6 Common Air Conditioning Mistakes to Avoid This Summer

Von Maria Konou / June 29 2023

When the summer heat sets in, air conditioning becomes our best friend. However, this friend can also become our worst enemy if we don’t take care of it properly. In case your attitude towards the air conditioner at home is limited to just pressing the on and off button, we can tell you right now that you are making a huge mistake. If you are the kind of person who neglects your air conditioner, you will most likely have problems with it, some of which you won’t even suspect until they get too serious. Some of the unintended consequences of this improper air conditioner care include high electric bills, reduced unit efficiency, and more frequent repairs. So, explore the most common air conditioning mistakes you absolutely need to avoid this summer:

Let’s explore the most common air conditioning mistakes you need to avoid in the summer

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Common Air Conditioning Mistakes to Avoid This Summer

#Not cleaning the fins before the summer

Dust and dirt easily accumulate on air conditioner fins. If you do not clean them regularly, it will actually reduce the efficiency of the unit. If you notice that your electricity bills are higher than usual, the reason could be the dirty fins of your air conditioner. To avoid problems in the future, clean your air conditioner regularly, especially before the active seasons, and after storms and strong winds.

Make sure to clean every spot that might accumulate dirt and dist like the AC fins

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#Not cleaning the filters regularly

Air conditioner filters clean the air of dust, bacteria, and other harmful substances that cause allergies and make breathing more difficult. If these filters are seriously dirty, air will have a hard time passing through them and the appliance will work with a reduced performance. Instead of purifying the air, the air conditioner will spread dust, and on top of that, your bill will go up by about 15%. So make sure you clean and change your air conditioner filters regularly to avoid any issues in the summer!

Cleaning the AC filters regularly is something you should not postpone

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#Neglecting the drain pipes

Air conditioners have drain pipes that collect water from the condensation process. These pipes carry the water out of your home. If you don’t clean them occasionally, the pipes can become clogged and leak. Specialized air conditioner maintenance includes checking these pipes, so that’s another reason to include it in your schedule.

Regular professional maintenance is a must if you want your AC to work efficiently 

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#Lowering the degrees too much

Some people don’t pay attention to the degrees on their AC. If you set your air conditioner’s temperature lower, the room won’t cool down any faster. Air conditioners operate at the same speed whether they need to lower the temperature by 1 degree or 10 degrees. In fact, the only change will be the run time. In summer, it is recommended not to set the value lower than 22 degrees Celsius. When you are away from home, or it is not that warm outside, go to “economy mode” or increase the degrees. This will significantly reduce your electricity bills.

Try to maintain a comfortable temperature in the room without lowering the degrees too much

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#Cooling empty rooms

If you have vents in every room, you are probably unnecessarily cooling rooms that aren’t used daily. Walk around and close vents in rooms that aren’t occupied at the time. Also, always check if your AC is running before going out. Kids have the habit of leaving the AC to work even if they are not home, which will surely make an impact on your electricity bill.

There is no point to cool down empty rooms, so make sure to close the vents when needed

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#Not having blinds or curtains

Bright sunlight is the enemy of your air conditioning system. By closing your blinds and sliding curtains to block the sun’s rays, you will also protect your space from the sun’s heat. More sunlight creates more work for your air conditioner and, in return, a higher electrical bill. So, invest in good-quality blinds or curtains that will help keep temperatures optimal, especially in the summer!

Blinds and curtains protect your home from sunlight, and help lower your electricity bill

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Now you are familiar with the most common air conditioning mistakes people make!

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