10 Suprising Benefits of Having an Air Purifier in your Home

by Maria Konou

Health experts have warned for years about the effects of indoor pollution on our health, from short-term problems like dizziness to long-term disease development. Because of habits like smoking along with particles from flue gases and allergens, the air we breathe in our homes can actually negatively affect our health. Air purifiers help clean indoor air by pulling old and polluted air through a filter to purify it and remove toxins. But, what else can they do? In this article, we will explore the most surprising benefits of having an air purifier in your home. It might help you in more ways than you think!

Let’s explore the surprising benefits of having an air purifier in your home

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10 Amazing Benefits of Having an Air Purifier in your Home

Cleans indoor air from smoke

Whether you are a smoker, live with one, or you own an outdoor fireplace, you may be breathing in varying levels of carbon monoxide. And in the case of cigarette smoking, harmful chemicals as well. Tobacco smoke can cause serious health side effects, such as bronchitis and asthma. Passive smoking can also be harmful to children, whose lungs are more vulnerable as they develop. The air purifier helps to remove the harmful parts of the smoke. The HEPA filter can remove more than half of the harmful particles produced by cigarette smoke that get into it. This also helps to remove the risk factor of passive smoking.

People who smoke or have a fire place will benefit from an air purifier

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Reduces asthma symptoms by removing dust

Asthma is characterized by chest tightness that can make breathing difficult. It tends to worsen when aroused by certain allergies due to animals, dust mites and mold spores. These harmful irritants can be removed with an air purifier, freeing you from asthmatic outbreaks in the home.

An air purifier can help you avoid asthma attacks in the home

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Deals with the natural gases in the home

We are constantly surrounded by natural gases produced from organic materials, whether it is carbon monoxide from our own breath or radon emitted from the environment (e.g. soil, rocks, and water). However, the accumulation of some of these natural gases can have harmful effects, such as radon. It enters the home and workspace through gaps in the floor and cracks in bricks and plaster, which can be a problem if you live in an area rich in radon. With an air purifier, toxins are unable to build up in your home thanks to continuously circulating clean, filtered air, which means you will be exposed to less of those high radon levels.

Air purifiers help remove natural gases that have accumulated in the home

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Reduces outdoor smoke exhaust pollution

When we open the windows for clean air, we are still vulnerable to many pollutants. This is especially true when you breathe in air through your window from a nearby street that may contain particles from car exhaust. Particles created by diesel car engines have been shown to have significant health effects. To reduce the impact of this pollutant in the home, the air purifier works to filter out the toxic particles to avoid inhalation.

If you live nearby a busy street, consider buying an air purifier

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Protects people vulnerable to catching viruses and diseases

If you have elderly and frail people in your household, or people susceptible to viruses and diseases, consider the benefits of an air purifier. It will help clean airborne bacteria from throughout the house. Since viruses are usually spread in the air, especially when sneezing and coughing, an air purifier will reduce the bacteria in the air we breathe. Although it cannot eliminate the risk of transmission and contamination through surface bacteria, it will still greatly reduce the risk.

This home gadget is a must if you are someone susceptible to sickness

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Helps reduce allergic reactions

We are constantly surrounded by potential allergens, both outside and inside our own homes. By removing potential agitation caused by pets, dust, dust mites and mold spores, you can lower the level of allergens in your home. This is especially important for children and sensitive people, as well as pet owners.

Air purifiers can help lowers the levels of allergens in your environment 

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Lowers carbon dioxide levels in the home

Our homes always contain some levels of carbon dioxide produced by our breath (as well as our pets’ breath). If you don’t clean your house, these levels will eventually build up. This leads to feelings of drowsiness, as the body is not getting enough oxygen. With an air filter, fresh air will continually circulate through the house, meaning the oxygen content will be higher.

A good air purifier will prevent carbon dioxide buildup in the home

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Reduces odors in the home

There are some smells that are hard to deal with, whether they are from cooking pungent foods or from our pets. If you can’t air out your home easily and often, then an air purifier can help you remove those unwanted smells. If you have a small apartment, and you don’t want it to smell when you cook, an air purifier can also help you solve this problem.

Cooking often and having pets can create an unpleasant odor in your home 

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Helps you sleep better

If you place an air purifier in your bedroom, you will probably be s]able to sleep better. The fresh airflow and the reduction of allergens and irritants all contribute to a more restful sleep.

Place an air purifier in your bedroom for better sleep quality

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Improves your mood levels

It has been proven that using an air purifier can lead to a more positive mood, as you become less irritable while breathing clean air. Many of us experience seasonal depression or seasonal affective disorder, but using an air filter can reduce these. The use of ‘ionizing’ air filters, which produce ‘negative ions’, is recommended because they are responsible for improving our wellbeing.

Air purifiers can help you feel better if you are suffering from a season depression

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As you can see, owning an air purifier has a lot of hidden advantages. If you have pets, children, or sensitive people in your household, you might want to consider investing in this appliance. In addition, make sure to add air purifying plants to your home to increase the air cleaning powers.

Now you know what are the benefits of having an air purifier!

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