See Which Zodiac Signs Are The Best Gardeners

by Maria Konou

The same plants, the same tools, and even the same amount of care, and yet with some gardeners everything grows by leaps and bounds. And, with others, you have to blow dust particles out of the seedlings to have at least some harvest. Some signs of the Zodiac are endowed with special gardening powers that others can only dream of and envy. Their energy seems to make everything magically grow and thrive, despite them not even trying that hard. So, if you want to see which Zodiac signs are the best gardeners, according to Astrology and the stars, just keep on reading:

Time to see if you are a natural gardener, according to the stars

which zodiac sign is associated with gardening

The Best Gardeners, According to the Zodiac

casandra banuelos pisces zodiac star sign

#Pisces (The Artistic Gardener)

Representatives of this sign love to take care of all living things, so it is not surprising that plants fall within the spectrum of their interests. And growing vegetables and herbs are what Pisces truly loves! This sign, however, isn’t just busy growing vegetables and fruits. They will definitely find a corner for creativity like building an alpine hill, a rockery, and a beautifully trimmed hedge. The fish will not miss a moment to admire the beauty of the sky, and the trees and listen to the birds singing.

Best-suited plants:  Pisces are particularly good at growing cucumbers, melons, watermelons, pumpkins, and gourds

Best-suited flowers: Lupine and Poppies

A Pisces loves taking care of all living things

zodiac best signs at gardening


casandra banuelos virgo zodiac star sign

#Virgo (The Organized Gardener)

Those born under this sign approach gardening very carefully: they will research what and when to plant, what is the most optimal plot layout, and choose the best irrigation system. Virgo’s tools are always tidy, seedling boxes are neatly numbered and labeled, you won’t find chaos even in the garden. Plants seem to obey the invisible will of the Virgo gardener. They seem to tailor their growth, but they also take into account the expectations of the amateur gardener. Virgos never work without gloves. The vegetable garden is great, but there is no reason to tolerate dirt under their fingernails.

Best-suited plants: Potatoes, corn, and pumpkins of all varieties

Best-suited flowers: Peonies, Roses, Gladioli, and Dahlias

Plants seem to obey the invisible will of the Virgo gardener

the best gardeners in the zodiac


casandra banuelos libra zodiac star sign

#Libra (The Aesthetic Gardener)

Libras are very fond of beauty and fresh flowers. For them, working in the garden is like meditation, whether it is weeding or pruning shrubs. Such monotonous work, which can irritate many, is soothing and relaxing for Libras. What’s more, these activities also help them get rid of anxiety. Libras love to create cozy areas in the garden, where they can read a book and relax in silence. They will also make water features – small ponds, for example, or perhaps fountains and garden streams.

Best-suited plants: Fruit and berry crops, flowering shrubs and trees, and salads of different varieties

Best-suited flowers: Violets, Lilies, Tulips, and Roses

Libras are very fond of beauty and fresh flowers

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casandra banuelos aquarius zodiac star sign

#Aquarius (The Creative Gardener)

Aquarians are inspired by being outdoors, so gardening is really good for them. Moreover, working in the garden has a beneficial effect not only on an Aquarian’s body, but also on their creative streak. Aquarians are quite capable of coming up with an innovative way of watering or pruning. Representatives of this sign are very proud when the seedlings planted by them grow, give a nice color, or even harvest. After all, these are the fruits of their labor, and they feel that it is their credit that their trees bloom so profusely and their strawberries are so incredibly sweet!

Best-suited plants: Tomatoes, fruit trees and bushes, peas, and other climbing plants

Best-suited flowers: Wildflowers and flowers that are not very pretentious

Aquarians are quite capable of coming up with an innovative way of watering

what are the flowers for each zodiac sign


casandra banuelos cancer zodiac star sign

#Cancer (The Emotional Gardener)

Cancer is a homey person, who loves his house. This love extends to the garden, as well. Gardening – everything from digging the flower beds to harvesting – gives Cancer the opportunity to feel the meaning of his life. Working with their hands and seeing the results of their work brings a secure sense of satisfaction. Gardening is beneficial for Cancers because here, in the flower beds, they can vent their emotions and turn them into useful energy. The garden for them is something like an artist’s canvas, they are able to turn the beds into a work of art.

Best-suited plants: Potatoes, eggplant, tomatoes, corn, and cabbage

Best-suited flowers: Flowers that bloom at night and Primroses

Cancer is a homey person, who loves a cozy house and a green garden

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