50 Rebellious And Cool Wallpapers For Boys

Von John Griffith / July 10 2020

In the age of social distancing and spending time at home, let’s be honest, we are all extremely bored. Which is why, we are spending more and more time in front of screens. Whether it is going to be Facebook, Instagram, or the new craze that is Tik Tok, we have a limitless amount of entertainment on our phones. What’s more, at the same time we have access to even more entertainment, such as movies, TV shows and video games on our laptops or desktop computers. With all that being said, standing in front of a screen has become an inseparable part of our lives. That is why, today, we have gathered 50 cool wallpapers for boys, which you can use to decorate both your phone and your laptop’s screens.

Super cool wallpapers for boys

air jordan hoodie worn by man wearing purge mask with neon lights super cool wallpapers holding pink smoke bomb

How to choose cool wallpapers for boys to decorate your phone or laptop with?

There are so many different phone backgrounds out there, that it might be difficult to pick just one. The good news is, you don’t have to. We have gathered backgrounds, which are going to appeal to everyone. So, the first thing that you need to do is figure out what you like and what you are passionate about. Whether it is gaming, sports, skateboarding, we have it all. We have collected beautiful images, which you can rotate as use as much as you want. So, scroll through the gallery and pick yours now.

Pretty cool and rebellious backgrounds for boys

astronaut helmet pilot jacket with different pins cool backgrounds for boys drawing on orange background

How to do a digital detox? How to cleanse from your phone?

After all this time we’ve spent in front of screens during the quarantine, it might be a good idea to a bit of a digital detox. Especially, if sometimes you feel like you’ve wasted a whole day just scrolling through social media without doing anything else. Chances are, you’ve become a bit addicted and need a cleanse. So, here are a few steps to take, in order to take a seamless brake from screens:

  1. Set a date of when to begin and when to end. Having a clear time goal in mind will make it easier for you. Whether you decide to go 3 days, a week, or even two weeks without a phone, it will still be helpful.

Keanu Reeves as John Wick for all the lovers of action films

backgrounds for boys keanu reeves as john wick surrounded by men holding guns pointed at him

2. Decide which devices you want to get rid of. If, for example you are noticing that you are spending too much time on your phone, but not as much in front of your computer, than limit your phone time only. On the other hand, if you want to completely do a digital detox, then just turn off all of the devices at home. If you think this will be too difficult to achieve, you can limit the time. For example, give yourself a small amount of time, like 3 days, but turn off everything.

Cool phone wallpapers

black background trendy backgrounds digital drawing of man wearing hoodie to x for eyes

3. Tell people that you are taking a break from your phone. After all, they will need a way to contact you. And if you don’t tell them beforehand they might get worried about why you are not responding. So, make sure you have let people know that you are taking a break. That way, they will try and find other ways to contact you.

Into the Spider-verse with this cool wallpaper

black bomber jacker red hoodie spider man costume nike air force 1 worn by man cool backgrounds for boys

What are the benefits of a digital detox?

By deciding to cleanse yourself from your phone and laptop, you basically make the decision to spend more time talking face to face with people. There are many benefits to a digital detox. You can spend more time with your loved ones. You can take up a sport or a hobby. What’s more, you will have more time to take care of yourself and your mental health. Social media can sometimes be quite harmful for a person’s mental health. Which is why, you will definitely feel better after you take some time away from it. Even if you are scared to completely commit to a full digital detox, you can still set up a few rules for yourself. For example, you can decide not to use your phone after 7PM, or maybe you can put away your phone every time you are at the dinner table with your family. Either way, it will still be a good thing.

This beautiful lion would look great on your phone’s screen

close up black and white photograph of lion with green eyes cool background hd

Here is a little something if you love music

cool background hd digital drawing of black headset with black and turquoise background

Super cool and rebellious trendy backgrounds

cool backgrounds for boys black hoodie and gas mask drawing background with red white blue paint brush drops

Funny wallpapers – Deadpool as Bob Ross

deadpool drawn as bob ross holding color palette cool backgrounds for boys painting with paint brush

digital drawing of girl with neon blue eyes trendy backgrounds wearing face mask with skeleton beanie

Different perspective – Spider-man and the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

digital drawing of spider man wearing nike air force 1 golden gate bridge in the background backgrounds for boys

Wall-e – such a favorite character

digital drawing of wall e disney character cool background hd standing on top of pile of metal trash looking at galaxy sky

Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker was grabbing headlines all year long

drawing of joaquin phoenix as the joker smoking a cigarette wallpapers for guys with green hair red blazer

Nike – everyone’s favorite sportswear brand

drawing of just do it written in the middle with nike logo backgrounds for boys surrounded by sneakers

Supreme – the brand of skateboarding culture

galaxy sky in the background trendy backgrounds supreme red and white logo in the middle

girl wearing jeans and black hoodie leaning on dodge challenger wallpapers for guys city skyline in the background

If you love Batman, this wallpaper is just for you

grey and black background cool background hd white batman logo in the middle

im king of the clouds wallpapers for guys red roses drawing on black background

The Loser/Lover, inspired by the movie It

it movie inspired super cool wallpapers loser lover neon sign on black background

Showcase your love for Adidas and the 90s with this cool wallpaper

logos from the 90s backgrounds for boys adidas logo in the middle sonic super mario playstation nintendo i love the 90s

man wearing helmet sitting on motorcycle parked on street wallpapers for guys lots of neon lights on the buildings in the background

man wearing jeans black hoodie break dancing super cool wallpapers colorful digital drawings smoke arounfd him

man wearing jeans dark hoodie backpack cool background hd standing overlooking a city at night

man wearing jeans purple hoodie black backpack vans shoes skateboarding backgrounds for boys street surrounded by tall buildings

A little something for all the Playstation lovers out there

neon playstation logo in the middle of black background trendy backgrounds

Rick and Morty as It and Georgie from the movie It

rick and morty as it holding red balloon and georgie wearing yellow raincoat super cool wallpapers black background

super cool wallpapers man wearing jeans black hoodie panda head with two x for eyes neon lights in the background

If you love Travis Scott and his album Astroworld, this background is for you

travis scott inspired cool backgrounds for boys astroworld wish you were here written in the middle

trendy backgrounds digital drawing of clouds in black red and white

wallpapers for guys supreme red and white logo in the middle lots of playstation controls in the background

And now here are some cool desktop wallpapers for boys

android cool wallpapers man dancing wearing jeans black hoodies sneakers digital drawings around him

Supreme + Golden Gate Bridge

background with golden gate bridge san francisco android cool wallpapers supreme logo in red and white in the middle

“Nobody can give you freedom, nobody can give you equality or justice, if you are a man you take it” – Malcolm X

black background android cool wallpapers v for vendetta anonymous mask quote by malcolm x written in the middle

Cool wallpapers for boys with the GOAT himself – Michael Jordan

cool phone wallpapers michael jordan wearing bulls uniform change the game written on black background

cool wallpaper hd black and white photo of man standing at the end of pier looking at the ocean

cool wallpapers for boys digital drawing of man wearing a hoodie with no face black and pink background

If you love cars these cool backgrounds for boys are just for you

dark aesthetic cool phone wallpapers white lamborghini parked in front of warehouse cloudy sky

digital drawing of car galaxy on it in orange and blue cool wallpapers for boys background in blue black and orange

digital drawing of football on fire with orange and purple flames cool phone wallpapers

digital drawing of robot standing on rock cool wallpaper hd planet earth moon visible behind him in the sky

digital drawing of skull cool wallpaper hd half black half colorful on black background

digital drawing of two fists bumping into each other created as fire and water android cool wallpapers black background

Super cool neon Thor wallpaper

digital neon drawing of chris hemsworth as thor god of thunder android cool wallpapers dark blue background

formula one car in black red bull written on it in red cool wallpapers for boys photographed on the race track

man hitchhiking on empty road wearing grey hoodie black backpack cool phone wallpapers dark sky

This is so cool

man wearing a helmet jumpin in the air with motorcycle blue sky in the background cool wallpaper hd

mustang shelby chevrolet camaro dodge challenger digital drawing cool phone wallpapers parked in the rain

neon colors in abstract shapes digital drawing cool wallpapers for boys blue purple pink orange red yellow green


photograph of grey cat wearing glasses cool wallpaper hd pink and purple blue and black galaxies in the glasses

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