Avoiding the Bloat: 7 Fruits That Can Actually Cause Bloating

by Maria Konou

Fruits are an amazing source of valuable vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants. They are also one of the healthiest sources of carbohydrates and sugars you can choose in your diet. However, under certain circumstances, some of them can cause bloating, gas, discomfort, and other digestive problems. If you have a sensitive stomach, and you are predisposed to bloating and gas, you will benefit from knowing which fruits to avoid. In this article, we will go over the fruits that can actually cause bloating, so you know which ones have the potential to upset your stomach.

Let’s explore the main fruits that can cause bloating and stomach discomfort

fruits that can cause bloating

Avoiding the Bloat: 7 Fruits That Can Actually Cause Bloating


Pears are extremely healthy because they are rich in vitamins and minerals. However, they also contain a lot of pectin, which contributes to gas and bloating. Pectin is helpful in controlling cholesterol and your blood sugar, but in large amounts can cause digestive problems. If you have a sensitive stomach, pears might not be the treat for you!

Pears can ferment in the stomach, leading to gas and bloating 

what fruits cause stomach bloating


Just like pears, apples also contain a lot of pectin. Moreover, the pectin is actually extracted from the apples and used for the manufacturing of a number of cholesterol lowering and balancing supplements. If you eat a lot of apples, and if you are sensitive to sugar, you might experience gas and bloating.

Apples contain a lot of pectin, which can cause digestive issues

fruits that cause gas and bloating


Grapes are delicious, but they contain a lot of fruit sugars. This can be the cause of bloating, gas, and the feeling of heaviness. If you decide to snack on grapes, and you eat too many, you might experience these symptoms.

The natural sugars found in grapes can cause stomach discomfort 

summer fruits that cause bloating

#Dried Fruit

You might not know this, but dried fruits have a lot more sugar than fresh ones. That is why eating them can contribute to stomach issues like bloating and gas. In addition, the large amounts of sugars can also cause a heavy feeling in the stomach and the intestines. In addition, fried fruits also raise blood sugar levels sharply, and some of them even work as a laxative.

If you eat dried fruits in excess, you can experience bloating and heaviness 

fruits that do cause gas and bloating


Pineapple is one of the juiciest fruits, but sadly it is also full of fruit sugars. Additionally, the enzyme in pineapple called bromelain also causes feelings of discomfort in the stomach. The fiber can also present a challenge for individuals with sensitive stomachs.

Eating too much pineapple can have negative side effects 

fruits that cause bloating and gas


Cherries are small and sweet, but they carry their baggage. For one, cherries are full of sugars, which as we already know causes stomach discomfort. Not only that, but this fruit contains a sugar alcohol, which also puts a strain n the stomach. In addition, if you eat too many cherries, you can even suffer from diarrhea. So, enjoy cherries in moderation to avoid any potential issues and discomfort.

Cherries can be dangerous for the stomach if not consumed responsibly 

fruits that cause bloating


Watermelon is one of the healthiest summer fruits that is a boost of hydration for the body. However, watermelon can also contribute to water retention and bloating in more sensitive individuals. It is important to listen to your body and make a mental note every time you feel off after eating a certain fruit.

The juicy watermelon can be a challenge for more sensitive individuals 

do certain fruits cause bloating

Now you know which are the fruits that can cause bloating and discomfort!

list of fruits that cause gas and bloating

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