October 2022 Forecast: Tarot Card Reading For Each Zodiac Sign

Von Maria Konou / October 04 2022

Hopefully, September has been kind to everyone and helped you get to the next level. It is time to welcome the spookiest month of all – October! To make the transition easier, we decided to shuffle the cards and see what lies ahead. For each zodiac sign, we drew cards to show us what you are leaving behind in September, and what you are welcoming in October. And traditionally, we will share an important tip that will help you in the long run. What’s more, we also pulled the card for the month – Ace of Swords! This card means that we will be full of enthusiasm and new ideas in October. The aim of this tarot card reading is to help you get a general picture of October, so you can get moving in the right direction as quickly as possible. So, without further ado, let’s take a peek at this October tarot card reading:

Time to find out what the tarot deck has in store for us in October

Tarot Card Reading: October Forecast for the Zodiac


Now let’s shuffle the cards and begin our Zodiac tarot journey



September has been stressful for some of you, a very big part of the reason is that you have been holding a lot in without expressing it. Or, you have been overly impulsive but have had no direction in your actions. October comes with some real action on your part. New ideas will dawn on you, and you will feel more motivated and ready to speak your truth. This is likely to come with the help of a new partnership or friendship, but be careful. You can either gain or lose from this partnership.

Tip: Don’t overwork yourself, and give yourself plenty of time to rest, recharge and think everything through carefully.



In September, you managed to control your emotions and achieve inner balance. In October, you will be looking for that balance in your daily life and will need a good dose of discipline. If you feel like you have lost direction, you need a new one! Since your desires and ambitions don’t match the “flow” you are currently in, you might need to change your direction. You will feel confused at times, especially when you have to make choices, but if you listen to your intuition, you will be alright. Your partner can help you with this journey.

Tip: Don’t be afraid of your new ideas, and let go of anything that imprisons you in feelings of anxiety and depression. Especially if it is coming from partnerships and friendships.



September has overworked many of you, and the reason has been…you. You have given a lot of yourself, some of you have even given away to the point of “burnout”. October is your last and urgent call to restore balance in your life. You may already feel your body and soul “calling” you to slow down and re-evaluate the way you are living. No one can be at full speed all the time.

Tip: Think soberly and set very clear boundaries about what you can and cannot tackle. Establish your independence and communicate honestly and clearly.



September has been tiring for your sign too. Some of you have been exhausted by intense anxiety or something that has brought up a painful memory from the past. Others have been faced with a breakdown, such as a big change at work or home. Some of you have changed residences. In October, you are going to work on yourself and your inner world more. Your partnerships and friendships will awaken this need. It is important not to strive for perfectionism, but to define and draw your own plan and boundaries.

Tip: Take a bold look at your dark side. You have some bad habits that surprise you at the most inopportune and critical times and pull you back. It will be helpful to note what they are and work on them.



You have dedicated September to inner change. What you believe, or your view of the world, is probably not the same anymore. Now that they no longer rule you, you are ready for the next challenge. Many of you will encounter conflict in October in your personal life, especially in your friend circle. Those of you who went through a breakup in late August-September will feel this relationship turmoil more keenly. Those who are in a partnership will have to balance work with their relationship better.

Tip: Whatever it is for you, our advice is the same – be brave! Opportunities will arise that you may not feel ready for, but step forward despite your misgivings.



Many of you are coming out of the period of isolation you experienced in September. Many of you have forced it upon yourselves to find your way again. And you are now with a much clearer mind, sharpened mental capacity, and an objective view of your circumstances. October will flourish around your relationships with loved ones, especially romantic partnerships. Concentrate on those who broaden your perspectives and if you have friends abroad, now is a good time to communicate with them more often. Now that you know yourself better and know the truth, you will be able to make these relationships wonderful. They are the ones that will heal old wounds and give you back your confidence.

Tip: The universe gives you only one piece of advice – be adaptable and careful!



In September, many of you were asking yourself, “What am I doing here????”. You might have felt that you seem to be wasting your potential and are not on the right track because you are not brave enough to venture into something new. Even if obstacles have come your way, remember that they are a normal part of progress. In October, you will let go of those uncomfortable feelings and feel better in your skin. This will happen if you turn inward and find new ways to connect more deeply and express yourself. It is going to be a good month, and you will be very persuasive with your words, use them.

Tip: Hang out more with friends. Even if you socialize lightly, it will still reflect well on your self-esteem.



Many of you have had to be the active leader in your relationship in September. You might have even set very clear boundaries about how this person behaves with you. Or you have generally been more assertive in your relationships. But that won’t be the focus in the upcoming month. In early October, you will feel like you are not the strongest version of yourself and that you need to be more disciplined to stop wasting your resources. If you (plan to) live with your partner, consider your actions well.

Tip: It is important to start your transformation towards your new self as soon as possible. Your spirit needs a breath of fresh air. Be careful with your colleagues and even if you are tempted, stay away from sudden actions and gossip this month.



In September, many of you have shed the shackles of a situation that made you feel oppressed or confined. In October, you are due for renewal, both spiritually and materially. Many of you will begin to develop new skills and work with new ways of earning finances and resources. However, you need to be very clear with your boundaries and not put all your time into this because it could affect your relationship negatively. You will also have a very important choice to make regarding this very plan.

Tip: You will feel that there is turmoil in your environment. There is too much going on and the more you are drawn into the drama, the more confused you will become. So don’t take sides, but concentrate on your well-being.



In September, you freed yourself from a situation where you lacked guidance from an experienced person and harmony in a relationship. For many of you, this has been about an activity in which you really saw a new meaning. But from here on in, other challenges await you. In October, the focus will be on finances. You will find out from a colleague or someone you work with important details about the finances of your company and workplace. Something similar could come up in your circle of loved ones.

Tip: Concentrate on your personal finances, especially when your personal life seems unstable. Many of you have found a niche or just a new way to earn an income. Look at your financial picture in the long term.



In September, many of you concentrated on your self-esteem, especially your skills. And you didn’t even give yourself a chance to enjoy your successes. Emotionality has also been exacerbated. But suddenly, in October, your focus shifts to the bigger picture – a world that seems to have been turned upside down. Many of you will look for ways to be socially active and use your skills to improve the global situation.

Tip: It is very important to take care of yourself at this time as well. Don’t make the mistake of giving your energy away until you are left without any yourself. Opportunities will come for personal advancement too, especially education and travel, embrace them.



Many of you have found a generous person who has brought harmony and peace into your life. Now is a good time to develop a skill or creative hobby, or dive into another passion of yours. You don’t have to choose between your success and well-being and what you want to thrive in, even if it feels like it.

Tip: Accept the assistance that is offered to you, regardless of where it comes from. You deserve the care.

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