50 Desktop Backgrounds To Decorate Your Screen With

by John Griffith

It is no secret that we live in a digital age. We spend so much time in front of screens every single day that sometimes it feels like some sort of addiction. You wake up and the first thing you do is check your phone for any notifications. You go to work and you spend 8+ hours in front of a desktop computer. Then you go home and watch some TV. To top it all off you go to bed and check social media one last time before you go to sleep. So, in this article we are going to help you decorate your screen with one of these cool desktop backgrounds. Because, after all, even our work computer or laptop need some swag, or some motivational quotes to get us going throughout the day. So, scroll through our gallery and pick the desktop wallpaper that’s most suitable for you.

Add a burst of color to your desktop screen

aesthetic computer wallpaper black background with rainbow neon colors gradually changing

How do you get cool desktop backgrounds?

The good news is that nowadays you can find cool desktop backgrounds everywhere. For example, on our website. Even high resolution desktop backgrounds are so easily accessible nowadays. Just go online, browse around and you will definitely find any type of wallpaper you might be looking for. What’s more, you can create you own. There are so many websites and apps out there, which allow all kinds of photo editing tools. That way, you can create a desktop wallpaper tailored specifically to your needs and preferences. And, if you can’t pick just one you can allow a slideshow on your computer, so that your wallpaper changes every hour.

Just a little reminder to be amazing

be amazing written with blue letters in cursive font desktop backgrounds for windows 10 brush strokes background in the colors of the rainbow

What makes a good desktop background?

Contrary to popular belief, choosing a desktop background can be quite time consuming. Especially if you spend 8+ hours a day in front of the computer. You would want your screen to reflect your mood. Which is exactly why, there are a few things which make a good computer background, great.

If you want to bring some art onto your screen, this desktop background is perfect for you

blue background free wallpaper for computer drawing of man with black shirt with white flowers instead of head

Simple and minimalistic desktop background

If you are a practical individual you are probably looking for something simplistic. Something that won’t make your eyes hurt and will allow for all of your icons to be visible. A simple monochromatic background with an element, which brings a touch of color would be perfect for you.

This gorgeous dark aesthetic computer wallpaper with cool neon colors is the perfect option for your computer screen

black background free wallpaper for computer neon silhouette of wolf head in blue and green

Motivational desktop wallpapers

For all those who need some motivation every once in a while, there are special wallpapers to get you inspired. Whether it would be an inspirational quote with a cute background, or a photo of some sort of luxurious item you might want to own one day, it will be all the motivation you need. Every time you look at your screen you will be reminded to work hard for your dreams.

Never forget to work hard and dream big

blue gray and white marble background high resolution desktop wallpaper work hard dream big written in black

Gorgeous landscapes

If you love nature, then gorgeous landscapes are just for you. Whether you love the beach or the mountains, doesn’t matter, a good landscape makes for a perfect desktop background. Plus, when you are at the office and need a little bit of day dreaming, you can just look at your screen and imagine you are not in the office.

This photo of a wave is so mesmerising and beautiful you will definitely want to decorate your screen with it

blue ocean wave close up photograph cute computer backgrounds orange sky at sunset

Floral desktop backgrounds

We also have a few suggestions for all the lovers of flowers out there. Whether you choose a background with a photograph of real flowers, or drawn ones, choice is yours. What’s more you can get a desktop background with cool succulents or palm trees.

And why not have some cute daisies

blue background with lots of white daisies drawn on it cute wallpapers for laptop wreaths of daisies

Cute wallpapers for laptop

Of course you can always choose cute wallpapers, which represent your mood at the moment. You can pick out something colorful, or something with a cute quote like this wallpaper, which reminds how special you are.

Little inspiration to help remind you that you are a gem

blue pink purple watercolor background with gold accents cute computer backgrounds youre a gem written with large white letters in cursive font

Dreamy digital backgrounds

Some backgrounds are created just to make you dream of different things. Digital drawings of things that are out of this world can actually unlock your creativity and imagination. What’s more, they can improve your performance at work.

The perfect background for your work computer, because we all want to escape every once in a while

blue sky with lots of white clouds free wallpaper for computer colorful hot air balloons in the sky above blue water

Funny desktop backgrounds

Pick a background, which is going to put a smile on your face every time you look at your screen. You can pick a funny quote, or a funny still from a favorite movie or TV show, the choices are endless.

This perfect quote from Oscar Wilde – “Only dull people are brilliant at breakfast”

breakfast items drawn on pink background desktop backgrounds for windows 10 only dull people are brilliant at breakfast oscar wilde quote

And another one by the great Maya Angelou – “Nothing will work unless you do”

brown pink yellow accents on white background high resolution desktop backgrounds nothing will work unless you do maya angelou quote

One of the most popular characters from Alice in Wonderland – The Cheshire Cat

cheshire cat smiling high resolution desktop wallpaper turquoise eyes large smile with teeth on black background close up photo of a bunch of succulents photographed together cute wallpapers for computer dark green aesthetic

Shine bright like.. gold glitter

close up photo of lots of gold glitter cute computer backgrounds golden aesthetic cool computer backgrounds sunset over the ocean waves crashing onto the beach clouds in the sky cute computer backgrounds pink background with yellow lemons and oranges with green leaves drawn in watercolor

Bring in the summer vibes with this high resolution desktop wallpaper

cute wallpapers for computer tall palm tree photographed from underneath blue sky behind it cute wallpapers for laptop drawing of different flowers and palm leaves in pink orange purple green brown white background

You might be wondering if this is real – yes, it is and it is a picture from the Alps

dark blue sky full of stars high resolution desktop backgrounds mountain landscape with snowy peaks dark green aesthetic aesthetic computer wallpaper lots of palm trees photographed up close together dark purple aesthetic high resolution desktop wallpaper hallway in triangle shape with neon lights

Even more cute computer backgrounds

desktop backgrounds dark blue sky with moons stars constellations drawn on it in gold desktop backgrounds for windows 10 black white gray marble background gold accents on top in honeycomb shape different landscapes photographed at different times of the day cute wallpapers for laptop arranged together on dark background drawing of a bunch of children running down a field aesthetic computer wallpaper colorful balloons in the air

Be reminded to dream big every time you turn on your computer

dream big written with black letters free wallpaper for computer blue sky background with white clouds

Just dream

dream written with large white letters cute computer backgrounds pink white orange roses in the background

Do you want to be somewhere far far away

far far away silver balloons high resolution desktop backgrounds desert landscape with sun shining high on blue sky field of sunflowers at sunset cool computer backgrounds sky in orange and yellow with clouds

Focus on the task at hand with the help of these gorgeous, calming succulents

focus written with white letters desktop backgrounds on top of background close up picture of succulents free wallpaper for computer wooden pier leading to a lake with turquoise water surrounded by hills

gold and pink brush strokes brown spatter desktop backgrounds for windows 10 white background

Add some floral motifs to your cool computer backgrounds

green leaves pink flowers drawn in watercolor around the edges of white background desktop backgrounds green palm leaves butterfly drawn in watercolor on the bottom of pink background cool computer backgrounds

Even if you don’t feel like it at the moment, keep going

green palm leaves on turquoise background keep going written with white letters high resolution desktop backgrounds high resolution desktop backgrounds yellow lemons with green leaves drawn in watercolor on white background

And always work harder than everyone else to achieve your dreams

high resolution desktop wallpaper dark blue background work harder sign shining in blue neon

You better work for those dreams

lake landscape surrounded by mountains and forests cute wallpapers for computer you better work written over it with large white letters lilac in different shades of purple on the bottom of white background aesthetic computer wallpaper marble background in green blue purple gray with gold accents cool computer backgrounds marble aesthetic

This super calming photo will definitely help relieve your stress while you are at work

mountain landscape aesthetic computer wallpaper lake at sunset surrounded by small town with small houses

Persist and you will make it

persist written with large white letters high resolution desktop wallpaper green leaves in the background dark green aesthetic pink roses with green leaves drawn in watercolor cute wallpapers for laptop white background roses in pink and orange in a few bunches desktop backgrounds black and white striped background

Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night is one of the most famous paintings in the world, so why not let it decorate your computer screen

starry night painting by vincent van gogh cool computer backgrounds black blue and yellow aesthetic street landscape desktop backgrounds for windows 10 bicycle parked in front of house with light gray front door tree with pink blossoms photographed from underneath cute wallpapers for computer blue sky and sun shining above it

Just wake up and be awesome every single day

wake up and be awesome written in white letters with cursive font cute wallpapers for laptop rainbow watercolor brush strokes on white background watercolor clouds in different shades of blue drawn on white background cute wallpapers for computer

Never, ever, ever stop believing

white background with pink yellow green blue brush strokes desktop backgrounds dont stop believing written across in black

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