50 Cool Wallpapers For Girls For Both Your Phone And Desktop

by John Griffith

Be honest, how much time do you spend on your phone? How much time do you spend in front of a laptop or desktop computer? If you really think about it, the amount of hours and minutes will probably shock you. Which is why, you should never overlook your phone’s swag. And we are not just talking about your phone case. Your lockscreen and wallpaper are just as important. Because of that, today we have gathered a gorgeous collection of cool wallpapers for girls. These backgrounds for both your phone and your screen are guaranteed to make you smile every time you unlock your phone, or look at your laptop. So, scroll through our gallery and pick yours right now!

A little something for all the angels out there

angel written in pink pretty iphone wallpaper rose gold sparkly fabric in the background

What are the trendiest, coolest wallpapers for girls?

When it comes to wallpapers for girls, needless to say, there are a few trends going on right now. And, as we all know, girls like to follow trends and be fashionable. That is why, their phone wallpaper can often be seen as an accessory to their outfit or even a form of self-expression. So, if you are looking for your own way to express your thoughts and interests, here’s a few suggestions.

Rose gold aesthetic

beautiful iphone wallpaper rose gold aesthetic pink glittery nail polish dripping on light yellow background

Motivational wallpapers

If right now, you are at a place in your life where you feel like you are lacking motivation, then a few inspirational words can make all the difference. Choose a wallpaper, which is going to give you all the motivation you need every time you look at your phone.

“Whatever” – rise above

beautiful wallpaper for phone whatever written over drawing of girl talking on the phone drinking juice with straw pink background

Cute aesthetic wallpapers

We all know that nowadays it is all about aesthetic. Having a certain aesthetic for your phone is just as important. So, choose a color that you like, browse through the gallery and let our wallpapers’ aesthetic speak to you.

For all the fans of Nike

black background with colorful flowers in green purple orange pink white beautiful iphone wallpaper nike logo in the middle

Neon wallpapers

Neon is a whole vibe. Moreover, it is the perfect summer color palette. Everything neon is super trendy and fashionable right now. From clothes, to even make up and phone wallpapers. So, don’t be afraid to use neon on your phone, as well. Especially if it is subtle like in the wallpaper below.

Who says wearing a mask can’t be fashionable

blonde woman with neon glasses black face mask arm tattoos black nail polish cute wallpapers for computer

Cool wallpapers for girls with your favorite characters

If there is a movie, TV show or book that you love right now, why not showcase your love for it on your phone. Nowadays, you can find so many different wallpapers with your favorite characters. So, pick yours and declare your love.

Everyone’s favorite character – Blossom from The Powerpuff Girls

blossom from the powerpuff girls in the middle nature iphone wallpaper pink background

Now, keep in mind that we have tried to gather a super versatile collection. One from which you can pick out a phone wallpaper or desktop background for all of your different moods and interests. So, scroll down, find the ones that you like and feel free to use them.

Super cool mint green aesthetic

cute wallpapers for computer turquoise aesthetic photo collage with different photos in turquoise

Being lost in your own world

drawing of girl with red hair in low updo iphone wallpapers for girls planets around her head black sky with white stars

Cute wallpaper to remind you to enjoy today

enjoy today written with white letters in the middle beautiful wallpaper for phone pink roses bush in the background

Also, lets’ not forget about Girl Power

girl power written with black letters on background of sky in purple and blue iphone wallpapers for girls red rose

Breathe and enjoy your life

girl with black and blue hair in two buns drinking juice with a straw iphone wallpapers for girls floral background behind her

You might crave ice cream every time you unlock your phone

ice cream scoops in different colors arranged on pink background beautiful wallpaper for phone pink blue yellow purple ice cream

Summertime and the livin’s easy

iphone wallpapers for girls photo collage of different photos in pink and blue aesthetic sweet like candy you are my light written on them

And some motivation – let’s do this

lets do this written in white pretty iphone wallpaper drawing of green fern leaves in the background

light pink background cute wallpapers for computer watercolor drawings of watermelon slices

Cute iPhone wallpaper for the lovers of pink and Louis Vuitton

louis vuitton logos on pink leather fabric beautiful wallpaper for phone pink aesthetic

Are you a fan of Mean Girls

mean girls inspired wallpaper beautiful iphone wallpaper pink backgorund drawing of burn book tops t shirts heels tiaras

Chase dreams, not boys – set your priorities straight

nature iphone wallpaper chase dreams not boys written with black letters on pink background

panda drawing with white hearts iphone wallpapers for girls rainbow on black background with white stars

pastel blue background pretty iphone wallpaper pixelated drawings of four white clouds in the middle

Beach vibes – the perfect summer wallpaper

photo collage of different photos reminiscent of beach cute wallpapers for computer good vibes beach bummin written around them

You go, girl

pink background beautiful iphone wallpaper you go girl written with black letters

pink white marble in different shades of pink nature iphone wallpaper rose gold aesthetic

pretty iphone wallpaper close up photo of cotton candy in blue and pink

purple background drawing of girl with black hair in two buns with bubble gum at the bottom pretty iphone wallpaper

Super classy and elegant Versace wallpaper

red roses in the background nature iphone wallpaper versace logo in white in the middle

sky in rainbow colors beautiful iphone wallpaper pink purple orange turquoise blue green

And a little something for all the Supreme fans

supreme logo over a drawing of anime girl wearing black hoodie cute wallpapers for computer long hair

One of the most popular paintings out there – The Wave

the wave painting in turquoise pink and white nature iphone wallpaper large wave

turquoise paste painted and smeared around beautiful wallpaper for phone turquoise pastel aesthetic

Be a happy dreamer today – cute wallpapers for computer

be a happy dreamer today cool wallpapers for girls drawing of pink flamingo green leaves white background

The perfect motivation to work hard every time you are in front of your computer – believe

believe written with gold letters on black and white background with roses cool wallpapers for girls

cool wallpapers for girls dark blue background drawing of leaves around the edges in different colors blue pink green

cute aesthetic wallpapers drawing of girl standing in the middle of field next to road at sunset

If you love travel then these cool wallpapers for girls are just for you

cute iphone wallpaper map of the world drawn in watercolor in turquoise and green on white background

And if you love plants and flowers

cute wallpapers for girls lots of flowers in different shades of pink roses and peony flowers with green leaves

drawing of dark green leaves cute iphone wallpaper gold frame in the middle dark aesthetic

drawing of watercolor potted succulents cute iphone wallpaper pots in orange pink black white background

Don’t forget to dream and make great things happen

dream written with large white letters in the middle cute iphone wallpaper white pink orange roses floral background

female silhouette at sunset cute aesthetic wallpapers woman standing in the water with hair in a bun

You make beautiful things and are a beautiful human being, don’t forget it

floral background with blue pink yellow roses cute iphone wallpaper you make beautiful things written in the middle

Girl boss – let them know who is in charge

girl boss written with gold letters cool wallpapers for girls black and white striped background

And never forget that girls can do anything

girls can do anything written with gold letters in the middle cute aesthetic wallpapers green ivy leaves in the background

Girl Power all the way

grl pwr written with white letters on orange background cool wallpapers for girls green flower drawings

You are what you listen to – cute aesthetic wallpapers for music lovers

neon sign on brick wall next to wooden bookshelves cute wallpapers for girls you are what you listen to

More summer vibes for your desktop

photo of yellow flowers tall trees in the background cute aesthetic wallpapers sunset sky in purple and pink

pink cotton clouds gold carton stars on strings hanging on pink wall cute wallpapers for girls

pink flamingos drawn in watercolor on white background cute aesthetic wallpapers

purple and pink flowers cute wallpapers for girls blurred background in pink and purple

Supergirl – one of the few female superheroes

supergirl wallpaper cute wallpapers for girls melissa benoist as supergirl on red and black background

John Griffith

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