Avoid These 5 Milk Storage Mistakes to Keep Your Milk Fresh

Von Maria Konou / July 25 2023

Everyone stores milk in their refrigerator. It is the right choice, but did you know that if you keep the milk on the refrigerator door, you are making a mistake. It may seem tempting to take advantage of this space on the fridge door, but it is definitely not a good idea when it comes to fresh milk and other dairy products. This is because when you open the door, the warm air from the kitchen enters directly and upsets the balance inside the fridge. As a result, products that are stacked on the fridge door suffer the most. If you open the fridge frequently, you risk leaving the milk exposed to warm air for too long. This can actually cause bacteria to grow in it! In this article, we will explore the most common milk storage mistakes people make, just like the one we mentioned. And, if you want to learn where you should store your milk, just keep reading:

Let’s explore the most common milk storage mistakes people make 

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Avoid These 5 Milk Storage Mistakes to Keep Your Milk Fresh

Storing Milk in the Refrigerator Door

As we mentioned already, storing milk and dairy products in your refrigerator door is a big mistake. That is where the most temperature fluctuations occur, since we are constantly opening and closing it. Instead, place these perishable products on the main shelves where temperatures are more stable and consistent.

Even if your milk is in a bottle, do not place it in the refrigerator door

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Mixing Fresh and Old Milk

Sure, mixing your new milk with your old one might seem like a good idea. However, this can lead to contamination and the spoilage of the whole batch. Instead, finish your old milk first, before opening a new one.

Do not mix old and new batches of milk to avoid contamination

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Leaving Milk at Room Temperature

The only time you should be leaving your milk at room temperature is if you need it for a baking recipe. In most baking recipes, the milk should not be cold, but at room temperature. However, leaving fresh milk out in the open, especially in the summer, can lead to rapid bacteria growth. That is why, generally, it is not a good idea to leave your milk outside out of the fridge if you are not using it!

Leaving fresh milk out in the open can lead to rapid bacteria growth

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Exposing Milk to Light

Light both natural and artificial is not recommended when storing milk. That is because light can worsen the quality of the milk, which can result it a change in the flavor and the breakdown of nutrients. So, store milk and dairy products in a cool, dark place, just like the main refrigerator shelves.

Keep milk and dairy products away from bright light, both natural and artificial

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Not Sealing the Container Fully

Not sealing the milk container completely is one of the most common mistakes people make without even realizing it. If your milk container is slightly open, air will enter and contribute to spoiling the milk! That is why it is crucial to double-check if the lid is fully closed and tightened before putting the milk back in the fridge.

If you do not close the container completely, air will slip in and spoil your milk

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Valuable Milk Storage Tips

Purchase it Last From the Store

When you are shopping and walking around the supermarket, you probably pick up products in the order you saw them. However, if you pick up milk at the beginning of your shopping trip and then continue shopping for a while, there is a chance that the shelf life shortens. That is especially true during the summer. We recommend leaving all of your dairy products like milk yogurt and ice cream for last when you are doing the groceries!

Picking up milk last at the grocery store can help keep it fresh for longer

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Keep it in the Right Place

As you already know, storing milk in the fridge door is a big no-no! Temperatures are higher there and there is a risk that milk will spoil prematurely. Instead, place your easily perishable products like milk and cream cheese on the main shelves of the fridge. This will keep them fresh for longer!

Place perishable ingredients deeper inside the fridge for more stable temperatures

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Return it to the Fridge Immediately

When you take milk out of the fridge, use it for a recipe and then leave it out on the counter, its shelf life shortens quite a bit. That is why you need to return milk to the fridge as soon as you are done using it. Even if you are cooking, make sure to quickly place the milk inside the fridge before continuing with your recipe.

If you are not using the milk, do not leave it anywhere outside of the fridge

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Now you know which are the most common milk storage mistakes and how to avoid them!

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