill, many specialists recommend sourcing it from naturally rich in vitamin A foods. That’s why today we’ve prepared a list of some of the best foods to help you get your daily amount.

Mangoes are a great source of vitamin A 

ripe magoes in a bunch

Rich In Vitamin A Foods

The daily recommendation of vitamin A for women is around 700 micrograms, whereas for men it is around 900 micrograms. Keep in mind that it is possible to overdose on vitamin A, and it can lead to nasty symptoms such as vertigo, nausea, and vomiting. But that rarely happens, so don’t worry! So let’s see in what foods this amazing immunity booster is hiding in!

More rich in vitamin A foods

foods high in vitamin a illustration with healthy foods rich in vitamin a organic food collection


What aren’t eggs good for? They can help get rid of a hangover and are basically a superfood. Just one egg actually contains about 16% of your daily recommended amounts of vitamin A. Eggs are also incredible at giving you plenty of energy throughout the day as they are packed in protein. Win-win.

Enjoy your eggs with some toast 

vitamin a foods soft boiled eggs on an avocado toast


You probably remember at least one adult in. your life going on about how eating carrots will help your vision. And they were absolutely right! Carrots are very high in beta-carotene which the body later converts into vitamin A. And as we already mentioned, vitamin A does a great job at keeping our vision in top shape. Enjoy your hummus with some carrots slices, for an easy way to sneak them into your daily diet. Just one carrot contains more than 200% of the daily needed amount of the vitamin.

Carrots are packed with vitamin A 

rich in vitamin a foods bundle of orange carrots

Oily Fish

Oily fish do so much good for our bodies. There are great if you are following a low-cholesterol diet, if you require more healthy fats in your diet, or in this case vitamin A. Amazing! By adding oily fish into your diet it will have great anti-inflammatory properties and will support brain and heart health. Try adding more fishes like salmon, herring or mackerel into your diet.

Salmon goes great on sourdough bread 

salmon on sourdough bread with cream cheese

Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes are a delicious treat. But did you know that one medium-sized baked sweet potato can provide you with 122% of your daily recommended amount of vitamin A! Sweet potatoes are also great for promoting good gut health.

Make some sweet potato fries 

vitamin a sweet potato fries on a baking sheet


While it may not be everybody’s favorite food, it’s one of the most rich in vitamin A foods out there. According to nutritionists, organ meats are a trove of treasures when it comes to essential nutrients. Liver is quite high in this vitamin, so it’s a great choice if you want to include more vitamin A in your diet. However, since it’s so high in vitamin A, it’s best to enjoy it in moderation. Enjoy it spread on crackers.

Liver is high in vitamin A 

rich vitamin a foods liver cooked in pan


If you have the luxury of not being lactose intolerant, then why not try adding more milk into your diet? A cup of whole milk has around 5% of the daily needed amount of vitamin A. The best part about it is that it’s easy to incorporate. Add it to your oatmeal or porridge.

Enjoy your milk with some cookies 

milk in glass bottles next to cookies


Mangoes are a sweet, sweet treat. But not only are they delicious, mangoes are also great at getting some vitamin A in your diet. What a refreshing and yummy way to take your vitamins! A cup of mango in cubes can provide you with around 25% of the vitamin A you require. Add this refreshing fruit to your daily smoothies or enjoy is as it is.

Mango is delicious 

mango slices in a white plate


Leafy greens are a must for any healthy diet. If you’re searching for a good plant-based source of vitamin A, spinach is your go to. Just one cup of spinach can help you get 56% of the daily recommended amounts of vitamin A. And you can enjoy it in many ways. Add it to your salad mix, or sauté it with some garlic as a side dish. It’s up to you.

Add some spinach to your salad or as a side 

vitamin a foods hands holding a bowl of spinach

These were all the rich in vitamin A foods we have for you today! We hope you found this article helpful. By adding these foods to your diet, you can start enjoying clearer skin, no blackheads and pimples, 20/20 vision, getting sick rarely, feeling more energy and feeling better in general.

Carrots come in many shapes and colors 

different colored carrots on a sheet pan

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