5 Foods & Drinks That Cause Migraines and 5 That Cure Them

Von Maria Konou / August 12 2022

When it comes to preventing headaches and migraines, it is very important what you feed your body. And the truth is, common foods and drinks can cause headaches and migraines. But there are also some other foods and drinks that can help soothe and even prevent headaches! The trick is knowing the difference and giving your body more of the good stuff. Migraine specialists share that too much caffeine can trigger a headache, but consuming it in moderation at the beginning of the symptoms can help stop it from getting worse. Things like food additives, preservatives, and artificial sweeteners can also easily trigger headaches. However, everyone’s body is different. This means that what can cause a headache in one person may not necessarily cause a headache in another. Nevertheless, it is good to know which foods and drinks might be the reason behind your recent migraines, so you can limit them. And, knowing which ones help soothe a headache can help you the next time you experience pain! Here is our list of foods and drinks that can cause migraines and those that cure them:

Let’s see which are the most common foods and drinks that cause migraines

why do some foods trigger migraines

Foods That Cause Migraines

#Aged Cheeses and Cured Meats

Foods like blue cheese, Brie, Cheddar, English Feta, Gorgonzola, Mozzarella, Muenster, Parmesan, and Swiss Cheese can all trigger headaches in some people. Cured meats that commonly cause headaches include ones containing nitrites, including hot dogs, sausages, bacon, lunch/deli meats, pepperoni, and other processed meats. So, be careful with cheese boards, especially if they are paired with a glass of wine.

A cheeseboard with aged cheeses and cured meats is not a good idea if you have migraines

foods that don't cause migraines


Most types of beans including Lima, Italian, Field, Broad, Fava, Floral, Pinto, Snow Pea, Garbanzo, and Lentils, as well as dried beans and peas, can cause headaches. So, if you tend to experience them often, maybe try to limit these foods and see what happens!

Beans and lentils can actually be the reason your head hurts

foods that trigger a migraine


Too much rosé throughout the day causes headaches in almost everyone. However, if you develop a headache after drinking just one glass of wine, beer, or other alcohol, it is possible that it is alcohol that is causing your headache. This doesn’t mean you can never drink, but you will need to stick to certain alcoholic beverages. Find out which ones affect you badly and choose something else. Also, drink plenty of water when you consume alcohol. This is a must if you want to be well-hydrated.

Certain types of alcohol can actually trigger a headache fast

foods that help cure migraines

#Canned Food

Unfortunately, canned foods usually contain a lot of preservatives that can cause headaches. Yes, they are super convenient, affordable, and fast, but is the risk worth the price? If you consume a lot of canned foods, try switching to a diet of fresh, wholesome foods and see if your headaches decrease.

Canned food is convenient but also not good for your headaches

foods that cause migraines headaches

#Dairy Products

Many people have an intolerance to dairy products. If you consume a lot of dairy products, especially sour cream, yogurt, cheese, or buttermilk, your headache may be related to this indulgence. Sorry, if you are a cheese-lover that is learning this just now!

Dairy looks like it has more cons than pros when it comes to migraines

what foods reduce migraine

Foods That Heal Migraines


Did you know that many headaches are actually due to dehydration? Drinking a large glass of water can help prevent a mild headache from worsening, and to prevent them from happening at all, stay hydrated throughout the day. Watch out for signs that you are dehydrated and drink water during the whole day!

Water is the key to pain-free days

which foods trigger migraine


Peppermint is a tried and true method for people who have a lot of headaches. You can simply put some peppermint oil in a diffuser, rub your temples, or put a few drops in a glass of water. Another thing you can do is brew peppermint tea and add some ginger and lemon to it! Since some headaches are accompanied by nausea, and peppermint cures that too, this is a double win for you.

Peppermint tea is great for migraines

common foods that cause migraines

Or use peppermint essential oil and a diffuser

common foods that can cause migraines


Everyone knows that too much caffeine can cause headaches. But did you know that drinking a caffeinated beverage at the beginning of a headache can make it go away? That is why some over-the-counter headache medicines contain caffeine. If you want to get the same result but without drinking coffee, opt for a matcha latte or plain green tea instead!

Coffee can actually help the at beginning of your headache

what foods should migraine sufferers avoid

#Himalayan Salt

Pour yourself a glass of room temperature water, grind some Himalayan sea salt, add a squeeze of lemon, and drink. The effect of this drink is almost instantaneous. Himalayan salt is full of minerals that help hydrate you super quickly, thus relieving headaches.

Himalayan salt is full of minerals to help hydrate you

what kind of food can trigger migraine


A study suggests that ginger may be just as effective as conventional pain-relieving drugs in treating headaches and migraines. So why not grind up some ginger and add it to teas and soups to help you get rid of headaches and sickness?

Ginger might be as effective against headaches as conventional pain-relieving drugs

foods to avoid that cause migraines

Now you know which foods might be causing your migraines

foods that are known to cause migraines


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