4 Common Things You Should NOT Clean with Paper Towels

by Maria Konou

In almost every kitchen, you can find a roll of paper towels nicely places on the kitchen counter. People use this extremely helpful object for almost anything – from wiping the countertop and soaking up some spilled juice, to a napkin for dirty hands and wet dishes. A true miracle helper! The truth is, however, that as convenient as paper towels are, we have to use them with one thing in mind. This item is a non-organic, wasteful product that is not suitable for absolutely everything. In this article, we will show you 4 common things that you should not clean with paper towels and why. We will also look at alternatives that are more eco-friendly and effective! So, without further ado, here are a few things you should never clean with kitchen paper:

Have you ever wondered if there are things you should not clean with paper towels?

things you should not clean paper towels


Things You Should NOT Clean with Household Paper Towels

#Carpets and rugs

Picture the following scenario: your kid spills a glass of juice on your squeaky clean white carpet. Or, maybe you spill some wine and your first reaction is to grab a paper towel to wipe it up. But, you shouldn’t! Paper towels will only disintegrate and leave white marks on your carpet that are almost impossible to clean. In this case, take a dry white cloth or towel, blot the stain and then look up ways to remove wine stains. You should also make sure to avoid these stain removal mistakes at all costs!

Paper towels will disintegrate, leaving white marks on your carpet that are hard to clean

why you shouldn't use paper towels

Instead, blot the carpet with a clean cloth or towel, and then look for tricks to help remove the stain

cleaning with paper towels vs cloth


#TV screens, laptops, and glasses

These types of screens are very delicate. Using paper towels will help clean them, but it will also leave small scratches. That is why it is better to always rely on a microfiber dry cloth and specialist cleaning products. Microfiber towels are extremely soft and fluffy, which is why they are the perfect way to clean all of your screens at home.

Paper towels can help clean your screens, but they will also leave small scratches

how to clean without paper towels

#Mirrors, windows, and glass

Just like with screens, cleaning mirrors, windows, and glass objects with a paper towel is a myth. Not only will it not clean them well, but it will also leave white lint on all of your mirrors. Instead, use a special window cloth that is designed to make your mirrors and glass objects sparkling clean with no streaks or marks. Also, take a look at these tips for effective and easy cleaning of windows.

Paper towels will leave white lint on all of your mirrors, windows, and glass objects

things you should not clean paper towels by hand


#Cutting boards

Imagine how you are cutting some meat for dinner, and instinctively you take some paper towels to bloat your cutting board. Well, that is a mistake! Instead, the right thing to do is to wash your cutting board with warm water. Then, to make sure you have removed all the germs, take some lemons and salt or baking soda. Use the lemon to scrub the salt or baking soda. This will deep clean and disinfect your cutting board like no other! This is one of our favorite ways to use lemons in your home!

Bloating your cutting board with a paper towel is a big mistake

paper towels are best for cleaning which surfaces

Instead, use some sliced lemons and baking soda or salt to clean and disinfect it

how to use lemons as air freshener

What to use instead of paper towels

As we already mentioned, paper towels are not the most eco-friendly kitchen product out there. They are extremely wasteful, and they require a lot of trees to be cut down for their manufacturing. That is why it is best to use a sustainable option – reusable paper towels. You can buy them online, use them in your everyday life, and then pop them in the washing machine. After a wash, they will be as good as new. There are a lot of different options and designs to choose from. Another even more sustainable idea is to just DIY them! Below, we have a video for how to DIY no-sew reusable kitchen paper towels with old materials! What’s more, with reusable cleaning towels you do not have to worry about what you cannot clean with them because they are made from fabric! Just imagine how many trees you can save with reusable kitchen towels.

Reusable paper towels are an amazing sustainable alternative to traditional paper towels

things you should not clean with a paper towel

What’s more, you can clean absolutely anything with them!

how to not use paper towels

Here is how you can make your own reusable paper towels

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