Beat the Heat without Getting Broke: 5 Tips to Keep Energy Bills Low in Summers

by Maria Konou

Finally, we have entered the summer season and our fight to stay cool while pulling down soaring energy bills is about to begin. Summers are hot (very hot at times!), so we need air conditioners and fans to beat the heat. Not to forget the excessive load on the refrigerator that is filled with juices, fruits, and popsicles to keep you hydrated and cool. This all ends up taking a plunge in your pocket with a skyrocketed energy bill. Heating and cooling have a 50% contribution to the utility bills budget. By using some tips and tricks, you can stop energy bills from doing a hole in your pocket while remaining cool. So, this season, when you are planning your vacations and BBQ parties, you should also bring a house preparation equation in the scene to get the most out of the summer season without splurging on energy bills. Here are some tried and tested tips to beat your summer heat without getting broke:

Use a Programmable Thermostat

Programmable thermostats are the best thing that has happened to the heating and cooling world. With them, you can regulate the use of the air conditioner without being alert all the time. Once you program your thermostat according to your daily routine, like when you will be away from home, when you will arrive, or go to bed, the thermostat will adjust itself according to that programmed time. This not only saves you from the continuous hassle of adjusting the thermostat, but also lowers your energy bill up to 20%.

use a programmable thermostat

Check Your Air Conditioners

Imagine, what if you are trying to survive the hottest day of the year, and your air conditioner breaks down mid-way? It is even so hard to imagine getting caught in such a situation. So, in order to avoid any such condition, you should have a pre-checkup of your air conditioner by professional electricians RG electric inc who have been in this business for many years. They will thoroughly inspect your air conditioner and see if it needs repair or service so that it stays with you throughout the summer like a warrior.

check your air conditioners

Use Blinds and Curtains

One of the easiest ways to keep your home cool is to block sunlight. Simple! The air conditioner can’t do much for you if your home is flooded with sweltering sun rays. So, keep the sunlight out of your home by covering windows with blinds and drapes. These two options can lower your energy consumption and bills by up to 45% max. Just imagine how much money will you save by using this thrifty method that gives a neat look to your house too (an additional perk!).

use blinds and curtains

Thorough Insulation Inspection

Proper home insulation is a great way to stop leakages that take a huge blow on your energy consumption. Poor insulation lets the heat come in, so you have to keep the air conditioner on for a long time to maintain the home temperature. So, instead of getting fooled by the insulation problem, better rectify this issue before summer. Check out the attic, window panels, and cracks in doors that become a source of increasing energy bills.

tips to keep energy bills low in summers

Use Energy Star Appliances

In case you don’t know, the Energy Star products are energy-efficient products that follow the energy-efficiency guidelines provided by the US Environmental Protection Agency. These appliances use 15% less energy than other appliances. So, imagine how much you will save if you switch your whole home appliances to Energy Star appliances? You will save your money on energy bills throughout the year, not just in summers.

use energy star appliances

Turn Off Fans When Not in Use

If you have children, then your pain mounts manifolds. Your children often forget to switch off the fan or light before going to another room. So, they keep on running for hours without anyone using it. It goes without saying that it takes a serious toll on your energy bills. So, keep a check on your children so that they don’t increase energy bills uselessly. You can also guide your children and develop a habit in them to switch off extra appliances and lights so that you don’t have to be on the watch-out all the time.

turn off fans when not in use

These are just a few tips and tricks that can make your summer cool without pilling up energy bills. There are many more simple tricks that you can employ without much effort or spending money. Summers can be the best time of the year with parties and fun activities, only if you crack the code to stop soaring energy bills – that we have already done for you. So, let’s start working on these tips so that you can say to summers: hey, come on, we are ready to have fun!

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