Beat the Bloat: 7 Ways to Reduce Water Retention in Summer

by Maria Konou

Excess water retention and bloating in the body is a common problem in the summer. The high temperatures and other factors cause excess fluid to build up in the body and tissues, which causes discomfort. And, the last things we want to feel in the summer are discomfort and bloating! While this is a completely normal process in the body, its severity can vary, and some cases can lead to both mental and physical distress. Furthermore, this unpleasant problem can be affected and enhanced by certain things like more salt in your diet, insufficient water intake, immobilization, sudden weight gain… In this article, we will go over the main symptoms of water retention that you need to look out for. In addition, we will explore the most effective ways of beating and bloat, and reducing water retention in summer!

Let’s explore the best ways to reduce water retention and bloating in summer

water retention during summer

How to know if you retain water?

If you are wondering whether your extra weight is due to more fat that has been stored or fluid retention, keep an eye out for some of the most common symptoms:

  • bloating, especially in the abdomen
  • swollen feet, ankles, and legs
  • puffiness in the abdomen, face, and thighs
  • indentations in the skin, similar to those seen with finger pressure after a shower
  • difficulty losing weight despite many efforts and methods used
  • sudden weight gain in a short period of time without any good explanation

If you don’t have an established medical condition that leads to water retention in the legs, continue reading to see the ways to reduce water retention in summer:

There are many uncomfortable symptoms that accompany water retention in the body 

water retention during summer months

Beat the Bloat: 7 Ways to Reduce Water Retention in Summer

#Drink plenty of water

Very often, people who retain water decide that they need to stop drinking this life-giving liquid to get rid of it. However, this is a very wrong decision that will not do you any good. Water is actually one of the best ways to reduce bloating and expel excess fluid from the body. Drinking water stimulates the urination process, which removes excess toxins and waste from your body through urine. Experts actually advise drinking at least 10 glasses of water a day. You can also refresh your drink by adding slices of cucumber and lemon that will add extra flavor and health benefits!

Drinking more water is the easiest way to remove toxin buildup in the body

how to stop water retention in hot weather

#Reduce your salt intake

It is common knowledge that salt naturally causes water retention and dries out the body. And often, even when we think we are eating a salt-free diet, we take in a lot of salt because of its unsuspected presence in many products in our fridge. Salt can actually make you feel dehydrated and cause serious health problems like high blood pressure. That is why limiting your salt intake in the summer is so important. With high temperatures, the body already gets dehydrated easily, so salt will surely worsen the issue.

Consuming lots of salt is the easiest way to dehydrate your body and cause water retention

why do i retain water in the summer


Massage your feet regularly, starting from your toes towards your hips. This will increase blood circulation and awaken your body. In addition, use oils that will help with lymphatic drainage, leaving your skin soft and even reducing cellulite. You can opt for almond oil mixed with a little grapefruit oil, for example. A dry massage is also a great option to get the lymphatic system moving without spending too much time on the task.

Regular massages are a miracle worker when it comes to water retention

summer weight gain water retention

#Contrasting showers

Regularly take contrasting showers at the end of your shower, after you have finished washing yourself. This perfectly supports the action of the lymphatic system, and helps energize your body and mind. While in the shower, aim the jet at your calves and alternate between tolerably hot and cold water at intervals of a minute or two. There are many benefits of cold showers that you might want to consider long-term!

Contrasting showers are a great way to reduce water retention and awaken your senses

does summer heat cause water retention

#Lift your legs high

If you have a problem with swollen ankles or calves, lift your feet high every night. Experts are adamant that gravity is one of the culprits for the onset of swelling. If you are at work, and you are plagued by heaviness, take a moment when you are alone and lift your feet onto a desk or cabinet. Try to end each of your evenings with your feet high on the back of the couch at home to let gravity do its job!

Lift your feet high if you are struggling with feelings of heaviness in your feet and calves

how to get rid of water retention in summer


Another important aspect that helps battle water retention is to move a lot and exercise regularly. This will help improve blood circulation and vitality. Moreover, you can also opt for yoga, as certain asanas tone the circulatory system perfectly. Don’t forget to do regular cardio as well! Your body will surely thank you in the long run.

Regular exercise will tone your body and your circulatory system perfectly 

how to reduce water retention in summer

#Take Magnesium

Sometimes the appearance of edema can be due to a deficiency of the mineral magnesium. Experts explain that you should start with 200 mg 2 times a day for a period of several months. Magnesium is one of the main minerals that we all need, and magnesium deficiency is very widely spread. However, do not take any supplements without consulting a specialist first to make sure that it is the right option for you!

Magnesium is one of the best minerals for treating water retention

water retention worse in summer

Now you know how to tackle water retention in the summer months!

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