How to Achieve The Smoothest Skin (According to Dermatologists)

by Maria Konou

The drive for smoother, more radiant, and younger-looking skin is an ongoing journey for women of all ages. And, there are a lot of things you need to fight in order to secure that radiant, smooth skin – from coping with teen acne and stress-related breakouts to sun damage, and the early signs of aging. However, when it comes to your skin, it is so much more complicated than you might think. It is not only about the topical treatments, moisturizers, etc. that you use on your skin, but also your lifestyle and general wellbeing. You can’t have radiant skin if you are constantly tired, not sleeping enough, or not eating enough nutritious meals, for example. There is a lot you need to think about if you want to reach your ultimate skin goals. But that is why we are here to help! In this article, you will find the best tips and tricks on how to achieve smooth and healthy skin, according to dermatologists. Remember that you don’t have to do everything on this list, but try to do as much as you can, and you will notice a huge difference in your skin, we promise!

Want to achieve the smoothest and healthiest skin ever? 

how to get smooth skin naturally at home

How to achieve silky smooth skin

#Less caffeine and alcohol

Too much caffeine can be harmful to your skin. Both caffeine and alcohol act as diuretics, so excessive consumption will dehydrate your skin. Try to reduce your coffee and alcohol intake as much as you can. This is one of the most important things when it comes to smooth skin.

Swap your cup of iced coffee for a matcha latte

daily habits for smooth skin

#Good Exfoliating

Exfoliating is one of the easiest ways to get soft and smooth skin in just minutes. There are actually three types of exfoliators: exfoliating, enzymatic, and chemical. The most common ones focus mainly on the surface cells. Enzymatic and chemical exfoliants dissolve dead skin cells. Chemical exfoliants target the deeper layers of the skin, while enzymatic types are safer for sensitive skin. There is nothing wrong with using exfoliants, just be careful to be gentle when using them and to not overdo it, so you don’t irritate or dry out your skin. Exfoliating is the perfect self-care Sunday activity for smooth skin!

Exfoliate your skin regularly, but do not overdo it 

what to use to smooth skin texture

#A lot of hydration

Water plays the most important part in your skincare journey. Not enough water will always equal dull and harsh skin, no matter how many hydrating products you use! So, if you love your skin and want to keep it bouncy and healthy, drink your liquids! What’s more, according to dermatologists, the type of water you drink and use can make a difference in the smoothness of your skin. If you are using highly chlorinated water, it can l reduce the foaming power of your cleansers, causing you to use more of them, which will eventually dry out your skin. So, use them sparingly!

Smooth and plump skin needs lots of good hydration

how to achieve smooth skin

#No sulfates

Do not use products that contain sulfates. You don’t want to use this stuff on our hair, so there is no reason to bring it in close proximity to your face and body!  Sulfates are an ingredient that creates foam, and it is often very harsh on the skin, and it dehydrates it!

There is no place for sulfates in your beauty routine

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#Apply your products in the correct order

When applying your skin care products, do you have a method? Some experts say that the order in which you use the products can be even more important than the products themselves. If you have skin products with active ingredients like retinols or an antioxidant serum, use those products first. Apply thinner-textured products first, so they can be in direct contact with your skin, and thicker moisturizers you can apply next. Finally, if you have oil-based products, make sure they are your last step. Why? If you apply thicker products first, they will act as a barrier to the thinner textured products, and they will not do anything for your skin.

TIP: Learn how to use a Gua Sha for firmer skin and incorporate it into your skincare routine.

Apply your products sparingly but smartly 

how to get clear and smooth skin

#Exercise on a regular basis

Even if you are sleeping enough and eating well, you still need to include regular exercise in your routine if you want to achieve a healthy lifestyle and smoother skin. Exercise causes the facial blood vessels to pump through more blood, supplying the skin on the face with additional micronutrients and healing factors. In addition, it aids in reducing inflammation, controls hormones important for the skin, and prevents free radical damage. Additionally, sweating is a fantastic technique to clear your pores of dirt and bad bacteria!

Sweat out the bad bacteria and clean your pores from within

what to do to smooth skin texture

#Sleep with the humidifier

Use a humidifier while you are sleeping because heating and cooling systems might cause your skin to lose moisture. Use a humidifier and incorporate oils into your skin care regimen to combat dry and dull skin. Significant skin drying can also occur if you are using central air, a strong fan, or a heating system. To get the best benefits, apply a facial oil as the last step to lock in your skincare products throughout the night, and then use a humidifier while you sleep. A humidifier will restore moisture to the area, and the oils will tell your skin not to generate excessive amounts of sebum!

A humidifier is your skin’s new best friend and sleeping companion

how to smooth skin and shrink pores

#Wear SPF every day

Many skin problems women experience as they get older are probably caused by photo damage (also called UV or sun damage). Without a doubt, ultraviolet radiation causes cancer, and UV rays are the main cause of the texture and color changes associated with aging skin. While it is impossible to go back in time and undo all the sunbathing you did years ago, you can take precautions to limit any future potential harm. Choose a mineral-based SPF product that blends well with your skin tone, and be sure to use it every day!

If you do not SPF regularly, you are not getting that smooth and healthy skin

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#Get enough sleep

When you don’t give your body the time it needs to relax and recover from the day’s work, stress can have a disastrous effect on your skin. Because your body heals itself and recovers from daily stress when you sleep, receiving insufficient amounts of good sleep might accelerate the aging process of your skin. You know how people who are exhausted frequently have sunken-in, dry, or sallow skin. On the other hand, those who are well-rested frequently have plump, youthful-looking skin and a more awake look. It goes without saying that you need to prioritize beauty sleep. Get seven to eight hours of good sleep every night to revitalize your body and keep your skin smooth and healthy.

Your beauty sleep is not just a saying, but a necessity

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#Take vitamin C

Years of UV damage can’t be totally repaired. But with a good dosage of vitamin C, you can restore your skin’s protective layer and stop further deterioration. Sunspots can be removed with the use of vitamin C, which can lighten and even out your skin tone. When you apply vitamin C to the skin, it functions as an antioxidant and a good exfoliator. It reduces hyperpigmentation, enhances the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and prevents free radical damage. Vitamin C can be used both as a supplement and as part of your skincare regimen in the form of a skincare product. Take a look at this list of the best vitamins and minerals for glowy skin!

Incorporate citruses in your diet and day to day life for smooth skin

how to make skin smooth and glowing

If you want fresh and youthful-looking skin, make sure to look at these daily habits for good complexion, as well!

The key to beautiful skin is consistency and daily care

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