5 Essential Fall Pet Safety Tips For A Happy Season

by John Griffith

As nature’s colors start to fade from green to gold, this can only mean one thing – fall is finally here. The weather is getting colder, the days are shorter, and it’s finally sweater weather. However, all these seasonal changes also come with new considerations when it comes to the safety of our pets. Owners need to always be aware of what dangers all these environmental changes hold. This is completely normal, as the seasons change so do your pet’s needs. However, that’s why it’s very important to be prepared! Today, we will share with you some essential fall pet safety tips every owner needs to know for the season.

As the seasons change so do your pet’s needs

dog in a halloween costume


Essential Fall Pet Safety Tips

When fall comes around there are several risks and safety concerns for your pet that you should be aware of. The more you can prepare for the season the better you can ensure you will have a happy and safe fall with your furry friend.

When fall comes around there are several risks and safety concerns for your pet

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#Beware of antifreeze

Now that the weather is getting colder, car owners are thinking ahead and trying to prepare their cars as best as possible for the upcoming weather conditions. One thing every car needs during this time is an antifreeze top-up. This substance ensures that the engine will keep running as smoothly as possible even as the temperatures start to plummet. However, antifreeze has a very sweet taste and an alluring smell which animals are very attracted to. It is also highly toxic for both animals and humans. So, check your car for leaks and keep these bottles stored somewhere pets can’t reach them. You may also encounter leaked antifreeze when on a walk, so always keep your pet close by and pay attention.

Antifreeze has a very sweet taste and an alluring smell

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#Make your pet seen

The days are getting shorter which means all of us will be spending more time in the dark than we would like to. This also means that more of your daily walks will be spent in the dark. That’s why it is very important that you make yourself and your pet seen to the drivers out on the road. It is hard to be seen in the dark, especially if you are wearing dark clothing and your pet has a darker coat. This can be dangerous, as drivers won’t be able to see you while crossing the street. It’s a good idea to invest in some reflective gear for you and your pet, like a collar, a leash, a harness, etc.

Reflective gear can be a real lifesaver

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#Keep school supplies out of reach

School starts around the same time as fall. If you have students in your home, you’ve probably gathered a bunch of back-to-school supplies already. While these are essential for every student, they should be kept as far out of your pet’s reach as possible. Some dog breeds may find them appealing and decide to take a bite out of them. Some specific items like markers and glue can be very toxic for your pet if they get ingested. However, other items like erasers, pens, pencils, and paperclips can also cause damage and obstruction. So, make sure your dog is kept far away from school supplies.

Some pets may find school supplies to be a tasty treat

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#Be cautious of poisons

There are a lot of poisonous dangers you need to be aware of during the fall. As rodents are starting to seek shelter inside, more people will be using rodenticides to keep them away. However, this poison is not only lethal to rodents but also highly toxic to pets and can have fatal results if ingested. If you do have to use such products use them with extreme caution or if you are taking your pet over to someone’s house, always ask if they have placed out such products. Another poisonous problem you should watch out for in the fall is mushrooms. While very few mushroom varieties are truly life-threatening, it’s still best to steer clear of areas where mushrooms grow when you are out on your daily walk. You also need to be extra cautious of snakes, poisonous or not, on your walks or in your garden, as they are preparing for hibernating season and are extra aggressive this season.

There are a lot of poisonous dangers you need to be aware of during the fall

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#Prepare for Halloween horrors

Halloween is a fun holiday. It’s filled with candy, decorations, and costumes. However, while these things may be fun for us humans, they can really terrify your pets. Pets like to chew on things and some of these decorations may be extra appealing to them. Candy will also be alluring to them, however, neither the decorations nor the candy is good for their stomachs and can both cause serious issues. Halloween costumes may also frighten your pets, especially dogs, if you take them out on a walk when trick-or-treaters are outside. While we know they are only costumes, they can look like real threats in the eyes of your pet. So, try to keep them as safe as possible during this holiday season.

Halloween is fun for us but not for our pets

fall pet safety tips skeleton screaming

These are some essential fall pet safety tips pet owners should know about this season. We hope you found this article useful. Now you can protect your pets and keep them happy and healthy during this spooky season.

These are some essential fall pet safety tips pet owners should know about this season

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