5 Surprising Health Benefits of Cutting Out DAIRY Products

by Maria Konou

There is hardly a person who hasn’t heard that consuming dairy products has a number of benefits for our health. These include strengthening and building bones and teeth, as well as maintaining a healthy body mass. But, the fact is that these benefits are much more important for children. Adults actually don’t necessarily need dairy products to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Especially if they are replaced with other foods containing the same essential nutrients. What’s more, dairy is probably the biggest allergy trigger food. Lots of people nowadays are either lactose-intolerant or allergic! So, your horrible breakouts or headaches might actually be because of dairy products! In this article, we will share with you the most surprising health benefits of cutting out dairy products from your diet. You might be surprised at how good you feel when you eliminate dairy from your life!

These are the most surprising health benefits of cutting out dairy products from your diet

what happens when you remove dairy from your diet

What Will Happen to Your Body if You Stop Eating Dairy

#Your headaches might stop

Dairy products can actually trigger migraines! So if you are not stressed, you are sleeping well, and you have limited your coffee consumption, but you are still experiencing headaches, dairy may be the answer. Try to cut out dairy for some time, and it is quite possible that your headaches will stop. And, here are some tips on how to get rid of a headache fast if you need some help!

Dairy can actually be the reason for all those headaches

what happens when you cut out dairy and gluten

#You might become more emotionally stable

There are many hormones in dairy products that can “conflict” with your own. When they mix, your mood changes among other hormonal imbalance symptoms. If you stop eating dairy, you won’t be exposed to these extra hormones, and you might become more emotionally stable and happy. So, to feel better, try to include foods that help balance hormones in women.

There are many hormones in dairy products that can “conflict” with your own

what happens when you stop eating dairy and gluten

#You will stop feeling bloated

It turns out that 65% of adults have a reduced ability to absorb lactose. This means that in their case, dairy consumption leads to bloating, gas and diarrhea. If this happens to you frequently, you may be one of those lucky lactose intolerant people. Talk to a specialist to find out what really is happening. When you cut out dairy products, it is quite possible to feel better and healthier in a few weeks. Here are a few tips on how to get rid of a bloated stomach.

Lactose intolerance leads to bloating and other stomach issues

reasons to stop eating dairy

#Your skin will clear up

People who are sensitive to dairy products but still consume them may be getting unpleasant surprises all the time. It turns out that dairy products contain various hormones that stimulate the development of acne. If you suffer from it, avoid this type of food at all costs. You will definitely feel your skin smoother and more clear almost immediately.

Cutting out dairy products will give you healthier and smoother skin

what happens when you cut out gluten and dairy

This is what cutting out dairy for a month does to your skin

how to cut out dairy for acne

#Your body will be less inflamed

As we mentioned above, dairy is the number one food that causes allergies and intolerances. If you cut out dairy products from your daily diet and include nutrient-rich foods instead, your body will be less inflamed. It is generally good for you to try limiting dairy first to see how you feel. You can totally omit it from your diet for a month, and see if your body reacts well. If your energy is back up, and you feel better than before, chances are dairy is not really that great for you! So, swap the good old cow milk for some eco-friendly milk alternatives that will taste just as good! Or…even better!

A nutritious diet and limited dairy intake will make our body less inflamed

what happens if you eliminate dairy from your diet

Plus, there are so many delicious milk alternatives to choose from

what happens when you stop eating gluten and dairy

So, make your favorite latte with almond or coconut milk next time, and see how it goes 

what happens when you cut out dairy

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